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Top 10 Web Development & Design Trends in 2021

“75% of consumers nowadays use the internet for their every purpose”.

From online shopping to banking, education, recreation, gaming, news and the list goes on, people nowadays wander over the internet for every single requirement.

For the sake of convenience to their clients and scaling up the graphs of their sales, businesses are now heavily banking on enhancing their digital appearance (as per the market demands).

Whatever is the call, either revamping their old websites or creating a new one, companies are now more and more concerned with owning a full-fledged website that is capable enough to retain their clients to the company’s products and services.

Certainly, keeping up with the pace of the digital market is very important and this keeps the web developers on their toes regarding the latest trends in website development and designing.

Talking about the full-fledged and updated website, here are some most recent web designing and development trends that even the top web development companies are nowadays adopting:

Web Development Trends in 2021

Artificial Intelligence –

Make the website intelligent enough to handle the CRM. Yes, it is a possibility today and not only a possibility but it is proficiently working for the companies. AI in the form of Chatbots or Virtual Assistants is splendidly serving the customers with solutions to almost all their queries with recommendations, best buys/deals and whatnot.

Gartner has predicted that AI installed on the website will replace human expertise in nearly 85% of customer service conversations. Chatbots are available 24/7 and are much more professional than humans.

PWAs – The Era’s Need –

Websites that are refined enough to replace mobile applications. The implication of PWAs can easily be understood with the help of some examples like Uber, Twitter, Forbes, Pinterest, Ola and a lot more. Many big brands have already progressed to PWA websites and seen a considerable hike in their user engagement and sales. Above that, this lite version of the mobile apps requires less than 3% of the smartphone’s storage space.

JavaScript is Ruling –

No one prefers a mundane website. It’s like surfing through a book over the internet that has only information but is boring. Javascript coding helps induce more complex features to a website and make it interactive and user friendly. Like timely content updates, animated graphics 2D/3D, maps, and much more.

Demand for Angular 2 Elevates –

Angular 2 coding is an upper hand for dynamic websites. May it be the app or website it is capable of running on all the devices (mobile/desktop/laptop/tabs) if programmed with Angular2. Angular2 helps in creating and managing animation timelines which is one of the essentials for keeping the audience intact to a website.

PWAs using React.js –

An update to JS, react.js has been the bestseller of all times. Highly used in PWAs, the coding enhances the workability of a website as a native mobile application giving users the experience of a user-friendly web-app.

Dated back in 2013, the coding is now successfully adopted by many big names in the entertainment and social media industry. Facebook, Instagram to Netflix, Apple, Paypal are some among the league.

CyberSecurity is the must –

Websites nowadays to authenticate their users by asking for their basic details like phone number, address, email, etc. Well in the favor of the users these informational databases are to be secured. The feature needs to be on the priority list for websites seeking information from the clients such as e-commerce, social media, banking, educational, gaming, consultancy or any such website. Such sensitive data needs to be CONFIDENTIAL.

Web Designing Trends in 2021

Virtual Reality –

Your website creates a 3D environment with detailings just as a real image. The effects on the user’s screen are so real that he gets involved with what is actually a computerized 3D world. The feature is an asset for online shopping brands as they can give the actual vision of a product convincing the customer to buy them in the very first look. Big brands like Amazon already have the feature intact on their websites.

Color and Font Configuration –

First impression is the last impression. Don’t let your website be boring to the viewer. People often spend time on websites that are vibrant with eye-catchy appearance. Use pictures in the backgrounds but never dominate those images to kill the font. Harmony between the background and the font is a must.

Cinemagraphs –

A high-resolution photo with an element to life attracts more eyes than we could think. Very much like gifs but are comparatively less expensive and could be placed on any website whether its entertainment, educational, e-Commerce, or any other genre.

Motion User Interface UI –

Motion UI is a feature that brings a website to life. The background graphics, animated charts, hovers and attractive headers hovering around on your website. MUI is the most sought after Web Design nowadays. Not limited to an extravagant UI but while custom web development, it enhances the device’s computing capabilities to effortlessly execute the complex functions.

Authentic HD Photos –

Stock photography never helps in gaining visitors. The only way to attract eyeballs is to use authentic photos that show common people gaining benefits from your services. The photographs, taken exclusively for your website. Authentic photographs work wonders for customer engagement.

Card Designs –

Card designs are highly in demand when it comes to website design. They make the website look more organized, simple yet classic. The card design with a brief on a topic and a related picture is far more responsive than long content. Yes, the user has to dig into the content if he seeks more detailed information on the topic by clicking on the know more or view details tab. The feature is worthwhile for any website nowadays.

Bottom Line

As we bid adieu to 2020, these aforementioned trends have given us future goals for our websites. Stats have already revealed that websites using these current web development and designing trends have high customer views and less bounce-back rates. Many bigger players in the market have already adopted these techniques and are getting more user responses than ever.

Digital market has evolved a lot, even Google is also updating its algorithms for the websites to appear as a priority on its search list. A full-fledged and organic website is something that always ranks high and to stay ahead in the business one needs to definitely work on infusing new features and updates timely in their websites.

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