Top 10+ Software Development Companies in Dubai, UAE in 2022

In the pursuit for Top Software Development Companies in Dubai? Do you want a custom software for your personal or professional use? Developing a custom software requires a team of experienced programmers and testers. A good software development company is important in order to ensure the profitability of the software. If you live in Dubai then there is good news for you. We have created a list of Top Software Companies in Dubai. The software development team in these companies consist of one of the best programmers, testers, designers and developers out there in the world which will create the perfect software for you at affordable prices.

10 Companies

List of Top Leading Software Development Companies in Dubai, UAE




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For the past 17 years, 10Pearls is one of the best software and digital development companies that have proven its existence in this tech-based industry. We have more than 250 employees working in our well spread offices in the whole world. We have completed more than 750 projects successfully. At 10Pearls we help our clients to modernize and digitalize their businesses. We are constantly working and thriving for building intelligent and low friction digital solutions to automate business and reduce costs. We are also rebuilding technology for better speed and efficiency. At 10Pearls our capable teams are innovating and creating digital products that have the capacity to revolutionize the whole industry.



Software and Product Development | Dedicated Teams

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Ever wanted to build a mobile app for your company, here’s 7EDGE is present to help you. For the past 10 years, 7EDGE is a custom mobile app development company that has been helping its clients by providing world-class service and solutions and this list includes the development of more than 500 web and mobile applications and software. 7EDGE excels in the development of mobile and web applications using JAVA, Node, Ruby, Native Android, IOS, AWS, and much more.



Growing Businesses Online

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In 2015, a company was founded by a few people with a chief aim to create an impactful digital marketing agency, started with a core team to be equipped with 65+ talented individuals working passionately to help many businesses grow online. Why 8 views is the leading digital marketing agency in Hyderabad? The answer lies in its previous endeavors, it has been successfully accompanied by more than 150 reputed businesses across various sectors such as Real Estate, Education, Lifestyle, Healthcare, E-commerce, etc. A majority of our clients acquired organically which is a testimonial to our capabilities of generating outstanding results for our customers. As we believe that maintaining a cheerful environment will help us to deliver joyful results.



Best Global IT Consulting Solution and Custom Software Development Company

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A3logics is a custom enterprise software development company striving to enable business transformation. A3logics has emerged as a powerhouse of a skillful and competent team of developers and designers to build reliable & scalable enterprise web app and software solutions. From modern-day startups to large organizations, A3logics leverage a blend of cutting-edge technologies to deliver future-proof solutions that also helps in meeting business objectives.

Aalpha Information Systems

Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

The Outsourcing Company

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Aalpha Information Systems has been a global pioneer in giving world-class IT consultancy and providing robust software development solutions. Our company offers custom development solutions for software development, mobile phone, and application development. We have our HQs in India, Norway, and the United States. We also offer many other services like Game Development, Testing and Debugging, Bot development, Cloud Computing Services, Maintenance & Support, and so on. Our staff also excel in Responsive Web Design and Web Development Services.

add web solutions

AddWeb Solution Pvt Ltd

Lets Talk Solution

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Addweb solutions is one of the best IT development, consulting and outsourcing companies. Addweb has 24 years+ experience accompanied by proud alliances with some esteemed IT and digital companies. The company has been growing consistently due to excellent solutions and timely deliveries. From small-medium businesses to multinational corporations, AddWeb solutions has an experience at building online brands, stunning website designs & automating organizational workflows aimed at increasing the revenue. Not just bootstrap upgrade but all the enhancements and new features have made the clients' web application faster, easier and more engaging. Addweb solutions is an organisation with responsive, knowledgeable, and hard working personnel which makes it the best software development company.

Ads n Url

Ads N Url

Building Brands with Purpose and Passion

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If you are looking for something that is fresh and has experience and skills in galore then Ads N Url is your ultimate destination for app development. With top notch and tech buff mobile app developers, you can expect an extraordinary outcome of your authentic conception. This mobile app development company offers an innovative and diverse approach to your project.

Agile Infoways Pvt. Ltd.

Agile Infoways Pvt Ltd

Experience with Excellence

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Agile Infoways Pvt Ltd is an iOS app development company  that has been keeping its position firm in the market for more than a decade now. They have successfully developed and delivered more than 2200 projects to their potential clients.



We Turn Ideas Into Software

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The top most software development company in DC, Argentina and Ukraine is Agile Engine that started out as a team of limited but experienced members. And today Agile Engine has a team of 400+ talented people and is ranked amongst the best software developers in DC, Argentina, and Ukraine. Comprising a group of thinkers passionate about coding, Agile Engine has been growing at a rate of 50% per year, building scalable software for a better world. Agile Engine's portfolio includes 70+ products developed for industry – leading brands. Agile Engine finds the smartest and the most energetic developers and encourages them to push their limits. The top notch brands across the world trust Agile Engine and that is the reason why Agile Engine is ranked as the best software development company in Argentina, DC and Ukraine.

Ajath Infotech Pvt Ltd

Ajath Infotech Pvt Ltd

Always Join Advance Technology Hub

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In today's dynamic and digital world, Ajath acts as a catalyst between businesses and their success by providing world-class web and digital solutions and therefore, giving an extra edge to our clients in competitive markets. Ajath Infotech Pvt Ltd is one of the renowned mobile app development companies with offices in India, Dubai, and the United States. Ajath is known to act as a fully functional business partner to offer all sorts of tech and digital marketing solutions to help our clients to survive in today's market scenario. We try and give our best to realize the goals of our clients and help them to improve their performance exponentially.

Buyer's Guide

Is Dubai good for software engineers?

Dubai is a hub for many leading and developing industries. Every year a huge number of professionals from all over the world come to Dubai to try their luck. One of the leading industries in the present era is the IT industry. The industry is always searching for good software engineers and developers who can work according to the requirements.

Any software engineer with a good set of skills can easily find a job for himself in Dubai, UAE. So we can confidently say that Dubai is good for software engineers. Not only software engineers but many other professionals can easily get themselves a job in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

What are software development organizations in Dubai, United Arab Emirates best known for?

The software development organizations in Dubai, United Arab Emirates are best known and considered for building world-class software solutions. The software which are designed and developed by these companies are beneficial for many different clients. As with the help of these software they can easily connect with their customers and grow their business over the internet.

Dubai has a strong economy, the main reason behind this is not just the petroleum or the natural resources found under the land of Dubai but also the tertiary industries. The Information Technology industry in Dubai is doing a great job. Brief detail about the best Software Development Companies in Dubai is given in the following heads below.

What are the different services offered by Software Development Companies in Dubai?

There are many different types of services that are offered by software development companies in Dubai. Some of the top services can be seen under the heads below:-

1. Development of custom software solutions

The very first service provided by the best Software Development Companies in Dubai is to develop customized software solutions. These services are as per the requirements of the clients and fulfill their needs perfectly. All the features and functionalities added to the software are exactly the same as demanded by the client. Some other services offered by these companies can be seen below.

2. SaaS Designing and Development

SaaS or Software as a Service is the most demanded service in the present time. Many business organizations and enterprises are regularly looking for such companies who can develop fully functioning web-based applications. As today's smart users do not download unnecessary software on their devices, rather they prefer using cloud applications for getting their work done.

3. Software solutions for Cyber Security

We are all aware about the threat of cyber attacks over the internet. With new and advanced technology the best Software Development Companies in Dubai provide cyber security solutions to their clients. With the help of these cyber security software solutions, clients can easily save their crucial data from going into the hands of online hackers or wrong persons.

4. IT Software Support Services

The next service which is offered by the Leading Software Development Company in Dubai is the IT support services. These services are helpful once the final product is delivered to clients. All the issues or errors faced by the clients are fixed properly and users are provided with a better experience while working on the software developed by these companies.

These are just a few of the top services that are provided by the software development companies, these companies hire top software developers in Dubai. To ensure that only the best quality services are delivered to the clients.

Know about the cost that needs to be paid for developing a software solution via the best companies established in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates from the head below.

How much cost is needed to be paid for developing software from the IT companies in Dubai, UAE?

Talking about the cost of software development in Dubai, UAE. There is not any specific or fixed rate that is charged by the companies here. The total cost of software development is calculated on the basis of cost incurred at different stages of development.

An estimated range of price on every stage of development is given below. You can get an idea of the total cost from the below section:-

  • Domain Name - $10 to $25 per year
  • Hosting Charges - $100 to $200 per year
  • Usage of Paid Tools - $20 to $2000
  • Designing Charges - $1000 to $10000
  • Frontend Development - $1500 to $10000
  • Backend Development - $5000 to $25000
  • Testing Charges - $1000 to $5000
  • Launching Charges - $250 to $1000

All the prices that are mentioned above are merely just estimates, the prices can go high and low. Depending on many different factors that come into notice while developing the software.

There are some factors that you must consider or keep in mind before selecting a company for Software development in Dubai, UAE. The following head contains the factors for the same.

What are the factors that need to be kept in mind before selecting a software development company in Dubai?

In the city of Dubai, there is a huge number of software developers and companies available to service seekers. And there might be a big confusion while choosing the best among them. So here is a list of factors that will help you in selecting the Top Software Development Company in Dubai for your project:-

1. Company’s Portfolio

The first factor or the point that you must consider while choosing the software development company in Dubai is the company’s portfolio. This will tell you about the capabilities of the company and many other important information about it.

2. Action Plan and Strategy Used by the Company

The second thing is the action plan or strategy applied by the company. Through this, you can know the procedure that is used by the company in order to deal with a problem that comes across while developing software.

3. Past Work Done By the Company

The most important factor that must be considered while choosing a company for your project. Is the past work done by the company, in this way you can know if the company has worked on any similar projects or not.

4. Feedback and Review from Past Clients

Last but not least, you must always consider the feedback and reviews given by past clients. You should always choose an organization with a huge number of happy clients.

In this way, you can perfectly choose the best software development organization for your project. Know about the things that you should ask from the companies before selecting any one of them.

8 things that you should inquire about before choosing the best Dubai based software development firm for your organization?

Here is the list of things that you must inquire about before selecting or choosing the best software development company in Dubai, UAE.

  1. What will be the procedure to communicate with the company’s officials?
  2. Has the firm worked on any such projects before?
  3. What programming languages are used in software development by the organization?
  4. What are the expertise and specialization of the company?
  5. What is the plan of action or the strategy used by the company to accomplish a project?
  6. Ask for the details about the developers working on the project.
  7. Does the company offer any support services after delivering the project to the client?
  8. Ask for some other questions related to the features added to the project.

These are some general questions that you must always inquire about prior to selecting good software development companies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

FirmsExplorer Research Process

Handing over a project to a Leading Software Development Company in Dubai is an irreversible decision. So the decision must be taken wisely and with full care. FirmsExplorer aims to assist all the service seekers who seek custom software development companies in Dubai. The information provided by FirmsExplorer has helped many service seekers and providers from different parts of the world.

The professional experts at FirmsExplorer are always in search of the best website design and software development companies in Dubai. So that users do not waste their precious time in searching the same. All the work related to searching, categorizing and listing of the companies is done by professionals. And users can easily choose the most suitable Software Development Company as per their needs and requirements.

The research team at FirmsExplorer follows a set pattern while selecting the Top Software Development Companies in Dubai. The first step is to conduct proper market research and find out companies that are capable of rendering services as demanded by the clients. Once the companies are searched, the professionals go for the second step. Where the companies are examined and screw turned on different aspects.

The companies who do not perform well are eliminated and in the end, only the topmost companies are left. In this way, FirmsExplorer is able to provide its users with the list of Top Software Developers in the United Arab Emirates. In the list, a fair chance is given to both well-established companies and newly set up startups. FirmsExplorer provides opportunities to small startups to showcase their skills and talent to the world.