Top Mobile App Development Companies in United Kingdom (UK)

Are you in search of top mobile app development companies in the UK? Then, FirmsExplorer can help you hire top mobile app developers in UK. Do you have an idea regarding the software you want to design? Are you struggling to reach out to a reliable service provider in the UK? Don’t panic, FirmsExplorer is here to help you out. Researchers at FirmsExplorer have shortlisted a few legal and popular custom app development companies in the UK. Each mobile app development company in the UK has ranked based on their previous software projects, organic clients reviews, industry-based quality, overall work experience, and proficiency in software development. The list of best app development companies in United Kingdom has been prepared after thorough research of FirmsExplorer’s research team. These companies claim to be the best service provider in order to increase your business value in the marketplace. Now, hire best app developers in UK with the help of a provided list of the best custom app development companies in UK, and turn your visualization into a real-time software project.

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List of Top Mobile App Development Companies in United Kingdom - Reviews 2022

Buyer's Guide

So, these were some of the best mobile app development companies in United Kingdom. You can choose the ideal one that suits all of your business and project requirements. Now, here are some frequently asked questions that help you hire the best app developers in UK. 

How Vast is the App Developer Market in UK? 

In the current era of technology, the app development niche has seen an immense boom. Both small, as well as big enterprises, prefer to invest in creating applications to make a powerful mobile appearance. Consequently, maximized the demand for mobile app developers in United Kingdom. 

According to the recent survey conducted by IBISWorld, the growth is likely to happen around £15.4 billion in the UK app development realm through 2020-2021, with an increased rate of 20.4% annually.  

What are the Leading Mobile App Development Languages in the UK? 

Talking about an app development language's demand, it completely depends on its robustness, uniqueness, and friendly interface. Yet another major factor that is considered utmost is the compatibility of the language with the operating system. As per the reports by StatCounter, the mobile operating system industry in the UK holds 48.15% Android users and 50.64% iOS users. Going through every crucial factor, we have below listed are the most engaged app development languages in UK:

  • Python 
  • Java
  • JavaScript 
  • Kotlin 
  • Swift 

What Does App Developers Costs in the UK? 

A mobile app development cost relies on the complexity as well as platform type of the app you want to develop. Professional researchers at FirmsExplorer brought out a bit of concept regarding a mobile app development survey time and cost. 

  • To develop an app for iPhone in the UK the value can be in-between $60 - $75 per hour. 
  • Likewise, Android mobile app development in the UK costs around $60 - $73 per hour. 
  • For a Hybrid platform, the costs are estimated in between $55 - $75 per hour. 

So that was all about the platforms, now let's discuss the complexity of the application. 

Basic/ Simple App: Basic features possessed app costs from $23k - $55K. 

Average App: A medium complexity app can approximately charge $33K - to $76K. 

Complex App: Highly advanced and standardized apps can be created by spending around $90K. 

Corporations are suggested to go through every aspect mentioned in the contract and then ask if there are any add-on charges for particular services, before agreeing on the contract. 

How to Hire Best App Developers in the UK? 

Every company claims to offer professional app development services, but not all of them are worth trying. Below are the numerous points that must be considered while choosing the app developers in the United Kingdom: 

  • Client reviews/ feedbacks. 
  • Company’s portfolio. 
  • Team. 
  • Project’s cost. 
  • Agreement.

FirmsExplorer’s Research Process: 

To develop a top-notch mobile app it is quite necessary to hire a top-notch mobile app development company in UK. To realize this quest, FirmsExplorer helps prospective clients to find their dream company for their dream project. 

The elite firms that have gotten listed on our 'directory' are evaluated using the robust and precise Firmsexplorer's research methodology. Our research methodology evaluates a company on different fundamental and technical factors. This list of top mobile app development companies in the UK has been formulated after considering the company's app development expertise, knowledge, market penetration, and experience in the custom development of apps. Then, our research team further takes reviews and feedback from these companies’ past clients. 

After precise and lengthy research, our 'expert' team of elite researchers has concluded that the companies listed in the top mobile app development companies in the UK have exuded unparalleled results in the domain of custom app development. These companies have moved mountains to meet their clients' expectations, rather the company has a local or global presence. 

FirmsExplorer always invites new and promising app development companies who've got the guts to survive in the market, should register themselves with Firmsexplorer's "Research" section.