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Our Pact Parental Control App Review: Pricing, Features, Pros, Cons & Expert Advice

Is there a parental control app on your teen’s smartphone? Have you heard about the OurPact Parental Control App yet?

In this digital area, where even kids have a smartphone packed with gaming and messaging apps, it has become really an arduous task to ensure their safety and security from online predators.

There is literally a constant struggle going on between parents and kids. Where kids do not want to miss a single update of their so-called online friends, the parents want to keep them away from this unnecessary digital life as far as possible. There has to be a middle ground, right?

And that is what parental control apps are for. These apps ensure the most appropriate digital exposure for your teens as well as kids without compromising their online safety.

Our panel of kids’ online safety monitoring experts tried some of the best parental control software and apps and the one app that caught our attention was Our Pact Parental Control app.

And here, we will tell you all about it in this OurPact Parental Control Review

What is OurPact Parental Control?

OurPact is a comprehensive parental control app that offers many options and services for monitoring the activity of your children on their smartphones. It offers a wide range of oversight and control tools for website supervision to control their screen times. OurPact’s powerful features are widely acclaimed for keeping your child as well as family safe online as well as offline.

In this OurPact Parental Control review, we will cover its features, pros and cons, and affordability.

Also, does it really do the work it claims honestly?

All your queries will get resolved in this detailed review!

Features & Highlights of OurPact Parental Control

Some of the fantastic OurPact Parental Control app features are:-

  • OurPact gives parents the Ability to Block – By using this feature, you can block any app including messaging, social media, and games. You can also block internet browsers like Google Chrome or Safari.
  • One of a kind feature that OurPact offers is Block Texting – It helps in blocking any texts on Android as well as iOs devices.
  • The third feature OurPact offers is the Power to Customize – By using this fabulous feature, you can set daily screen time limits on your teen’s device according to your preferences.
  • By using its Family locator – You can instantly view your teen as well as other family member’s current location. Not only this, but OurPact also lets you customize a geographical boundary in a simple procedure. Whenever your child enters or leaves that boundary, you will instantly get a notification on your smartphone.
  • OurPact’s View feature takes screenshots of your child’s screen and sends them to you on your device –  You can also schedule the time of the day when you want the screenshots, OurPact can make a whole gallery of the past two weeks’ screenshots for you to look over when you feel the need.
  • Its Web Filtering feature can block adult content by using just a toggle button.
  • Manual Block and Grant feature give you the power of sharing access or restricting the internet. This feature can easily allow additional screen time or block the device for a predefined amount of time.

Why should you choose OurPact Parental Control?

As far as kids’ safe digital exposure and appropriate screen time are concerned, parental control apps are a must. Whether your kid uses the smart device for online education purposes or for entertainment, it is very important to monitor their activity to keep them safe from bad habits or unwanted experiences. And, for that OurPact offers many great features.

Let’s weigh OurPact Parental Control’s pros and cons to decide if it is beneficial for your child or not.

Pros & Cons


  • OurPact goes a long way in controlling the screen times of kids by its robust block features. It has a time scheduling feature that can be customized according to your own convenience for ensuring healthy bedtime, mealtime, and study time for your kids.
  • It keeps your child away from unhealthy friendships by its one-of-a-kind text blocking feature. You can monitor by your own phone whether your child is safe from cyberbullying and online harassment or not.
  • The website supervision included in OurPact Parental Control features does a pretty great job in keeping kids away from adult content by blocking all the adult websites using just a toggle button.
  • Not just one, by using OurPact’s premium feature, parents can monitor up to 20 devices from their own smartphones. Moreover, you can customize the restrictions separately for each device according to the user’s digital resilience and age.
  • The Family locator feature can also be helpful in case any of your family members lose their device as you can easily get the exact location if OurPact is installed in it.


  • Whenever the target device is blocked, all the apps downloaded from the Play Store get blocked. Parents don’t have the option to block only certain apps and keep educational apps in the child’s phone.
  • When you unblock your kid’s device, the apps will reappear but in alphabetical order. It is very frustrating as your child must have arranged the apps according to their convenience.
  • It does not work smoothly on iOS devices.
  • Parents have reported several crashes and glitches in this app.


OurPact Parental Control features come at a very affordable price. It offers its extraordinary features in mainly three options:-

  • Free plan– $0 for up to one device with no access to premium features and just 5 blocks and 1 schedule.
  • Premium plan– $ 6.99 per month for up to 20 devices with unlimited blocks and schedules and access to some of the premium features such as app rules, allowance, and web filter.
  • Premium+ plan– $9.99 per month for up to 20 devices with access to all premium features including View (screenshot capturing feature).

How OurPact Parental Control Works?

OurPact Parental Control works in three simple steps:-

  • Create an account- Like other parental control apps, OurPact needs you to create your own profile on their website.
  • Add Kids- Now, add one or multiple kids or family members to your profile. Then OurPact will ask about which type of device your child uses and then send a link of the app to your kids’ device.
  • Install- Just install the app on kids’ devices and it is done.

This app is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. What makes it unique is that it lets you set your rules and preferences first and then ask you to install the application. For Android devices, the Ourpact app is made to use on the parent’s device and OurPact Jr. for the child’s device.

Expert Advice

Our panel of experts tried the OurPact Parental Control app themselves to test its genuineness. According to their OurPact Parental Control review, this app does a satisfactory job in the price it is asking. While there are many features that need up-gradation, other features are very useful for ensuring safe digital navigation of kids.

Before trusting this app blindly and purchasing its paid version, you should try its free version and analyze all its functions and highlights. But remember, it is very important to install a good third-party parental control app on your kid’s phone before it’s too late.

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