Best And Most Popular E-Commerce Platforms To Look for in 2023

Best And Most Popular E-Commerce Platforms To Look for in 2023

As the pandemic gave rise to a hike in online shopping, many have considered starting their online venture to sustain the difficult times. But are you still struggling to find the best e-commerce platform to grow your business? The confusion here is justified. Selecting the right platform that provides the facilities for developing, managing, and selling online can be challenging.

Given the influence of e-commerce platforms on a business, taking your time in selecting one is necessary. This also means that you should explore multiple platforms to understand which one suits your business needs perfectly. And you have stopped by the right place to do so!

This article will walk you through the top e-commerce platforms to consider if you plan to launch your online store soon or in 2023. So, without any further ado, look at these B2B Ecommerce platforms to select the most suitable one for your business.

List of the Best E-commerce Platforms

After researching multiple platforms, the list below finally comprises some of the most underrated as well as some of the most popular e-commerce platforms. Thus, stay tuned till the end to learn about them all!

1. Shopify- An all-in-one e-commerce platform



You must have already heard about Shopify. Yes, it is claimed to be one of the best e-commerce platforms available today. It is mainly considered so because it is an all-inclusive platform serving businesses with quick customizations, themes, easy product management, order monitoring, payment processing, etc. In addition, it does not compromise security even when it provides so many features.

Another striking quality of Shopify is that it can grow all types of businesses. Whether a startup or an established company, this e-commerce site can embrace them all. The business owner can be a highly tech-savvy individual. It treats everyone equally with its super easy user interface.

Key features of Shopify

  • User-friendly UI
  • Optimized themes for mobile devices
  • Wide ranged integrations
  • User tracking and In-depth analytics
  • Supports 3D models and videos of products
  • Built-in email marketing facility

Visit – Shopify

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2. WooCommerce- Best e-commerce platform for customization

Looking for an open-source e-commerce platform? Look no further than WooCommerce. As it is built on WordPress, it is perfect for WordPress-based websites. Its highlight is the easy conversion of a WordPress website eCommerce store through the WooCommerce plugin.

You may use WooCommerce to add eCommerce features to WordPress, like subscriptions, memberships, and product catalogs. It also offers extensions for printing shipping labels and interfacing with your email marketing platform, and it is completely configurable.

You’ll need extensions with payment channels like PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, Square, and to build a functional WooCommerce website.

Thus, one of your best e-commerce platform options if you currently have a WordPress website is WooCommerce. Start personalizing your online store after installing the plugin. WooCommerce exclusively offers customer management through third-party plugins, unlike other systems.

Key features of WooCommerce

  • Suitable for SEO
  • Comprehensive with the support of third-party plugins
  • Multiple themes
  • In-built blogging
  • Unique customization
  • of 3rd party plugins

Visit – WooCommerce

3. Squarespace- Best e-commerce platform for niche-based competition.


It is a complete content management system that makes creating online businesses and websites easier. It is not only an e-commerce site but also includes industry-leading website templates, making it very simple to run an online store.

Its availability of cutting-edge designs, high-end fonts, and a variety of color palettes makes it the best platform for presenting visual goods. Additionally, all Squarespace pricing plans, which can meet the needs of any business kind, include these aesthetically pleasing templates.

Selecting a template is extremely necessary after which setting up an online store is simple. Following that, you may use the website builder to list your goods and services, create unique categories, set up payment gateway settings, and develop captivating content.

The e-commerce platform also provides multiple SEO and email marketing tools. Thus, it can support you boost traffic and seek more sales.

Key features of Squarespace

  • Excellent range of website templates
  • In-built taxation tools
  • In-built SEO and email-marketing tools
  • Online and Offline sales channel synchronization

Visit – Squarespace

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4. Shopivana- Best e-commerce website for small and medium businesses.


Looking for a professional yet affordable e-commerce platform? Shopivana is your one-stop solution! This emerging platform strives to provide premium services to startups and MSMEs. It can become their online store caretaker for starting, managing, and growing their online businesses across the web and mobile.

Shopivana does not follow a one-size-fits-all strategy, unlike many other e-commerce platforms. Instead, it offers a well-rounded approach to the businesses it handles and curates unique brand-showcasing methods for faster growth.

It is a no-code platform for developing websites in a hassle-free manner. In addition, Shopivana serves you with creative freedom, such as easy themes, analytics tools, multiple payment gateways, and much more.

Key features of Shopivana

  • Easy to use
  • Creative UI
  • Secured hosting
  • An optimized website with no commission fee
  • Integrated payment gateway and shipping
  • Marketing and SEO empowerment

Visit – Shopivana

5. Wix- A highly intuitive e-commerce platform.


Don’t have the technical knowledge or coding experience to build a website? Wix has got you covered! This e-commerce platform is highly intuitive and easy to use, making it perfect for people willing to create a website from scratch. It comes with a drag-and-drop builder, allowing you to develop a professional website with images, texts, videos, and other media types. This way, people with existing online stores can quickly add pages or blogs using Wix.

With about 500+ templates to choose from, you can customize your online store easily. Wix will automatically optimize your website for SEO and mobile devices. You can also access the Wix App Market if your website is built in Wix.

The market provides you with powerful web apps to customize your site. Wix has a larger number of customizable templates than Shopify or Magento.

You also get a fully customizable storefront and shopping cart. Wix adds features like related product galleries, a quick add-to-cart button, mini-carts, shopping wishlist to your website. Wix also allows you to set up your own shipping rules to control international shipping orders better.

Key features of Wix

  • Robust automation tools
  • Advanced design features
  • Comprehensive template and theme range
  • Advanced SEO
  • Captivating media galleries

Visit – Wix

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6.BigCommerce- Best e-commerce platform for large-scale businesses.


Companies use BigCommerce, a well-known brand in the e-commerce platform, in more than 120 different nations. It is an efficient e-commerce services provider with all you need for your online business.

It has an impressive amount of native features pre-installed. They give you resources for inventory management, conversions, and SEO. Furthermore, they provide live chat, email, and phone help around-the-clock.

BigCommerce is an enterprise-level B2B e-commerce platform that also supports wholesale websites. This platform is unrivaled when it comes to aspects like security, website loading speed, and uptime. BigCommerce provides a slightly greater number of options for design customization than Shopify.

Key features of BigCommerce

  • Robust SEO
  • Customization
  • App integration
  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • Unlimited products and file storage

Visit – BigCommerce

7. Magento


Another comprehensive e-commerce solution you can consider is Magento. Introduced by Adobe, it processes a whopping $100 billion in gross merchandise sales annually.

Interestingly, this B2B e-commerce platform allows the creation of an online store for all sizes of businesses. It simply means Magento supports small, medium, and large businesses alike.

Magento is a distinctive eCommerce solution thanks to features like business analytics, shipping options, inventory management, and order administration. Additionally, it offers incredible tools for customer segmentation and personalization.

Based on customer information like order history, location, gender, and wish list items, your online store in Magento will automatically show content, product information, price ranges, and promotions.

Magento doesn’t provide any themes, so you just receive the core software and must rely on other designers, unlike Wix, Shopify, and other platforms. However, other Magento tools are available, including a search extension, a store finder, and customized checkout fields.

Key features of Magento

  • Advanced SEO
  • Flexible third-party integrations
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Scalable content management
  • Compliance with GDPR and other legal frameworks

Visit – Magento

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The Bottom Line

Whether you are building from scratch and making necessary advancements in your online business, having the best e-commerce platform by your side is crucial.

As all of them come with unique functionalities and features, you have to assess each one to select the most suitable platform wisely. Hopefully, you will be able to do it after reading about the above-given e-commerce platforms. Let us know your favorite platform in the comments section below!

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