Top 15 Web Development Tools You Must Know About

Top 15 Web Development Tools You Must Know About in 2021 (Free and Paid)

Web development tools or often called Devtools are a set of programmes that allows web developers to test and make modifications to the codes written by them.

In this article, one can find some of the best web application development tools that make the coding part easy.

Why Do You Need Web App Development Tools?

Web development tools help the user in many ways, the need of using a web app development tool arises because of the following reasons:

  • It provides free testing of the codes written.
  • The safety of the data is ensured.
  • It enables the real-time representation of the results.
  • It is able to handle large size data very easily.

These are some of the main reasons why most top web development companies and developers use these tools while creating a website or application.

List of Top Web Development Tools (Free and Paid) in 2021

Here is a list of some top web development tools. In this list, one can find a number of different web development tools both free and paid, the main features and other important information regarding these tools are mentioned below.

1. AngularJS

First on our list of web development tools is AngularJS, this is a front end developer tool that helps the user in extending the HTML vocabulary. This tool converts the complex codes of HTML into simple readable form. It helps in simplifying the whole process of website and app creation.

Main Features:

  • It is easy to use and understand
  • It is a completely free tool
  • It is an open-source front tool
  • Along with HTML, it is capable of handling JavaScript codes

2. Novi Builder

Novi Builder is a web development tool that provides a facility of drag and drop builder to web developers. It gives full control of the project in the hands of the user. Although this tool is new, it is made only for those developers who have in-depth knowledge of the website creations. It is not meant for beginners.

Main Features:

  • The drag and drop builder feature is the key feature of the tool
  • The tool comes with advanced code editor support.
  • There is also an option of preview available in the tool.
  • This is mostly used for eCommerce support purpose

3. ONE Subscription

ONE Subscription is a one-stop for the launching of blogs, landing pages, creating online stores, and creating different kinds of applications and websites. It is the most effective web app development tool used by many web developers

Main Features:

  • The tool offers web developers professional support in melbourne that is needed while creating a website.
  • The manufacturer of the tool provides a timely update for this tool that makes the tool more efficient.
  • The tool can be customized according to the requirements of the web developer.
  • There are thousands of themes and templates available in this tool that help the user to make the website more attractive.

4. Creative Tim

Next on our list of the top web development tools is Creative Tim. This tool helps in the creation of websites and mobile applications. The user-friendly and easy to use interface of the tools help in creating the website quickly.

Main Features:

  • The tool comes with several in-built features that save a lot of time for the user.
  • This tool helps in creating an application or website keeping in mind the business model.
  • The tool also comes with several admin templates that make a website more attractive and useful for users.
  • The process of creating a website is completed quickly when using this tool.

5. NPM

Node Package Manager (NPM) is a web development tool specifically designed for the language JavaScript. Various packages of reusable code can be easily discovered using this tool. It offers a command-line utility to web developers that help in creating a website.

Main Features:

  • There are more than 470,000 free codes that can be discovered and reused in this web development tool.
  • The tool has an easy to use and understand interface that helps the user in many ways.
  • There are many free code packages available in this tool that makes website creation easy for the developer.

6. HTML5 Boilerplate 

If you are searching for a web development tool by which you can create a robust and adaptable website or an application this is the one. HTML5 Boilerplate helps the developer to create a website quickly and easily, all the features of this tool are user-friendly so it becomes easy for the developer to do the job.

Main Features:

  • As the name suggests this tool is best for websites or applications that are created using HTML.
  • The tools help the user to take advantage of all the elements of HTML language.
  • The tool is capable of fixing any common bug which comes while creating a website.

7. Sass

Sass is an easy to use web development tool with a straightforward front end. Learning and working on the tool does not require much time. Sass supports extensions of the programming languages that include variables and mixins in them.

Main Features:

  • The main feature of this tool is that language extension is supported in this.
  • The output from the tool can be easily customized and formatted.
  • A different variant of colours is available in the tool.
  • Sass has many highly useful features in-built in it which are easy to use.

8. GitHub

Next on our list of the top web development tools is GitHub, this tool is created keeping in mind the needs and requirements of a web developer. This tool contains all the features that are required by web developers while creating any website or application.

Main Features:

  • This is a new generation web development tool with advanced features in it.
  • It places all the codes written by the developer in one single place.
  • It supports a variety of tools that smooths the whole process of creating a website.

9. JQuery

JQuery is the most commonly used JavaScript library by web developers while creating a web application or website. This is an easy to use web development tool that supports functionalities of various aspects. It is a free web development tool.

Main Features:

  • This tool is best for creating excellent documentation.
  • JQuery is an open-source website development tool.
  • The tool is available for free to all users.

10. Grunt

Another best web development tool is Grunt, it is a flexible and simple tool. This tool is capable of doing a high level of tasks very easily. It has multiple inbuilt features that make the process of creating a website simpler.

Main Features:

  • The tool is capable of performing tasks such as JS and JSON.
  • It reduces the possibility of occurring an error while doing repetitive tasks.
  • This tool speeds up the whole process of website development.

11. CodePen

CodePen is an HTML editor, mainly used for editing codes written in HTML language. The editor comes with a community of website developers when you can share, test and showcase your work. This tool is mainly used for testing the codes which are written in HTML language.

Main Features:

  • The tool is a free web development tool for all users.
  • It provides a community of developers with the same IT background.
  • The tool is best for short HTML codes.

12. Visual Studio Code

Next, we have Visual Studio Code on our list. It includes features like IntelliSense and debugging in-built in it. This web development tool is supported on most commonly used operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Main Features:

  • The main feature of this tool is that you can edit the codes from the editors.
  • The tool detects all the errors from the codes written and rectifies them if the codes are repetitive.
  • The user can customize the interface according to its requirements.

13. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is the best web development tool for both small and large businesses. It is a free open source tool, preferred by many web developers. The tool is used for developing websites and applications in HTML, CSS, and JS programming languages.

Main Features:

  • Some of the features of Sass are found in Bootstrap.
  • A responsive grid system is provided in this tool.
  • There are a number of templates available in the tool to make the website more creative.

14. TypeScript

Next on our list of the top web development tools is TypeScript. This is an open-source programming language tool. This is mainly used for the JavaScript programming language. It helps the web developers to use their existing JavaScript codes, it is a free web development tool available to all the users.

Main Features:

  • This tool allows the developers to use the latest and evolving features of JavaScript.
  • It is a free web development tool available for all users.
  • This tool supports all browsers and operating systems.

15. Sketch

Lastly, we have Sketch on our list of top web development tools. The tool comes with a smart layout, which helps the user to create a responsive and reusable component. One can find hundreds of plugins in the tool to create websites easily.

Main Features:

  • The tool has the feature of powerful vector editing.
  • The sketch is supported only on Mac OS.
  • It helps in turning wireframes into UI elements.

Conclusion on Best Web Development Tools

These are some of the best web development tools which one can use while creating or developing a website or web application. There are several other tools available on the internet but only some of them are mentioned in this article.

All the tools mentioned above are very useful and effective, these tools make work easy for web developers while creating a website or web application.

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