Best and Free Wayback Machine Alternative

5 Best and Free Wayback Machine Alternatives in 2022

Wayback Machine may sometimes be unusually slow or not work at all. Hence, read on to know about the top Wayback Machine alternatives websites that function smoothly without any issues.

Change is the only constant in digital space. There are over 1.86 billion websites, and they keep changing their web development strategy, look, and other crucial details now and then. Can you imagine our site might have also looked entirely different just before you landed on it?

Well, you know you can view these changes through the internet’s time machine, i.e., Wayback Machine that takes you back in the past to see how a particular website looked at that time. But what if we say there are even better Wayback Machine alternatives?

Yes, many internet archive sites are way faster and smoother than Wayback Machine. We curated them after much research and compiled them in a ranked list shared in the coming section.

Top Wayback Machine Alternatives (Free and Commercial)

If you want to crawl back in time and see how your competitor’s or anyone else’s (even ours!), you can use these top-rated websites like Wayback Machine to do it easily, quickly, and without any hassles.


Let’s kickstart the list of the best Wayback Machine alternatives with the most unique internet time capsule. is one of a kind as it creates a webpage copy that always remains online even if the original page vanishes.

Apart from this, it also creates a graphical copy and saves the text of the desired webpage, without any annoying pop-ups or malware. Moreover, a trustworthy link to an unchangeable webpage record is another thing that makes a highly desirable site similar to Wayback Machine.

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2. Internet Archive

Internet Archive

If a vast database and efficient indexing are what you want in a free Wayback Machine alternative, the Internet Archive may be the best choice for you. Moreover, you can use it to see the website history and take an on-demand screenshot of the domain that is visible to everyone.

Furthermore, like all other Wayback Machine alternatives, the Internet Archive records a page’s text and its graphical copy. And it is also helpful in tracking website changes easily.

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Next, we have on our list of the best Wayback Machine alternative sites. Developed by Harvard Law School Library, it creates a permanent account of web pages.

Moreover, boasts a wide range of features that makes it different from other sites like Archive Org. For example, you can remove links within a day of creation, see archived records via link, insert URLs through a paper article or blog, upload an image or PDF file (if preservation becomes unsuccessful), and use tiered subscriptions to access permalinks.

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4. PageFreezer


Let’s now take a look at  PageFreezer. It is yet another great alternative to that works on a SaaS-based model. With this fully automated program, you can perform tasks like capturing online conversations through screenshots effortlessly.

In addition to this, the online app also validates the integrity and genuineness of your records, lets you view real-time dynamic web content, create an archive of text messages or SMS, collect online content and manage it, and much more.

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5. Stillio


Here comes Stillio, the ultimate time-saver and similar to Wayback Machine. It saves you a lot of time and effort by automatically capturing website screenshots according to a set schedule, i.e., daily, hourly, weekly, or monthly.

Moreover, you can use Stillio for tackling website compliance, monitoring trends, validating ads, and tracking SEO rankings.

Another noticeable feature of Stillio is its configuration selection. It lets you choose the screenshot’s width to height ratio, customize cookies, set server positions, and more.

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Above, we acquainted you with our top choices for the best Wayback Machine alternatives. You can pick the one that suits you the most. However, if for some reason, you feel confused, you may go through the following section of commonly asked questions to clear your doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we answer some common questions that our readers and other users on the web have often asked about the top Wayback Machine alternatives.

Q1. What is a Wayback Machine?

In simple terms, Wayback Machine is an internet archiving website that lets you view how a website looked in the past. You can use it to frame website strategies based on your competitor’s website history.

Q2. Does the Wayback Machine still work?

The internet’s Wayback Machine continues to work. However, it has disabled ad server domain capturing from January 2022.

Q3. Is the Wayback Machine legal and admissible evidence?

Wayback Machine and similar sites are a legal old website repository you can use in a court of law as a shred of evidence.

Q4. Why does the Wayback Machine take so long?

A combination of multiple factors makes the Wayback Machine slow. One of them is the time-taking process of website tracking to the server, unpacking, and rendering websites from a compressed dataset.

Q5. How far back does the Wayback Machine go?

Well, nothing can be said much accurately but Wayback Machine is known to have archived over 445 billion web pages.

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Concluding the Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

Through this article, we walked you through the top alternatives to Wayback Machine. You can take a look at them and then select the internet archive that fulfills your needs perfectly.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or something to share about this article, feel free to get in touch through the comments section.

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