Top Software Development Companies in Atlanta in 2022

In the pursuit for Top Software Development Companies in Atlanta? Do you want a custom software for your personal or professional use? Developing a custom software requires a team of experienced programmers and testers. A good software development company is important in order to ensure the profitability of the software. If you live in Atlanta then there is good news for you. We have created a list of Top Software Companies in Atlanta. The software development team in these companies consist of one of the best programmers, testers, designers and developers out there in the world which will create the perfect software for you at affordable prices.

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List of Top Leading Software Development Companies in Atlanta



Best Global IT Consulting Solution and Custom Software Development Company

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A3logics is a custom enterprise software development company striving to enable business transformation. A3logics has emerged as a powerhouse of a skillful and competent team of developers and designers to build reliable & scalable enterprise web app and software solutions. From modern-day startups to large organizations, A3logics leverage a blend of cutting-edge technologies to deliver future-proof solutions that also helps in meeting business objectives.

Cyber Infrastructure Inc

Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

On mission to Enhance lives of Billions of users!

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Being the best software development firm, our purpose is to boost the business of millions of users across the world by offering intelligent technological solutions. Our technical services are uniquely designed to lessen the gap between you and the peak of success that you desire to climb. Our key-services incorporate mobile application development, app development, open-source projects, business analytics and intelligence, and digital marketing. We cordially invite you to join our Think Big movement as being our business partners, clients, and employees. 

Dedicated Developers

Dedicated Developers

Top Rated Mobile App and Web Development Company

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No name could be more literal than this. Just like its name, Dedicated Developers is a game changer in the Web Intelligence industry. Through competitive strategies and latest technology, the company has been providing four times faster successful growth rates to its clients. Established in 2007, Dedicated Developers is a United States based company with an employee count of 250+ and has been recognized as top mobile app development companies by FirmsExplorer. Apart from delivering excellent work, anies by FirmsExplorer. Apart from delivering excellent work, this is one of the best android app development companies that also pay heed to customer satisfaction and customer orientation.

Digital Scientists

Digital Scientists

An Experience Lab

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Just as their name suggests, the teammates at this app development company are keen on experimenting with the fresh technology and strategies. They are focussed on inculcating their innovation into your raw conception so as to get an unbeatable product.



AI apps

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The time of classic apps and web applications is over and nowadays companies are incorporating AI(Artificial Intelligence)in their apps and websites. We at MobiDev completely develop your apps with the modern touch of AI and take care that you will only get the best of our services. For the last 12 years, we have worked on various successful projects and have a long list of happy clients who have trusted us and we haven't disappointed them. Today is the era of AI and the companies that do not update themselves with time get lost by their competitors. Get ahead of time and get AI applications now with this android mobile app design and development firm.

Buyer's Guide

Q.1 What are software development organizations in Atlanta, the United States best known for?

The software development organization in Atlanta, the United States are best known for developing high-quality software solutions for clients worldwide. The main reason behind Atlanta becoming a hub for software development is that many IT multinational corporations have their headquarters in Atlanta, the United States.

These software development companies are also responsible for uplifting the tech world along with the economy of the state. The companies here serve clients from many different parts of the world and deliver them the software solution as per their desire. This makes software development companies in Atlanta, the United States of America better than others.

Q.2 What are the different services offered by Software Development Companies in Atlanta, United States?

There is a big list of services offered by the Software Development companies in Atlanta, United States. Software development is a huge term and a lot of things lead to the development of software. Right from the beginning till the end all the different services can be received at one single organization.

The list of services offered by Software Development companies in Atlanta, United States are as follows:-

1. Mobile Application Development Services

The first type of service offered by these companies in Atlanta, United States is the mobile app development service. This particular service is most in demand as the users in the present era use their mobile phones for most of the things. A major part of suffering and research is carried out over the mobile phone. So there is no doubt why mobile application development services are the most popular among all other services.

2. Website Development Services

Website development is another popular service offered by IT organizations in Atlanta, United States. The companies here are capable of developing all different types of websites according to the requirements of clients. Along with developing a website the IT companies also provide a security system for the same.

3. Website Designing Services

Website designing is also an important part of website development and companies in Atlanta are mastered creating the best designs for the websites. A creative and unique design always attracts the users and makes them spend more time on the website. This eventually lead to the growth of the client’s organization.

4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Services

With the advancement of technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning are of utmost importance for all business and non-business organizations. The software development companies in Atlanta, United States are fully capable of interacting artificial intelligence and machine learning with the software solutions they develop.

5. Quality Assurance and Testing Services

After developing a fully functioning software solution for the client. The IT organizations offer quality assurance and testing services that ensure that the final product works evenly and without any trouble to the user. In this, the organizations test the software in many different circumstances and if any bug is found it is rectified immediately.

6. User Support Services

User support services are essential as the user is only the person for whom the company has done the hard work. These support services assist and aid users whenever any trouble is caused while working on the software.

Q.3 How much cost is needed to be paid for developing software from the IT companies in Atlanta, United States?

The cost or the charges that need to be paid for developing software from an IT company in Atlanta, US fully depends on the type of software you wish to develop. The complexity and features inbuilt in the software make the price of the software higher or lower.

There is no fixed charge for developing software in Atlanta, United States. Many professional IT firms charge on an hourly basis and the range of charges is between $25 to $150 per hour depending on the organization you chose to assign your work.

Above there is just an estimate for the charges of developing a software solution from the IT organization in Atlanta, United States. The price may vary depending on many different factors such as the complexity of the project, the scope for the project, the number of developers involved in the project, the software development tools used by the organization and many other factors related to the development of a software project.

Q.4 What are the factors that need to be kept in mind before selecting a software development company in the state of Atlanta?

The factors that all the service seekers must keep in mind while picking up the best software development organization for themselves are listed below:-

  • Organization’s Portfolio
  • Plan of Action applied by the organization
  • Customer feedback and review of the organization
  • Programming languages and software tools used by the organization
  • Past record of the organization
  • The technology used and applied by the organization for developing software.
  • The reputation of the organization in the market.
  • Awards or prizes won by the organization in the IT field.
  • And many other things related to software development.

Q.5 8 things that you should inquire about prior to choosing the best software development firm for your organization.

Many people who want to develop a software solution for their organization find a software development company but do not know what to ask from the company. To help them out in fixing this problem we have come up with a list of questions that one should inquire about while picking the best software development organization in Atlanta, United States.

1) Whether the company holds any prior experience of working on a similar project given by you?

2) In which field does the organization have its specialisation?

3) A list of all the features and components that will be seen in the finished project?

4) By when can you expect the project to be completed?

5) An estimate of the total cost for successful completion of the project.

6) The support services offered by the company after delivering the project?

7) The total work experience of the software developers working on the project?

8) Who will be responsible or in charge of the project and the person in contact with you?

These are general questions that you can ask while developing a project of any type, but you are required to ask many other questions specifically relating to the project you wish to develop.

Q.6 In what circumstances should you think of collaborating with the software development companies in Atlanta?

When you desire to develop a high-quality software solution for your organization, that’s the right situation when you should collaborate with the software development companies in Atlanta, United States.

The companies here are very passionate about delivering the right software solutions to their clients and meeting their requirements accurately. While developing software for the IT companies in Atlanta, United States. The companies always try to create the best quality software and raise their standards with every project delivered.

Developing software from the United States of America is considered the best idea according to many professionals as the companies here hire developers from all over the world to maintain high standards of quality.

FirmsExplorer Research Process

Investing in software development companies is an irrevocable decision, once a client invests in a particular software development company he/she can’t take the funds back and invest in some other company. The software development company must be picked wisely and FirmsExplorer helps the service seekers by providing them with a list of the best software development organizations in Atlanta, United States.

Developing software for the organization is not a luxury anymore for the clients, it has become a part of basic life. An organization can’t accept higher growth without the help of a software solution. The software can be of any type and size, it can be for routine work or for managing the crucial data of the organization and customers.

FirmsExplorer researches all the different types of software development companies available in the market and categorizes them according to the software solutions they develop. FirmsExplorer makes the work of service seekers very easy by creating an appropriate list of software development organizations in Atlanta, United States. From which one can easily choose and pick the best software development company.

The main advantage of FirmsExplorer is the experience that it has, with so many years of experience FirmsExplorer now knows what its clients are actually looking for. And Firms Explorer provides them with the same. The comprehensive list of software development organizations in Atlanta, the United States here contains a blend of well-established IT organizations and newly started startups. Both of them are given a fair chance to get themselves ranked in the list created by FirmsExplorer.