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With the tech revolution booming, all over the world. The scene of gaming programming language has completely changed. Thanks to Python and its game development frameworks.  Python is one of the most used languages for game development. Most of the trending and viral games are made by using Python and its frameworks. PUBG, Flappy Bird, and Candy Crush, to name a few.

Python frameworks for gaming and game development have been giving a helping hand to creating amazing games with next-level functionalities and futuristic controls. With the increased number of smart devices and internet connectivity, the gaming industry achieved a new milestone.

The best Python game development framework allows developers around the world to create lovable games whether in 2D, 3D, or VR. Python frameworks can do it all. There are many available languages which are used by game development companies, but Python is trusted the most to create addictive games which can drive revenue with ease.

List of Top Python Frameworks for Game Development

As there are different medicines available for different diseases, there are different frameworks available for different game development needs. One should opt for Python frameworks for game development as per the features and functionalities they want to put in their game. Top Python frameworks for game development are:

1. Pygame

Pygame is an open-source Python game development framework that contains cross-platform modules in Python used for writing video games.

It contains graphics and sound libraries that can be integrated with Python language.

Pygame was originally written to replace stalled PySDL. It is one of the best Python frameworks for game development that you can use.

Notable Features of Pygame:

  • Allowed game developers to use a high-level programming language like Python, to structure the game.
  • Contains vector math, collision detection, 2D sprite scene graph management, and so on.
  • Applications created by Pygame can run on android and tablets using Pygame Subset for Android (pgs4a).

Visit – Pygame

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2. Pyglet

Pyglet is one of the most popular Python frameworks for gaming. Pyglets supports windows, full-screen, and as well as multiple monitors.

This framework can be used to handle multiple user-interface events in one go. It’s released under the BSD license.

Piglets can be used to create games and other multimedia applications that can run on Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, and so on.

This best Python game framework also allows video, sound, and images of different formats natively and its capabilities can be enhanced by using an additional AVbin plugin.

Notable Features of Pyglets:

  • Uses libav package to support multiple audio formats including mp3, Ogg, Windows Media Audio, and so on.
  • Can handle multiple Windows at once.
  • More audio and video formats can be accessed using the AVbin plugin.

Visit – Pyglet

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3. Kivy

Kivy is on a boost in popularity among game developers in recent times. The gaming industry is loving Kivy because of its innovative user interfaces, cross-platform accessibility, and well-written API.

It contains impressive input support for mouse, keyboard, TUI( tangible user interface), and other OS-centric multi-touch events.

A plethora of widgets that support multi-touch and a vast graphic library is also there to satiate your game development needs.

Notable Features of Kivy:

  • Cross-platform accessibility among Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • Great input support for various input devices.
  • Developers can also design their own custom widgets using an intermediate language.

Visit – Kivy

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4. Panda3D

Panda3D is one of the most efficient frameworks and 3D engines that is written in C++ programming language with a set of Python bindings.

This framework can be automatically generated by developers which means that the framework is always up-to-date and complete. Use this best Python framework to develop highly advanced games.

Panda3D supports automatic shader generation which means you can use maps, glow maps, gloss maps, cartoon shading, and even more without actually writing them. Great, isn’t it?

Notable Features of Panda3D:

  • Supports advanced features like shaders, stencils, and render-to-texture.
  • Emphasizes extreme stability and robustness.
  • Panda3D is open-source and provides cross-platform accessibility.

Visit – Panda3D

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5. Ren’Py

Ren’Py is getting popular as a gaming engine used to create visual novels and life simulation games. That helps the developers to narrate interactive stories on Windows as well as mobile devices.

The creators use images, sounds, texts, and renders to tell a story. It can also be used for telling large stories with thousands of renders and even animations.

It’s an easy-to-learn framework for game development with Python scripting available for complex simulation games.

Notable Features of Ren’Py:

  • Easy to learn script which can be used to tell interactive stories.
  • One can integrate videos, images, and texts to spice up the tale.
  • Visual novel engine trusted and used by thousands of developers all across the country.

Visit – Ren’Py

6. Arcade

Arcade is also the best Python framework and is an easy-to-learn Python-based gaming engine that should be preferred by anyone who wants to create fun, interactive, 2D games without learning any complex frameworks.

Arcades allow game developers to create a game with graphics, sounds, and a modern toolset for rendering a great gaming journey.

Notable Features of Arcade:

  • It is based on Arcade as well as OpenGL.
  • Arcade is an easy-to-learn gaming framework.
  • One can integrate sounds, graphics, and UI to create an amazing game.

Visit – Arcade

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7. Python-Ogre

Python-Ogre is the binding of Python and OGRE(Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine), a 3D engine. Python Ogre was created with the intent to integrate the efficiency of the OGRE 3D engine with the availability and user-friendly features of the Python programming language. It was done to make sure that the development speed boosts and also to ease the process of making 3D games.

Another motive was to increase the availability of the OGRE engine to beginners who may otherwise have to fight with the technicalities of writing in C++.

The ogre engine renders lower performance than of original C++ demos but the original OGRE engine is more powerful and provides enhanced performance.

But, the performance of Python Ogre is more than acceptable among game developers. However, it can’t be used for highly graphic-intensive games.

Notable Features of Python Ogre: 

  • Cross-platform support for all platforms that supports OGRE.
  • Effects like the particle universe and Caelum are used to create realistic weather and atmosphere.
  • Lib noise is an open-source noise generator that runs consistent noises.

Visit – Python-Ogre

8. Cocos2d

Game developers opt for Cocos2d Python game framework when developing 2D games, demos, and graphical applications with a gamut of exciting features.  It is a high-end game development engine with rich features like GUI, audio, physics, user input, and so on. Its core is written in C++ and it supports game development in multiple languages such as Lua, JavaScript, etc.

Flow control is much easier with Cocos2d, you can easily manage the flow of scenes with it.  Cocos2d also possesses a built-in Python interpreter that helps the developers with debugging.

Cocos2d supports Android, Windows, and macOS systems with a focus on native mobile platforms.

Notable Features of Cocos2d:

  • Transitions are available to help the user move from scene to scene in a classy style.
  • Lots of documentation is available to make you familiar with this engine.
  • Many built-in classes are available to create menus.

Visit – Cocos2d

9. PyOpenGL

PyOpenGL is an open-source and most common Python game framework which is an addition of binding Python to OpenGL and other related APIs.

The binding was created by using standard c-types libraries and is licensed under BSD style open-source license.

PyOpenGL supports OpenGL v1.1 to 4.4 GLES 1 to 3.1 (Experimental), GLU, EGL, WGL, GLX, GLUT, FreeGLUT, and so on.

PyOpenGL is operable with thousands of GUI libraries for Python; OSMesa, Raspberry Pi BCM, and Tkinter, to name a few.

Notable Features of PyOpenGL:

  • There are many 3D associated libraries available for use with Python.
  • Includes audio libraries of Python like PyGame, Raw XLib, and PyQt.

Visit – PyOpenGL

10. Soya 3D

Soya 3D is an over-degree framework of Python used for creating 3D videos, and video games.  This game engine is open-source and free to use.

Soya 3D is licensed under GPL( General Public License). Soya 3D is a multi-platform-based framework that focuses on game development on various platforms. The games developed using this engine can be run on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, and so on.

Using this framework is easy to use and simple to learn. Documentation is robust and can help a newbie to turn into a professional in some time. Soya 3D can be considered one of the best Python frameworks for game development.

The main aim of this framework is to encourage amateur game developers to develop sophisticated 3D games completely using Python programming language.

Notable Features of Soya 3D:

  • Simple and easy-to-use Python game framework.
  • Fully focused on rapid game development.
  • It includes terrains, particle systems, animation support, shaders, and so on.

Visit – Soya 3D

Final Words: Best Python Frameworks for Game Development 

So, these were some top Python frameworks for game development. Most of the frameworks mentioned here are open-source and free to use.  Different frameworks work for different game development needs and you should opt for a framework, accordingly. We’ve mentioned Python game development frameworks for every requirement, you should opt for the one that matches your taste and requirements.

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