Top 10+ App Store Optimization (ASO) Tools or Software in 2022

Are you searching for an effective App Store Optimization Tool to scale up your app installs and revenue? Then, you have landed in the right place.

For sure there are several ASO tools present in the market which claim to provide you with the success of your app or mobile game. However, the question is how many of those actually live up to its promises? In reality, there are only a handful of software that can really increase the visibility of your app and boost conversions. Soon, you will find out the list of top leading App Store Optimization companies. But before that, you should know exactly what App Store Optimization tools are and how they can help you.

What Is An App Store Optimization Tool?

If the word ASO is still new to you then you should refer to our complete guide on App Store Optimization before moving ahead and learning about ASO tools. For those who have even a brief idea of App Store Optimization, let me tell you that ASO tools are nothing but the apps or software which helps in optimizing the App Store listing of your app. These tools improve the chances of your apps being found inside the app store. By providing you with your app’s global rankings, average ratings, reviews, and giving insights into other app store assets, the best App Store Optimization tools free or paid help you to take your App to the top position in the market.

Let’s move ahead and know about the tools that can help you make your app visible to prospective users.

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List of Top 10+ Leading App Store Optimization (ASO) Tools / Software in 2022

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How App Store Optimization tools can help your business?

First of all App Store Optimization, also known as ASO is the process of optimizing the visibility of your app or games on the App stores. It can help your app appear in the Top Charts. The higher your app ranks, the more it is visible to potential customers of your business. This technique can optimize your app conversion as well as click-through rate(CTR). Ultimately, this process can boost the number of installs of your app or game and also increase your business revenue.

How to optimize your app for Apple App Store?

Here is a quick guide to optimizing iOS apps:-

  • Optimize your app title. Make sure that it is relevant, easy to spell, unique, not bigger than 30 characters.
  • Add some descriptive keywords in the subtitle of your app. Ideally, it should be of not more than 30 characters and must be catchy and attractive.
  • The iOS description should not be more than 4000 characters. It should be informative, easy to understand, and well organized. Localize it.
  • Optimize your promotional text by adding promotional features, special offers, or news.
  • Make your app icon noticeable and simple. Do not use text on it. It should be clearly visible against any wallpaper.
  • Optimize your app screenshots by designing them in portrait mode. Highlight the main features of your application in the first two screenshots. Utilize all the slots.
  • Your app video should be a good illustration of your app visuals.

How to optimize your app for Google Play Store?

Here is a quick guide to optimizing Android apps:-

1. Optimize your app title. Make sure that it is not bigger than 50 characters.

  • You can use either of the formats:
  • Name of the brand - Relevant keyword(s)
  • Name of the brand: Relevant keyword(s)
  • Relevant keyword(s): Name of the brand
  • Relevant keyword(s) - Name of the brand

2. Add some powerful keywords in the URL/package.

3. Your app’s developer name can be in format- App developer name: 1st Keyword, 2nd keyword.

4. The short description should not be more than 80 characters. Use this space to call attention to the purpose and value of your app.

5. Design the description in not more than 4000 characters. In addition to powerful keywords, add all the relevant information. Localize it.

6. Your featured icon should be 32 bit PNG, 512px by 512px, and 1024KB. It must be striking and different and at the same time influencing.

7. Optimize your app screenshots by designing it in JPEG format or 24 bit PNG, 320px to 3840px, max dimension can not be greater than twice the pixels of minimum. Highlight the most valuable information of your application in the first two screenshots. Utilize all the slots.

Which is the best tool for game app marketing?

The best tool for marketing your gaming app is Here are the ways of optimizing your Gaming app:-

  • Take the services of a gaming publisher. While it may prove to be a little expensive in your pocket, it will help you make up your mind about your business development by suggesting amendments to your project.
  • Make your project beta ready before launching. Analyze it thoroughly before global release.
  • Use ASO techniques to take your app at a better rank than your competitors. Use good ASO tools like
  • Make sure you are releasing your gaming app on every store possible in addition to the Google Play Store, App Store, and Amazon store.
  • Boost its visibility by running paid campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, etc.
  • Cross-promote your app with your other games already available in the market.
  • Try to bring in good reviews on your gaming app. You can also opt for paid reviews on Android,, etc.
  • Market your app on social media. You can also send your game to Android Reddit and Product Hunt for users to vote for your app.