7 Best Real Estate Website Designs in 2023

7 Best Real Estate Website Designs in 2023

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 7 best real estate website designs in the 2023 market. 

Representing a property on a website is a very creative and responsible job. The picture of the property is not enough to sell it, your UX and brand identity also needs to speak for themselves. In real estate web design, trust is the key to getting leads. Therefore, you need to give your best to create a real estate website in order to get people’s attention and eventually get potential buyers.

The goals of a website depend on the type of business it is for, and there are various strategies you can use to attract buyers. Your website is your social proof as a real estate agent. Useful information and personable coordination, plus an easy-to-use interface for a smooth and straightforward user experience. Hence, today we are providing you with the best real estate website designs through which you can attract customers.

Top 7 Real Estate Web Designs in The 2023 Market

Below we have listed some of the most popular and practical real estate website designs that you can use.

1. Soflo Home

This is one of the best real estate website designs. SOFLO Home Realty is a company in South Florida that specializes in high-end properties and new homes. SOFLO has been in business for more than a decade and wants to help people achieve their dreams of having luxury homes.

The S3 Marketing Solutions built a high-end website that guides real estate agents, sellers, and potential buyers as well as makes sure transactions go as smoothly as possible. This was done to match the type of properties the company offers or works with.

Key Features Of Soflo Home

  • On-brand palette
  • Google maps integration
  • Realty carousel
  • Specialized in luxury properties
  • Experienced in the real estate industry

2. Anesis Estate

Anesis is one of the beautiful real estate website designs with a unique way to browse your way around. Full-screen navigation features will not only attract buyers but also put the focus on images and make the content easy to understand. When a user opens the page, a beautiful full-screen image grabs their attention right away.

These images are a quick way to show off how nice their homes are. The rest of the page has everything that should be on a real estate website. Attractive smooth-scrolling animations bring together floor plans, contact details, a map, a gallery, and everything else.

Key Features Of Anesis Estate

  • Provides full-screen navigation
  • Eye-catching animations
  • Uses fullPage.js for the scrolling effect
  • Offers every useful information
  • Customer support satisfaction

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3. Ryan Serhant

The company name is under Ryan Serhant himself, who is a reputable luxury real estate broker in New York. The reason behind having his name on every real estate list ever is that he is one of the best real estate website builders. Ryan knows what a real estate website needs to have in order to get more leads. His brokerage site, on the other hand, screams wealth and status.

There is no doubt that Serhant Brokerage is a mainstay of modern real estate. His website is a clear picture of success. The Serhant real estate website design has some great features that make it stand out. For example, each listing is detailed to match the Serhant Lifestyle Index.

Key Features Of Ryan Serhant Website

  • The website has a personal touch like distance from Michelin-rated restaurants, dog parks, etc.
  • User-friendly listing section
  • High-quality and vibrant images
  • Established and famous company in New York
  • The website is specially designed to show luxury properties

4. The New England Real Estate Company

If you have ever moved, you know how hard it is. No matter if you want a bigger place, are ready to purchase your first house, or need to move to a new city for a job, the process can be very stressful. As a real estate website creator, you should try to reduce this stress by making it as easy as possible to get around.

This is something that the New England Real Estate Company does very well. The search bar is in the middle, and the drop-down menu lets you search by neighborhood, school district, city, zip code, and various other location-specific info. The three CTAs make it easy to find extra help.

Key Features Of The New England Real Estate Company

  • Easy-to-use navigation features
  • You can search locations more specifically
  • Creative funnel and CTAs
  • Good visual balance
  • Well-constructed color palette

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5. Castell Management

Castell Real Estate Management is established in Brussels that offers a wide range of services, such as short-term rentals, brokerage, and management of real estate. The real estate website creator behind this simple, dynamic, and messaging-oriented, website is the branding and digital agency Atelier Design. It focused on spreading a message about its objectives and mission in a professional and clear manner.

Custom images that showcase their properties, and a lot of empty space help the written information stand out. The brand’s information is shown in a clear and appealing way through copywriting and visual style. Having these features allow the audience to connect with the brand easily and makes you one of the best real estate website builders. The user experience feels lively and professional because of the small changes and movements.

Key Features Of Castell Management

  • Well-defined concise structure and brand identity
  • Smart use of negative space and clean typeface
  • Breathtaking background visuals
  • Simple navigation and structure
  • Great use of brand colors

6. White Island

The White Island is a newly built real estate web design that shows the high-end areas of Saint Petersburg with well-developed infrastructures for entertainment, retail, socializing, and transportation. It has a lot of space for comfort, leisure, and safety in an under-developing part of the city.

The parallax effect on the White Island website, which was made by Bquadro with great skill, perfectly captures the district’s appeal. The idea behind this real estate website design isn’t just to show off how rich you are. Instead, it’s to make a place that is friendly to the environment, high-tech, and comfortable. The website combines all of these things in a way that makes it easy to use and raises the target audience’s awareness of the brand.

Key Features Of White Island

  • Intuitive scroll and navigation feature
  • Luxurious color palette
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Parallax effects
  • Cursor effects

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7. Speicher Group

Speicher aims for middle-class families by making reassuring claims and offering personal solutions, which make you feel like you’re in good hands. Other people who make real estate web designs talk about all the glam and glitz they will use to sell your home. It allows clients to send a request for a virtual or real-life tour while they are browsing.

The listing page is easy to use because it has a grid layout with information and details about the local demographics or lifestyle. This real estate website design is a great example of how copywriting can speak directly to an audience and help a real estate agent get more listings.

Key Features Of Speicher Group

  • Easy-to-identify CATs
  • Powerful examples of copywriting
  • Modern and clean design
  • Attractive page animation while navigating through the website
  • The choice of font is appealing

Wrapping Up: Top 7 Best Real Estate Website Designs

There is no need for thousands of dollars to make a real estate website that works smoothly and gets a lot of traffic. There are a lot of free and paid real estate website development platforms out there that will make it look like you hired a UX designer.

Hopefully, you get the best real estate web design you were looking for from the list shared in this article. Moreover, share your thoughts about this blog post in the comments section below. Also, subscribe to Firm Explorer for more informative blog posts like this one in the future.

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