How To Fix ASUS Laptop Black Screen Issue On Windows 10,11

How To Fix ASUS Laptop Black Screen issue On Windows 10,11

If you are facing the ASUS laptop black screen Windows 10/11 issue, then this article will provide you with some of the best and most convenient methods to get rid of it within minutes.

Having a black screen or Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) are two of the most annoying issues for a Windows user. Over time, we have found that many users have reported that their Asus laptop screen not turning on issue. There are various reasons that can cause this problem on your laptop, but with the help of this article, you can resolve each one of them pretty easily.

Apart from fixing the black screen error on your laptop, we are also going to point out some possible causes. Therefore, without wasting any more of your time, let’s take a look at some of the most effective and efficient solutions to solve the Asus black screen issue on your Windows 11/10 devices. But before jumping on to the troubleshooting methods, take a look at some common factors causing this problem.

Most Common Reasons Causing The Asus Black Screen Issue

Check out the different factors that can cause the Asus laptop black screen Windows 11/10 problem.

  • Hardware damage (broken screen)
  • Loose or damaged connection cables
  • Outdated BIOS
  • Malware or virus
  • Outdated graphics/display drivers

Now, as you have looked at the common reasons that can cause the Asus laptop screen not turning on issue, let’s try out the solutions to get rid of it.

Different Solutions To Fix Asus Laptop Black Screen Windows 10/11

Below we have a list of methods and approaches that you can implement in order to solve the Asus black screen problem.

Solution1: Check For Hardware-Related Issues

The most common reason behind issues like the Asus laptop screen not turning on is not having a proper connection. Hence, the first thing you should do is go check to see if the cable is loose or not connected. Please plug the cable out and then back in. Then, you should try pressing Function and F7 keys at the same time on the keyboard to see if the screen responds.

Depending on the type of laptop, the shortcut key for the screen-sharing function might differ. If you don’t know exactly what to press, look it up online, read the user manual, or call ASUS’s support team. Also, please check to see whether your laptop is dry and clean or not. If everything looks fine and in working condition and still the Asus black screen persists, move on to the next solution shared below.

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Solution2: Forcibly Shutdown Your Asus Laptop To Fix Asus Laptop Black Screen Issue

The most common thing Windows users do when they face any sort of error on their Windows PC is to restart the computer. But, while facing the Asus black screen issue, when the laptop display won’t turn on, the only way to restart your system is to shut down the system forcibly. After that, you can start your PC again. Here are the proper instructions to do so on an Asus laptop.

Step1: Eject all the connected peripherals and external computer devices.

Step2: Tap and hold the power button of your Asus laptop for around 10 to 20 seconds.

Step3: Remove the battery of your laptop and disconnect the AC adapter.

Step4: Press the power button for almost 60 seconds.

Step5: Connect the battery and the charger back to your system.

Step6: Start the system by pressing the power button.

Now observe if the Asus laptop black screen issue has got fixed or not. If not, then try out the next solution shared below.

Solution3: Update Your Display Or Graphics Driver

There are various methods with which you can easily update your Windows graphics drivers. Keeping your Windows drivers updated will prevent your laptop from issues and errors like Asus black screen. However, all the manual methods take a long period of time to get the job done. Therefore, the best method is to update your drivers with the help of a driver updater tool.

For you, we would like to recommend the Bit Driver Updater application, which is considered one of the best driver updater programs in the market. This program is intelligently programmed to help users download and install the latest WHQL-certified drivers with just a couple of clicks. Some other benefits of using this program on your Windows device are shared below:

  • Integrated task scheduler
  • Driver backup and restore properties
  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • User-friendly interface
  • Brings updates from trusted sources

Steps to fix Asus laptop black screen issue using the Bit Driver Updater tool:

Follow the steps below in order to download and install the latest version of the Bit Driver Updater program on your Windows device.

Step1: Click on the download link below to get the most recent version of the Bit Driver Updater app.


Step2: Click to open the package file and then, follow the instructions on the setup wizard window to successfully install it. After that, launch the application and it will start a deep scan process to find the outdated drivers.

Step3: Now, a list of drivers will be shown to you, click on the Update All button to update all the drivers simultaneously.
Bit Driver Updater will scan your PC

Solution4: Fix Asus Laptop Black Screen By Restarting The Explorer.exe Process

When you use your computer, various tasks are running in the background. But, among them, some tasks manage and affect the overall functioning of your PC. explorer.exe is one of them. It is responsible for the taskbar, desktop, and lots of other running processes on your laptop.

Hence, sometimes the improper functioning of the explorer.exe task can also result in the Asus laptop black screen issue. However, you can resolve it by restarting the task. To do so, follow the instructions shared below:

Step1: Press the Control + Shift + Escape keys togetherly to open the Task Manager window.

Step2: On the Task Manager’s window, go to the Processes tab.

Step3: Now, look for the “explorer.exe” process, then right-click on it, and select the End Task option.
go to the explorer.exe Process tab then right-click on it, and select the End Task option.

Step4: After that, restart your computer.

Once you are done booting up your system, check to see if performing this task helped you fix the problem. If the Asus laptop screen black but computer on issue is still there, try to update your BIOS.

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Solution5: Repair And Update Your Computer’s BIOS

If your Asus laptop screen goes black but still running, it is directly related to the BIOS. A corrupted or outdated BIOS can cause a lot of trouble on your PC. Therefore, you need to update or repair it on your own.

First, let’s check what to do if you have recently updated the BIOS and started facing the issue. If your BIOS gets corrupted, then you must try resetting it to the default factory version. Follow the below steps to repair your BIOS manually.

Step1: Restart your Asus laptop

Step2: Press F2 or F12 key on your keyboard multiple times after seeing the Asus logo on your screen. Press the keys until the system shows Entering Setup.

Step3: Now press the F9 key.

Step4: After that, exit the BIOS by pressing the Esc key.
BIOS setup utility

Step5: Choose Save and Exit.

Step6: Hit the Enter key and exit the BIOS.

Step7: Restart your computer again.

If you have not updated the BIOS since a long time ago, then we advise you to update it with the latest version. You can use the instructions below to update them as soon as possible.

Step1: Use the Windows and R key of your keyboard to open the Run utility.

Step2: Type “msinfo32” in the search box.

Step3: Click on the OK button.

Step4: Note the BIOS Version/Date.
Note the BIOS Version DateStep5: Visit Asus’s support page.

Step6: Look for an appropriate BIOS update and download it.
BIOS update and download

Step7: Install the BIOS update.

After finishing the process, restart the computer, and the Asus Laptop Screen Black But Computer On issue will be resolved.

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Fixed: How To Fix Asus Laptop Black Screen Windows 11/10 Issue

So, this is how you can get rid of the Asus laptop screen not turning on issue. We usually prefer to update device drivers as it helps to resolve various problems on Windows PC. Hence, no matter what method works for you, always keep your drivers up to date, and Bit Driver Updater can help you with that. Moreover, if you are facing any difficulty following the methods shared above, share them in the comments box below.

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