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Top 10+ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software | 2022 Reviews

If you have recently started your own business, it won’t be that difficult for you to manage your contacts and client’s information. However, every business dreams to grow further and scale itself on a larger level. As your business expands, it will become very difficult for you to keep a record of your client’s information in an organized way. If you try to keep a record of your customers using sticky notes, spreadsheets or text editors, chances are you will surely cause an error and end up being overwhelmed.

An increase in the number of potential clients is what every business wants. However with the increase in number of customers comes the challenge of keeping the track of their information in an organized manner. Traditionally, most businesses used to keep a track of their customer’s data in form of hand written or printed documents. This involved lots of paperwork and managing such a huge amount of documents was extremely difficult and used to cost the company a lot. However, now all of these problems can be easily managed using a CRM Software.

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List of Top 10+ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

zoho crm

Zoho CRM

Build everlasting customer relationships with the world’s favorite CRM

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Zoho CRM is a powerful and customized CRM and is ready for use without additional hardware or software installation that provides Sales, Marketing, and Support automation. Email and Email Marketing integration and third-party app integration such as accounting, ERP, and project makes the process completely automated. Also, it can analyze sales and marketing styles and key CRM metrics with reports and dashboards and Advanced Analytics work at low cost, Zoho is available for free and various other programs.



Your company, United (Free. Unlimited. Online.)

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Bitrix24 is one of the few free CRM programs where all the essential features are available for free - contact management, email marketing, telemarketing, sales reporting, product catalog, and many more. One can track. reminders, reports, templates, and more. Internet communication for communication and collaboration, videoconferencing, calendar, workspaces, documents, work, and internal tools in one place.



Designed to keep you selling

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One of the simplest software and simple CRM. It has a few features but all the essentials required for any modern CRM system. Pipedrive was the first CRM to provide viewing, drag, and drop pipeline views by many others who copied later. The best part of Pipedrive is the marketplace with powerful add-ons or combinations. There are many good combinations. Speaking of Pipedrive reviews then I would say it is a very powerful marketing software, which allows your marketing strategies to take it to another level.



Build, automate and scale your Vision

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Ontraport was founded by a team focused on CRM. It describes itself as "all in one automation software," offering "all your resources" and "all your information" in one place. While advertising itself as an email marketing tool, Ontraport actually offers a complete customer relationship management system, with contact campaign maps to plan and monitor customer communications.



The Simple, Smart CRM for Office 365 and G Suite Teams

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Nimble is the only CRM that creates automatic enrichment profiles from anywhere on the web. Just navigate beyond any name and the Nimble Prospector browser extension will bring relevant contact details, business details, and contact history to reduce your time spent on data entry.


CRM and email marketing that just Works

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Nutshell is a web and mobile customer service management (CRM) service. Contains web applications, as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. Nutshell is headquartered in the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Nutshell integrates with other SaaS services for small businesses, including G Suite, Office 365, Zendesk, MailChimp, and Wufoo. In March 2014, Nutshell discontinued integration with LinkedIn, in response to a ban on LinkedIn API access to CRMs, including Nutshell, Zoho, and Capsule.




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Apptivo is an all-in-one solution for all businesses that have a non-violent involvement. Expensive, customizable, accurate but powerful. Apptivo integrates with almost any app. In addition to our existing native integration, Apptivo has a powerful RestAPI that supports any complex and customizable integration.



Turn more leads into revenue

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The company’s goal is not just to close the gap between you and a potential customer, but to close the agreement itself. Turn off CRM will call itself a "Sales Communication Platform" sooner than real CRM. Its whole purpose is to enable users to make and receive more calls and emails than they would with any other piece of software on the market if you were in this type of thing. Close io provides approximately 24/7 access to support engineered technology.



Push the boundaries with NetHunt Gmail CRM

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NetHunt is a powerful CRM platform, especially useful for Gmail-based sales and marketing teams and other Google Workspace applications. With the recent launch of its Workflows feature, NetHunt has taken a leap from the powerful CRM system to a dedicated sales growth center.



The Unified CRM Platform

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With Insightly CRM, you can customize the standard sales process for communication, leadership, and opportunity management using custom fields and dynamic page layouts. Or, create something completely new using custom objects, custom applications, computed fields, and lambda functions. No task is too small, or the process is too complicated.

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM

Bring your CRM to the Future

(0 reviews), Inc. is an American software company based in San Francisco, California. It provides a customer relationship management (CRM) service and also provides a complete list of business applications focused on customer service, automated marketing, analytics, and application development.




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CRM marketing with automation stops getting jobs on your desk. Change the priority and management of your contacts so you have time to sell. Sometimes ordinary, handicrafts eat up on your calendar. Sometimes your contacts go out of your way. When you are able to change communication management, earn points, monitor deals and plumbing, and track activities, the deadline disappears. Automatic CRM marketing keeps your entire marketing process running smoothly.

hub spot crm

HubSpot CRM

Free CRM Software With Something for Everyone

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HubSpot is an American engineer and marketer of software products for incoming marketing, sales, and customer service. Hubspot was founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006. Its products and services are intended to provide customer relationship management tools, social media marketing, content management, leads, web analytics, search engines, live chat, and customer support.



Grow sales and save time with Automation

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Keap is an independent company that provides email marketing and marketing platform for small businesses, including customer management products, customer relationship management, marketing and e-commerce. Based in Chandler, Arizona. Keap offers an integrated email marketing platform for small business users.



Validity is your Ultimate CRM Toolkit

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DemandTools is Salesforce's leading data tools tool. In fact, it is a suite of modules for control, measurement, verification, duplication, import, and decryption of data. DemandTools allows you to update, resize, and / or compile duplicate CRM records.



Delight your customers and win them for life

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Freshworks CRM is an accurate software tool that enables your merchants to start selling from day one. It works out of the box so you can: Engage with customers on many platforms. Build valuable relationships with customers and prospects and gain insight into your business.


Sugar CRM

Get Busy Being Less Busy

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SugarCRM is a software company based in Cupertino, California. Produces the web application Sugar, a customer relationship management system (CRM). As of 2017, SugarCRM has reported more than two million users. Compact and durable, SugarCRM is the best CRM platform for any industry. Whether for the benefit of CRM in the healthcare industry, small businesses, financial services firms, or educational institutions, SugarCRM can be seen as a game-changer.



Discover a new way to run high-velocity sales

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LeadSquared is a cloud-based marketing solution and customer relationship management (CRM) solution for businesses of all sizes. With its seamless capture technology, LeadSquared enables users to capture leads from a variety of sources.

Buyer's Guide

The above-mentioned firms are undoubtedly the Best Game Development Companies in the market. While some of these software developing companies specifically focus on developing games for mobile phones, there are other game development companies too that develop games for both PC and mobile. These companies use strategic methodology to create unique games for the audiences and through brainstorming sessions decide what is best for the game development project. These companies are highly credible and reputed in the game development industry and well renowned for their professionalism and excellent quality results. All the above-mentioned game developing companies strike perfection and this is what makes them the top game development companies in 2022.

Firms Explorer after undergoing in-depth research has observed that these game developing companies have definitely opened up huge horizons of growth for all game developers and gamers out there. This has resulted in proliferation in the demand of Game Developing Companies and Gaming Gadgets producing companies. Now let’s answer some common queries before signing of.

What do you mean by Game Development?  

Game Development is the systematic procedure of creating, designing, coding, testing and launching a game on sundry gaming platforms. Game Development Companies generally comprise of industry specialists, designers, testers, finance managers, marketers and programmers. While this is the minimum requirement of experts for a game to be developed, it is not mandatory to appoint freelancers as one can hire a game developing company anytime. The efforts and energy in scrutinising correct professionals and then negotiating the payout scales with them could be channelized to head towards more productive work projects.

As opposed to hiring a game developing company, working individually could be a bit challenging as there can be dearth of correct personnel at a particular area and, the knowledge-base of the individual in that specific niche may not be sufficient enough to cope with that of enormous industry sharks. It is therefore, advised to seek help from the professionals, where chances of errors are the least. Another precedence of hiring a Game Development company is that the point of contact at all stages remains constant. Additionally, the cost of the project is pre-apprehended, so managing the funds becomes facile and undemanding.

What Are different Stages involved in Game Development?

As exciting as it may sound, developing a game is not that simple. It involves a lot of diligence, consistency, the zeal to overcome failures, and the ability to come up with solutions in a strenuous situation. Precision has to be adhered to at each and every stage in order to attain the desired results. The procedure of game development, as the experts would opine, involves sundry stages. These stages have been enclosed in 5 major stages to encapsulate the gist of it. In order to have a finer apprehension of the procedure that most of the game developing companies inculcate in their strategies formulation, follow the given the list of different stages involved in game development:-

  1. Planning: - The first and foremost step in any software development project is to prepare a detailed blueprint of the project through copious yet delirious sessions with the team. The planning process requires a lot of questioning and then carving out the blueprint of the game development project on the basis of the audience to be targeted, the type of game that is being built up, budget of the project, and finally deducing the releasing platforms for it.
  2. Pre-production: This stage involves working on the intricate details of the project, like articulating a storyline, creating the revenue target or maybe an entire framework setup on the basis of which the game would progress. One also looks up at the technological requisites and focuses on prototyping the game. Milestones are also decided at this stage.
  3. Production: This is the stage where the game actually begins to exist. The designers commence formulating the layout and design of the game. They further coordinate with the programmer, who in turn, initiates the coding process. The rewards for winners, routes/rules for levelling up in the game, user-engagement enhancing features, audio-visual effects and furthermore physical and local parameters are finalised.
  4. Testing: At this stage the game is monitored and the functionality of it is tested. The compatibility of the game, its ability to attract and maintain audience, the level of hardness of the game, and the features of the game are monitored at this stage. After the approval of the tester, the game gets hot for trot. Finally it will be launched after rectifying the suggested errors.
  5. Pre-Launch: In this stage the beta versions of the game are set in motion to identify further bugs in the game. Audience’s response is gingerly monitored and then the marketing team creates hype for the game for the actual launch. The team cautiously ensures that the game reaches out to the targeted audience optimally.
  6. Launch: One last time before the game has debuted, it is the job of the tester to detect major bugs in the game and then work in coordination with the programmer for eradicating the major bugs first and then the minor bugs. The polishing of the game is concluded then the final structure of the game is analysed. Ultimately, the game is released in the market. Now the ball is in the audience’s court.

Best Programming Languages for Game Development in 2022

Once we are acquainted with the stages of Game Development that major Game Development Companies follow, it becomes more intriguing to find out which Programming languages do they use for developing exciting games. After all, gaining technical knowledge in the game development industry could be advantageous. You can anytime leverage this knowledge to crack an assignment project or close a deal with a prominent game developing company. You can also test the efficiency of the programmers whenever you wish to hire game developers of top notch quality for your organisation.

Now, if you are thinking of opting for video game programming as your profession and struck at a situation where you cannot decide which language you should learn first, then the list given below will definitely help you analyses all the programming languages and then decide for yourself. The most frequently used programming languages by the game development companies are:

  1. C++: It is one of the most commonly used game programming languages. The game has many advantages right from its superior features that enable you to optimise special parts to a very high level to providing direct control over hardware and graphical processes.
  2. Java: With its commendable versatility and availability of wide range of open-sources, Java is one of the best programming languages for beginners. It is highly compatible for debugging, compiling and learning.
  3. HTML5: HTML5 is another popular programming language which is preferred by top game designers from Top Game Development companies. The game can be interchangeably used with JavaScript and has been the first preference of the game developers for its ultimate gaming engines features.
  4. JavaScript: Well known for its integration with web technologies, JavaScript is another most commonly used programming language for game development. It is usually used in combination with HTML, which enhances the scope of variation in the game.
  5. Python: Last but not the least, the programming language which is gradually gaining popularity in the gaming industry is Python. Commonly used by beginners for its user-friendly approach and runs on OPP principals.

Apart from the above mentioned programming languages, there are other languages such as Unreal Script, Lua and C#, which have been used to prototype games.

Exploring Different Types of Game Development

When we talk about games, then there are numerous niches that one has to choose from. Narrowing down to one particular niche determines the entire course of action that will take place in future. There are different types of games in the market, from puzzles, to role-play to action oriented games. Therefore, before commencing anything, it should be the first priority of the creator to decide the type of game she/he wants to create. Given below are some of the types of Game Development options that one should definitely consider before diving into it.

  1. Action games: These are the games that stimulate the violent side of the users. As scary as it may sound, these are one of the most popular games and are widely preferred by the youth. Actions games require a lot of spontaneity; hence programmers should focus on challenging the reflexes of the players. For example, Donkey Kong or Galaga.
  1. Action-adventure games: These games generally incorporate two elements; one is the action and the other one is a quest or a destination to be reached to win the game. These types of games are extremely engaging once they incorporate an engaging storyline and mind blowing graphics.
  1. Simulation games: Focusing on creating virtual reality or real life like situations in the game, Simulation games are created to customize and awestruck the users. It is their unique features that interests a lot of people and therefore, creates hype for these games in the market.
  2. Sports games: As the name suggests these are games which are based on a particular sport. For example, cricket or football or pool. These games are purely interest based and therefore, only those who are fans of cricket will love to download this game. But it has been observed that a person may develop interest in a particular sport after playing the virtual game.
  3. Puzzle games: These are the most challenging games. They channel the energy from each and every cell in your brain. The audiences for such games are the ones who like to challenge their intellectual capabilities and hence activate their dead brain cells through these games.

Top Game Development Engines to Work With

Since you have decided your programming language, it is time to assemble all the parts of your game and launch it for the world to enjoy. And if you are facing a dilemma where you can’t decide the correct development engine for you’re here is a list of top 5 development engines for games.

  1. RPG Maker : This engine is one of the best game development engines at present. The engine is user friendly and has additional advance tabs that can make your work easy if you wish to work on details.
  2. MUGEN : This is a 2D fighting genre game developing engine which is best suited for developing action games as well as action-adventure games. It is easy to create and work on characters thereby leveling them up. It could a handy task with this game development engine.
  3. Adventure Game Studio : With focusing on point and click action games genre, this is a brilliant development engine at present. If point and click is the main action involved in your game then this could be the best choice.
  4. GameMaker : This game development engine has advanced design and enables you to work more flexibly on the layout of your game. You can further dive into advanced coding for some features in your game else, you can just use minimal coding format and enjoy working.
  5. Gamebryo : For all the experts out there who wish to work on a robust game development engine, this could be your chance. Gamebryo has advanced features that let you work effectively thereby ensuring that the game development is a huge success.

Factors that can Affect Game Development Cost

Well, nothing comes free. Everything has a price tag attached to it, so does the entire process of Game Development. As a game developing company, budgeting has to be involved in the first stage of your project. However, there are a lot of factors than can hinder smooth budgeting or can affect the budgeting process of your project. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to take into account these factors before making a budget plan. As we have discussed earlier, in order to ensure smooth functioning you should consider the following factors which are given below:

  1. Type and Size of the Game: If you have defined blueprint where the type and size of your game has been specified then you are doing it right. It is important to ascertain the type and size of your game. This is what top game development companies do. In this way you can find out the approximate cost of developing a game and then prepare the budget and allocate funds to other things accordingly.
  2. Platforms and Devices: If you are planning to be launching a game, it is a requisite to determine the number of platforms and types of devices you would wish to launch your game on. Rationally speaking, launching game for only android and iOS devices would be cheaper than that of launching it for both PC (Windows and Mac) and Mobile (android and IOS).
  3. Design: If the design of the game is quite exquisite then the price that you will have to pay will also be exceptional. More realistic design would lead to more efforts and therefore, more payment to the designers.
  4. Features and Functionality: More are the functionalities and features; the more will be the cost. Therefore, it is advised to be precised when it comes to adding features and functionalities in your game. Unnecessary features will only up to your cost and won’t affect the user.
  5. Maintenance and Marketing: This is the area where most of the cost cutting could be done. You can anytime decide to launch your game on certain platform and start promoting it enthusiastically. Also, maintenance of the game post launching is another cost that you should consider only after monitoring customers’ response and their feedback.

What is the cost of Game Development?

One of the most important tasks that you should do before hiring any Game Development company is to do your own research. You should be aware of the market trends and current prices and the fluctuation rate. Your budget should definitely have some surplus amount in case of any mishap. The cost of developing a game depends upon your requirements and the type of game that you wish to make. On an average, the cost of developing seasoned games is $40-$70 per hour for the technical work and resource planning. However the overall cost that a Game Development company charges for creating a game are as follows:

Game Development companies charge $5K- $10k for developing a Mini Game, whereas they may take $20k-$40k for developing a simple 2D Game. While some game development companies charge, $40k-$100K to develop a game with moderate complexities, the prices can rise to $80-$200k when the complexities increase and you wish to create a more complex game.  While these are some of the basic prices, the actual prices may vary from country to country depending upon the availability of the professionals and the on-going eco-political situations in the country. You can anytime outsource the work but beware of the fraudulent and malpractices.

How to Shortlist Top Game Development Companies for Your Game?

Well deciding your gaming partner could be a challenging task as it is going to affect your goodwill in the market as well as your financial status. Therefore, choosing the correct Game Development Company is a significant task. A lot of things will be at stake!

In order to make this difficult task easy for you, we have come up with some suggestions that you should definitely consider before hiring a game development company.

  1. Reputation of the Company: You do not know the company personnel personally, so the only way to analyze their credibility is by looking at its reputation in the market. By critically studying the clients’ reviews about the company and the game developing designers, you can very conveniently determine the potential of the company and therefore, can decide if you wish to collaborate with the company or not.
  2. Portfolio: A company’s portfolio is like a manipulated report card of a company. The company will try to project its undertaken programs as boastfully as possible. With keen observation and understanding of the industry you can determine if that’s actually worth it or not. Not everything mentioned in the portfolio is a lie: but it’s always safe to do your own research.
  3. Cost and Experience: Cost and experience can one of the deciding factor as experienced professional will deliver quality results but with higher prices. On the other hand, freshers would do the same work at an economical price, but may or may not deliver quality results. Therefore, striking a balance between experience and price should be your priority. Attaining sustainability through excellence should be the motto.

Wrapping Up

The companies are ever-evolving and especially in Game Development companies. It has become obligatory to update the technology and skill-personnel ordinarily. Firms Explorer is aware of this fact and therefore has made a list of the best Game Developing companies. The companies mentioned in the above list have to qualify specific Firm Explorer’s parameters to get enlisted above. Compromise on any parameter is not entertained by the talented team of Firms Explorer.

Firms Explorer lays down several qualifying parameters thereby short-listing only the best Game Development Companies that are resourceful and ardent towards achieving higher goals. They have set the bars quite high for their competitors.

If you are an aspiring Game Development company willing to get enlisted on our list of leading Game Development Companies, then you can connect with us via email. Our experts will get in contact with you. And if you are a potential client looking for the best Game Development company, then go through the list thoroughly.