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Top 10+ Project Management Software | Most Popular Project Management Tools 2022

Tired of shuffling emails and managing your teammates? Well, it is time you must look out for project management software!

A project management software can help you streamline your work and manage almost everything about your project effectively from a single place. Small as well as ginormous organizations prefer working smart. And one such smart way to reduce your struggles while elevating your business strategies is by using project management tools. A good project management software will be loaded with lots of features infused with the latest as well as traditional methodologies and innovative solutions. These surely will increase your productivity. Have a look at some of the best project management software tools of this year.

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What is Project Management Software?

Software that is used for planning, shaping or developing, delivering, and monitoring a particular project is Project Management Software. Using such project management tools, managers, stakeholders, or users can keep a close look at the deadlines, payments, quality, and other important factors implemented in making a project successful.

Furthermore, the people involved in the project can also check project budgeting, documentation, time management, cost management, and methodology for desired and productive outputs. 

How Project Management Tools Help Project Managers?

There are several benefits of using Project Management Tools for Project Managers as well as stakeholders. Some of them are given below.

  • It reduces the complexity of labor and hence helps generate efficient projects.
  • Cloud project management software or online project management software is quick to access from anywhere and with no boundations of time.
  • Easy resource utilization and management.
  • It keeps a strong track of their workflow.
  • A project management system can reduce redundancies and help deliver the project on time.
  • It can help them collaborate with different members of the project and track expenses, tasks, and other important aspects in real time.

What makes a good Project Management Software?

There are some of the features that must come with a project management system. The availability of these features decides the efficiency and capability of a Project Management Software. Check out the points given below to know some of these important features.

  • Team collaboration to hold discussions or communicate and resolve issues in real-time.
  • Task management to create, assign, and manage tasks or subtasks.
  • Document management to attach, upload, edit or organize documents from a single central booth.
  • Email integration to elevate the overall productivity of the project.
  • API or third-party integration
  • Time management to check time spent on a particular task by a particular person.

Other than these, good project management tools can also have scheduling, visualizations, low cost or free features, reporting and analytics, user counts, custom settings, etc.