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Top 10+ Digital Marketing Agencies or Companies in 2022

Are you in search of the best digital marketing agencies? FirmsExplorer can help you in exploring the best digital marketing company to ensure the growth of your business online. There are millions of digital marketing agencies available to help you in the best way possible. But, when it comes to choosing the leading marketing firm amongst these millions of companies, people find it challenging because all the marketing firms are somewhat better than each other in any way.

Therefore, to help you in taking the best decision-ever while opting for a digital marketing firm, we’ve created a list of top digital marketing agencies. The research team at Firms Explorer shortlisted the companies depending on their industry-leading ratings, previous projects, quality assurance, and many more. Refer to our list to choose the right digital partner in just a few clicks.

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List of Top 10+ Digital Marketing Agencies or Companies in 2022




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For the past 17 years, 10Pearls is one of the best software and digital development companies that have proven its existence in this tech-based industry. We have more than 250 employees working in our well spread offices in the whole world. We have completed more than 750 projects successfully. At 10Pearls we help our clients to modernize and digitalize their businesses. We are constantly working and thriving for building intelligent and low friction digital solutions to automate business and reduce costs. We are also rebuilding technology for better speed and efficiency. At 10Pearls our capable teams are innovating and creating digital products that have the capacity to revolutionize the whole industry.



Software and Product Development | Dedicated Teams

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Ever wanted to build a mobile app for your company, here’s 7EDGE is present to help you. For the past 10 years, 7EDGE is a custom mobile app development company that has been helping its clients by providing world-class service and solutions and this list includes the development of more than 500 web and mobile applications and software. 7EDGE excels in the development of mobile and web applications using JAVA, Node, Ruby, Native Android, IOS, AWS, and much more.



Growing Businesses Online

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In 2015, a company was founded by a few people with a chief aim to create an impactful digital marketing agency, started with a core team to be equipped with 65+ talented individuals working passionately to help many businesses grow online. Why 8 views is the leading digital marketing agency in Hyderabad? The answer lies in its previous endeavors, it has been successfully accompanied by more than 150 reputed businesses across various sectors such as Real Estate, Education, Lifestyle, Healthcare, E-commerce, etc. A majority of our clients acquired organically which is a testimonial to our capabilities of generating outstanding results for our customers. As we believe that maintaining a cheerful environment will help us to deliver joyful results.



Best Global IT Consulting Solution and Custom Software Development Company

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A3logics is a custom enterprise software development company striving to enable business transformation. A3logics has emerged as a powerhouse of a skillful and competent team of developers and designers to build reliable & scalable enterprise web app and software solutions. From modern-day startups to large organizations, A3logics leverage a blend of cutting-edge technologies to deliver future-proof solutions that also helps in meeting business objectives.

Aalpha Information Systems

Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

The Outsourcing Company

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Aalpha Information Systems has been a global pioneer in giving world-class IT consultancy and providing robust software development solutions. Our company offers custom development solutions for software development, mobile phone, and application development. We have our HQs in India, Norway, and the United States. We also offer many other services like Game Development, Testing and Debugging, Bot development, Cloud Computing Services, Maintenance & Support, and so on. Our staff also excel in Responsive Web Design and Web Development Services.

add web solutions

AddWeb Solution Pvt Ltd

Lets Talk Solution

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Addweb solutions is one of the best IT development, consulting and outsourcing companies. Addweb has 24 years+ experience accompanied by proud alliances with some esteemed IT and digital companies. The company has been growing consistently due to excellent solutions and timely deliveries. From small-medium businesses to multinational corporations, AddWeb solutions has an experience at building online brands, stunning website designs & automating organizational workflows aimed at increasing the revenue. Not just bootstrap upgrade but all the enhancements and new features have made the clients' web application faster, easier and more engaging. Addweb solutions is an organisation with responsive, knowledgeable, and hard working personnel which makes it the best software development company.

Ads n Url

Ads N Url

Building Brands with Purpose and Passion

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If you are looking for something that is fresh and has experience and skills in galore then Ads N Url is your ultimate destination for app development. With top notch and tech buff mobile app developers, you can expect an extraordinary outcome of your authentic conception. This mobile app development company offers an innovative and diverse approach to your project.

Agile Infoways Pvt. Ltd.

Agile Infoways Pvt Ltd

Experience with Excellence

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Agile Infoways Pvt Ltd is an iOS app development company  that has been keeping its position firm in the market for more than a decade now. They have successfully developed and delivered more than 2200 projects to their potential clients.



We Turn Ideas Into Software

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The top most software development company in DC, Argentina and Ukraine is Agile Engine that started out as a team of limited but experienced members. And today Agile Engine has a team of 400+ talented people and is ranked amongst the best software developers in DC, Argentina, and Ukraine. Comprising a group of thinkers passionate about coding, Agile Engine has been growing at a rate of 50% per year, building scalable software for a better world. Agile Engine's portfolio includes 70+ products developed for industry – leading brands. Agile Engine finds the smartest and the most energetic developers and encourages them to push their limits. The top notch brands across the world trust Agile Engine and that is the reason why Agile Engine is ranked as the best software development company in Argentina, DC and Ukraine.

Ajath Infotech Pvt Ltd

Ajath Infotech Pvt Ltd

Always Join Advance Technology Hub

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In today's dynamic and digital world, Ajath acts as a catalyst between businesses and their success by providing world-class web and digital solutions and therefore, giving an extra edge to our clients in competitive markets. Ajath Infotech Pvt Ltd is one of the renowned mobile app development companies with offices in India, Dubai, and the United States. Ajath is known to act as a fully functional business partner to offer all sorts of tech and digital marketing solutions to help our clients to survive in today's market scenario. We try and give our best to realize the goals of our clients and help them to improve their performance exponentially.

Buyer's Guide


Presently, whether it is a local company or a Fortune 200 company, each and every company requires a robust online appearance to raise their business. To get the most from the online platforms, it is necessary for businesses to adopt the correct digital marketing tactics. Therefore, FirmsExplorer's research analysts present some know-how that you should consider while choosing the best digital marketing agency.

What is Digital Marketing?

Promoting or advertising any brand and its products over the Internet through digital channels such as web-search engines, social media platforms, mobile applications, email, websites, or any other digital channel is called Digital Marketing. As by time passes, and the way technology is advancing, customers are looking for products online massively. Therefore, this makes it necessary for businesses to have a valuable online appearance for getting and engaging more consumers.

What are the Advantages of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a comprehensive term in itself that lets you market your services and commodities through digital innovative technologies, largely over the Internet. It is pretty obvious that internet users are gigantically growing as by day passes. The Internet has swiftly become a piece of our day-to-day lifestyle and we can't even think of doing anything or we can say living, without the Internet even for a single day. And, currently, the clear advantage of the Internet is befalling the business.

All the entrepreneurs are trying to turn their traditional businesses into online businesses. Not only that, but they are also hiring digital marketing agencies so they can grow faster over the web. Do you know why so? What are the advantages of turning into an online business and approaching digital marketing strategies? Well, here are some benefits of Digital Marketing that one should definitely know!

More Real Appearance: Inside a small investment, you can reach out to many possibilities just by shifting to a digital marketing drive. Furthermore, by using digital marketing, you will observe long-term consequences. Digital marketing innovative tactics will help you in getting more audiences and expanding your business.

Social Monetization: The best advantage of digital marketing is - it offers you an opportunity to earn social currency by promoting your campaigns on distinct social media platforms. If your campaign goes viral on social media platforms or becomes a trend-setter, then you can gain social currency.

Brand Raising: It is what every business attempts to achieve and digital marketing lets them achieve so as well, by promoting and advertising the brand across numerous platforms. And, the more viral your brand turns, the more prestige your brand will get in terms of search engines and users too.

Cost-Effective: Despite the extent of the business, digital marketing projects can be created according to money-related resources. It is a resealable way to level up the active reach for SMEs and even for great corporate titans. Moreover, the clients can also select an aggregation of digital advertising services and solutions to receive the wanted Rate of Interest in restricted investment. 

Time-Saver: With Digital Marketing you can get real-time outputs in no time. Time is valuable for all of us, so why ruin even a second. Digital marketing strategies will help you in seeing the daily number of visitors to your website, inform you about the conversion rate, what is the pinnacle trading time, the number of subscribers joining you in a day, and many more.

What Are Some Popular Digital Marketing Trends?

Below are some well-known digital marketing trends that you should know:

  • Content Marketing: It is one of the vital digital marketing trends that can fascinate the recognition of patrons towards the brand/label. Content marketing enhances the brand acquaintance and attention amongst the prospects. Along with it, this trend helps brands to make a long-haul relationship with the patrons. By adopting the content marketing trend, brands can increase the visibility on SERPs, thereby producing organic-quality traffic and enhancing lead ranks.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization is known for increasing the traffic and ranking over the company's website and bringing genuine customers. The leading digital marketing agencies use numerous high-level SEO approaches to secure a higher ranking on the search engine's result pages. Apart from this, an agile SEO drive provides the company's website a turn over its opponents. Top digital marketers ensure long-term profit for the brand by utilizing major SEO strategies including link building, website audits, keyword research, and many more.
  • Email Marketing: Well, it is a significant strategy of every digital marketing agency. Though, because of the presence of other strategies out there, most of the companies remain out of it, which can be hazardous for business development. The pro digital marketing agencies imply a powerful email marketing tactic for ensuring that the promotional and advertising official emails reach prospects' inbox, and increase click rates and open rates.
  • Video Marketing: Yet another most popular digital marketing trend is - Video Marketing. Many users don't prefer to read the massively long description about the product and look for a way where they can get to know every bit about the product. So, video marketing is the way to advertise and promote the product in short and catchy videos in front of viewers. Therefore, almost all the social media platforms present there are providing scope to upload short-format video stories to maximize user engagement.
  • Influencer Marketing: This was not actually a digital marketing trend earlier but as of now, it is one of the popular marketing trends amongst the users. Influencer marketing concentrates on expanding your label message to a wider market through the support of notable personalities. Customers tend to believe the perceptions of the pioneers over commercial advertisements and promotions.

Enterprises can shake their hands with well-known celebrities, or YouTube and Instagram influencers to advertise their brand or product in a more genuine way. Not only that, but influencer marketing also depicts a convincing and user-friendly vision of the products amongst patrons. 

What are the Different Types of Digital Marketing Tools?

Not being so dramatic, but the fact is that digital marketers live and die because of their trade of tools. A tool is what makes the difference between a normal and professional digital marketer. These tools decide the effectiveness of their services and decide the fate of the people they are working for. So to get the best results one must use the best digital marketing tools and below are the distinct varieties of digital marketing tools:-

  1. SMM Software- Social media marketing software is a crucial software or tool for digital marketing as it helps its user to manage, create various accounts. This tool also provides important features like Campus Management, Collaboration, Social analytics, reach data, and so on. These features are provided to make sure that every social media marketing operation gets justified.
  2. Email Marketing Software- Most of the email marketing applications are loaded with basic features like Auto-responders, Templates, Image library, and mailing list management. These features or tools make sure that you reach your target audience and analyze your proficiency in reaching your goal.
  3. SMS marketing Software- SMS marketing is a momentous part of product promotion in this era of the digital world. This tool focuses on scheduling text messages and coupons to attract the attention of mobile users towards your products. These types of software are designed to organize multiple groups of messages and easily broadcast personal messages.
  4. Marketing automation Software- The main objective of marketing automation software is to automate the whole process of your complete digital marketing campaign and this results in the reduction of the total cost of staffing and other recruitments. This tool is capable of scaling and calculating the accuracy of your reach. This type of application is loaded with features like segmentation, targeting, lead management, etc. which is made for increasing your reach exponentially.

How digital marketing works?

In today's digital era when most of the purchases are made online, there is an online solution to almost any problem and it is the work of digital marketing to get your services and products to the right audience and increase the reach of your business and give your business exponential growth. Digital marketing works by adopting the following strategies:

  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Social Media Optimization.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Website Marketing.
  • PPC Marketing & Advertising.
  • Email Marketing.
  • PR Marketing.
  • Conversion Rate Marketing.

Which are Some of the Unique Digital Marketing Strategies?

Digital marketing includes the following strategies and these are as follows-

  1. SEO(Search Engine Optimisation)- SEO is one of the most popular and effective digital marketing strategies. If a person has to buy something or search for a service, they will simply go to their respective search engine(Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) that's where the SEO steps in and make sure that when a search for a certain product or service is made then your product or service comes on top of the search results and that's how SEO works. SEO is some of the best digital marketing tools and gives a slow but effective response.
  2. Pay Per Click(PPC) Advertising- In general Pay per click means when a user clicks on the advertised ad you have to pay, you have to pay for a number of clicks. This method is the easiest and quickest way to gain traffic, however, the traffic gained from this tool of digital marketing does not consider organic. But it gives quicker results than SEO as SEO requires patience and time.
  3. Website Marketing- A website can be considered a boon for your business and this factor can change the whole course of your business. An average customer spends a significant amount of time on a website before moving on to make the final purchase. So website marketing includes techniques that make the consumer stay longer on your website and give them desired results for their needs. This will increase the chances of getting an order and website marketing was created for that purpose.
  4. Social Media Marketing- Social Media marketing is one of the most trendy and efficient ways of marketing. Social media platforms contain billions of users and proving to be the best platform for promoting your products and services. This includes some other marketing techniques such as influencer marketing, video marketing, and so on.
  5. Content marketing- There's a saying in the digital world that "Content is the King", this saying also applies in the world of digital marketing. In this technique of digital marketing many types of contents are created which includes, videos, podcasts, vlogs, blogs and much more. These pieces of content are used as a way of marketing your products to your desired audience. This way of marketing is getting really popular because it gives two-way benefits. First, it allows the consumer to get quality content for their needs and entertainment. Second, that the products are promoted through the right medium and reach their desired audience.
  6. Email-marketing- On average, a person checks their emails 10 to 15 times a day and this number can be more. In email marketing, we use this human nature for the promotion of our goods and services. In this technique, we send directed emails to our potential customers and make sure that they get a personalized experience from that email. In this way, a businessman can be able to form a more intimate and strong bond with their customers.
  7. Affiliate marketing- In affiliate marketing, a brand ambassador promotes your products and services to the people they interact with, and in return that you have to pay a certain commission or amount. You can also get in touch with influencers so that your services and products are available to a much more wide audience.

What digital marketing agency do?

Organizations want to run with digital marketing companies because of their expertness and well-defined knowledge in online marketing. These companies know exactly what trends, tools, resources, strategies, and best practices required for digital marketing success. Below are the definite things that a digital marketing firm can do for your business's online development.

  • Increase Organic Traffic: In general, the only aim of any digital marketing service provider is to produce organic traffic to your website as much as possible. Digital marketing professionals know exactly what search engines and search algorithms are. So, when you work with any digital marketing firm, then eventually the organic traffic to your website will grow. Plus, these leads will also increase the probability of purchasing.
  • Forms Sales-Ready Points: The experts at the digital marketing firms will comprehend your business, marketing aims, sales funnel, and your best possible targeted audiences. Plus, they will also have a piece of distinct knowledge in numerous marketing domains like social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, and web-designing.

Inside your sales funnel, distinct marketing strategies are way more effective than others depending on where points are in your sales funnel. In short, a digital marketing agency will help you in creating sales-ready points by driving points from the peak of your sales funnel to the base.

  • Boosts your Brand Reach: Every digital marketing company knows the tactics to engage customers online by promoting and advertising the brand over the internet and various social media platforms. Since digital marketing companies best practices in promoting the brands online and creating better online connections with the customers, they know how to grow your brand's scope online.

By co-operating with the digital marketing firm, your website will get more immeasurable visibility from keyword research. If you hire a digital marketing firm to engage your social media marketing, your brand will ultimately obtain further online appearances on numerous social media platforms.

  • Enhances your Overall Marketing from Tip to Toe: A dedicated digital marketing company will grasp the vulnerabilities and flaws of your currently running digital marketing actions. And, will make all the possible endeavors to fill all the loopholes. If your team of marketing is small, then there are possibilities that you won't have an expert and unique digital marketing campaign. For instance, web design, search engine optimization, public relations, social media marketing, and email marketing. Basically, an ideal digital marketing agency can fix all the flaws and improves the overall marketing of your business.

Are digital marketing agencies profitable for Online Business?

In a word - yes! Digital marketing agencies are 100% profitable for online businesses. The dedicated digital marketing firm can take the graph of your business to the next level by promoting it online. Undoubtedly, online business is getting over traditional business. It is happening because online business or we can say online marketing gives more opportunities to grow the business. And, digital marketing agencies are meant for carrying forward your business online by employing many advanced marketing strategies. Here are the following core advantages that justify the statement "Digital Marketing Firms are highly-profitable for online business".

  • Increases the reach of your business as much as possible to users across the world.
  • Showcases your services and tools in a more relevant manner which eventually helps you to make an effective online presence.
  • Digital marketing agencies use advanced innovative marketing strategies which creates a customer-friendly environment so your customers always stay in touch with you and can know your services in a better way.
  • Digital marketing firms can make your overall business digitalize that leads towards the better expansion of the business.

Why to Hire a Digital Marketing?

Some works would give different results when done by an ordinary person and when done by a professional. Hiring a digital marketing agency or company will give you a whole different experience and results when any person used to do it. They are best at what they do and this thing makes them professional. There are many reasons why you should hire a digital marketing company for your business's growth and marketing. Here are some of the reasons are listed below:-

  1. Focus on running a business- When you hire a digital marketing company, you not only give them your marketing responsibilities but you also give them all your tension and then you can direct all your focus on running the business and this will give a positive impact on your business and you can feel that impact on your business.
  2. Work with professionals- When you work with professionals you can feel that change between now and when you used to hire normal people to do your job. That sams apply in digital marketing and when you hire a proper digital marketing company or agency then you can feel what it's like to work with professionals, you will feel that the reach of your products is increased exponentially and the right audience is getting targeted. This will increase your sales and make your business grow more efficiently than ever.
  3. More cost-efficient- Whenever any business owner thinks about hiring an agency for their digital marketing then they compare the prices of the agency to their in-house expenses. But when we look at the graph from a larger perspective we will find that in long term hiring a digital marketing company will be more efficient than hiring the employees for this work because it will save you the cost of salary, insurance, equipment, etc. In this way, the cost of hiring a digital marketing company is less than doing it yourself.
  4. They have the right set of tools- Let's face the reality, You cannot get the desired results without having the proper sets of tools that are used in digital marketing. Hiring a digital marketing agency will help you to get hands-on with the best and trending digital marketing tools that may prove to be the turning point of your business.
  5. They offer scalable results- Hiring a digital marketing agency can get your business measurable and comparable results. And to assess the effectiveness of a digital marketing company you should gather the records of sales and customer reviews and then compare them to the data that has been recorded after hiring and working with the digital marketing agency. The difference between these two data is enough to tell you the difference between hiring a professional and vice versa.

How does digital marketing help small businesses?

As time progresses a businessman should also change his strategies and marketing ways. In today's digital and dynamic era, traditional marketing techniques are not very effective and the efficiency of these traditional techniques decreases as we speak about small businesses as they have low funds, smaller circles, and less time as compared to big businesses. So let's talk about how digital marketing helps small businesses, digital marketing provides aid to small businesses by the following means:-

  1. It Connects Customers- Connections are really important in the midst of a business deal and it increases the goodwill and brand value of a business. Digital marketing helps to create a two side bridge between small businesses and their customers, and this method also decreases the cost required to send postcards and other promotional remedies.
  2. Good reach- With the help of digital marketing, a small business can get massive reach without much investment in ad campaigns and other promotional activities, it is also really cost-effective and increases revenue for the business. Digital marketing is proven to be a boon for a small-scale business because it gives pretty good results than any traditional marketing techniques but on the other hand it is much more cost-effective than any of them.
  3. Targets the right audience- A small business has to make sales daily otherwise it may not be able to survive in today's competitive market and to do that, a business should target the right audience for their products or services. Suppose you make goods for an adult but the customers that you get are mostly old or young then it means you are not targeting your right audience and you should change your strategy and adopt digital marketing techniques. Digital marketing allows its users to target the right audience and create good opportunities to make a sell.
  4. Provide comparable results- Digital marketing also helps you to measure the changes your business has made after the application of these techniques. And to check the effectiveness of digital marketing especially in the case of a small business, you should compare the number of orders you got, the number of sales you made, the number of customers you reached, before adopting digital marketing and after adopting digital marketing techniques. The difference between these two datasets is enough for you to check the efficiency of these digital marketing techniques.
  5. Influence buyers- When a small business starts using digital marketing techniques then it imprints the influence of a business on a consumer's mind and this gives a positive impact on the business.

How to Find the Ideal Digital Marketing Agency?

Deciding to use a digital marketing agency is easy. But, finding an ideal digital marketing agency is the hard part. So, we've decided to help you out. Here are the following factors that everyone should analyze to find an ideal marketer for their business growth.

  • Budget Analyzing: First and foremost, you have to analyze your budget plans. See, digital marketing approaches can also be created in the smallest investments. So, you have to first decide how willingly you can spend in finding a digital marketing firm that can fit your budget as well.
  • Check Their Online Existence: A renowned digital marketing agency must have a captivating online appearance. By going through their website and social media accounts you can get estimable perspicacity about their quality and abilities. Moreover, by checking their attributes, you can also understand their expertness in specific digital marketing solutions and settings.
  • Examine Credentials: Before you finalize a digital marketing company, examine their sources or patrons. Ask them to showcase their previously achieved projects. And, if you got cross-reference from the previous clients, then it would help you to take a good decision. It is profitable to get in touch with the former clients to see whether they deliver exactly what they assured.
  • Testimonials and Tools: Ask them to showcase their tools and technologies as well as their testimonials they got based on the services they delivered. This will give you an opinion about how forwardly-exceptional their marketing approaches are. And, it is advisable to discuss their add-on prices and the tools which are free, before signing a contract.
  • Area of Enhancements: Mostly, digital marketing companies provide free website audits to describe the areas of enhancements in the marketing strategies. Furthermore, a free audit report will let you understand the marketing abilities of the digital marketing agency. If the firm explains hindrances wholly, then it shows their deep understanding of the marketing tactics and ability to handle your accounts. Apart from this, you may also make a request to give a research-based plan, that describes a high-level strategy that will help you to achieve your digital marketing missions.

Closing Words

Invest your valuable time and money in the best digital marketing agency! FirmsExplorer has assessed and shortlisted the top digital marketing companies that can grow your business online. Our research team has done this evaluation depending on the information collected about the agencies from the Internet and the response received from existing and previous clients.

Choose the best Digital Marketing Agency for expanding your business or presence online!