How to Fix Bluetooth Not Working on Mac

How to Fix Bluetooth Not Working on Mac (Step by Step)

The Bluetooth connectivity doesn’t work, and you don’t even know How to Fix Bluetooth Not Working on Mac. This can be frustrating when you enable Bluetooth and share files between your Mac and iOS devices. This guide is all about letting you help in that, so stay here and keep reading.

There are many reasons Bluetooth may be slow, not working, or just not being recognized.

Most Mac users know how frustrating it can be when that piece of technology doesn’t work as smoothly as it should. Here is a quick tutorial on what to do if you’re experiencing any of these problems. As always, remember to back up your data before doing any troubleshooting. Also, You can ‘find and fix Bluetooth problems on Windows PC‘ with some ib built programs. Here’s what you need to know.

A Quick Step by Step Guide to Fix Bluetooth Not Working on Mac

Before you head to Fix Bluetooth Not Working on Mac, try this recommended method to fix bugs issues that may cause your Bluetooth not to work.

The Most Advisable Method to Fix Bluetooth Not Working on Mac—MacKeeper

It is vital to keep your device clean and Malware free now and then. If it is just not an issue of ‘Bluetooth won’t turn on Mac,’ there are undoubtedly many other problems that your Mac device might be facing.

MacKeeper is one of the most trustable software for Mac users to fix their Mac-related issues. Download MacKeeper to clean up your Mac device and fix Bluetooth not working on Mac’s problem.

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1. Reconnect your Bluetooth device if fix Bluetooth Not Working on Mac

Sometimes your ‘Macbook pro-Bluetooth not working’ and you look for a quick fix. It is possible just by forgetting and reconnecting your Bluetooth. Sometimes due to some minor bugs, your Bluetooth does not connect to your Mac, and you can’t help with it. Follow the underneath steps to fix Bluetooth not working on Mac.

  • Go to System Preferences.
  • Choose Bluetooth.
    bluetooth in system preferences
  • Choose one of your Bluetooth devices to remove.
  • Click on the X icon on the right panel, make sure you want to remove the device.
    remove bluetooth device in mac
  • You can repeat the above steps to do the same with other Bluetooth devices.

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2. Fix Bluetooth Not Working on Mac by Deleting the Bluetooth Preferences

Bluetooth preference issue might be one of the reasons for ‘Macbook pro-Bluetooth not working.’ when your PTLS files get damaged over time, it causes many wireless connection errors. Let see how to fix this below:

  • Launch the Finder.
  • Select Go.
  • From the menu bar, go to the Folder.
  • Type Library/preference.
  • Enter on Go.
    Go to Library - preference folder in mac
  • Locate the files“”

Note: it is possible that you may not have both.

  • Back up these files to keep a safe copy. To do so—drag them to the desktop.
  • Again in Finder, put the Bluetooth preference file you want to remove.
  • Put your Mac Administrator Password.
  • Reboot your Mac now.

If your ‘Bluetooth not available on Mac, drag the PLIST file from your desktop back into the Preferences folder and choose Replace the previous file. This will restore your Bluetooth settings to their previous state.

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3. Restart Mac and Bluetooth Device if Bluetooth Not Working on Mac

It is the fundamental step that you are advised often when your PC does not respond. On the other hand, you can use any ‘Mac cleaner and optimizer app‘ to fix this. However, try restarting your Bluetooth or Mac device if your ‘Macbook pro Bluetooth not working.’

  • Open the Apple menu on your Mac device.
  • Click on Restart.
    Bluetooth debug three option on mac
  • Confirm the step.
  • Follow the device’s instructions to turn off the Bluetooth device.

4. Debug Bluetooth Connection when ‘Bluetooth Not Working on Mac’

Finally, let your Mac forget all of the Bluetooth devices ever used and re-configure them. However, to guarantee that you don’t lose any crucial Bluetooth data, you should make a backup of your Mac beforehand.

The location of the Debug menu depends on the operating system installed on your Mac.

Follow these instructions to show the Debug menu if you’re using macOS Big Sur or later:

  • From the menu bar, select Control Center.
  • On the keyboard, pull down Shift + Option.
  • Click the word Bluetooth by holding both keys.
  • Under your Mac’s Bluetooth information, you’ll see three Debug choices.
    Bluetooth debug option appear on mac

Follow these instructions to expose the Debug menu if you’re using macOS Catalina or earlier:

  • Go to System Preferences.
  • Select Bluetooth.
  • Turn on the option to Show Bluetooth in the menu bar
  • Press Shift + Option keys
  • While holding both keys, click the Bluetooth icon.
  • Glide the mouse over the Debug option.

Once you open the Debug option, you will see these three options:

  • Reset the Bluetooth module
  • Factory reset all connected Apple devices
  • Remove all devices
    Three bluetooth debug option in Mac

Try every step for your better assistance. Reconnect your Bluetooth once you reboot the Mac. If one option does not work, you can go to the next one.

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5. Turn Off and on your Mac’s Bluetooth to Fix Bluetooth Not Working on Mac

Sometimes if rebooting your Mac device does not work, you should keep your Bluetooth settings on or off. It may also fix your ‘Macbook pro Bluetooth not working’ problem. Follow the steps below if you are using macOS Big Sur or later:

  • Tap on the Control Center icon in the menu bar of Mac.
  • Click the Bluetooth icon.
  • It will turn Off and now turn it On.

Try the below steps If you’re using macOS Catalina or earlier:

  • Go to System Preferences.
  • Select the Bluetooth and Turn the Bluetooth Off.
    Turn off bluetooth on mac

6. Troubleshoot your Particular Bluetooth Device

Bluetooth devices may be used with your Mac in a wide variety of ways. To repair your Bluetooth difficulties, you may need to use different troubleshooting steps according to whatever device you’re using. To resolve any lingering Bluetooth difficulties, look for specific troubleshooting advice for your device.

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Conclusion: You have learned How to Fix Bluetooth Not Working on Mac in the above guide step by step. It is irritating when you are willing to work with a wireless connection and your Bluetooth refuses to support your device. There are many common reasons that Bluetooth may not respond on Mac devices. We have catered top 6 methods if your ‘bluetooth not available on Mac.’

However, cleaning your Mac device regularly and handy software is also one of the most innovative ways to fix Bluetooth connectivity issues. MacKeeper is the best and advisable software to keep your mac devices clean on time without much efficiency.

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