Best And Free Vector Graphics Software In 2023

Introduction: Vector Graphics Software is a platform that allows users to create, compose, and edit images using numerical and geometrical instructions rather than subpixel rendering. The best vector graphics software makes high-quality pictures that can be ramped indefinitely without losing quality. Designers, network architects, technicians, and other professionals use this type of vector editing software for a significant part of their planning.

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In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best free graphics software and other vector image editors. In addition, all the unique features of these vector editing software, along with their free trial periods and the subscription fee plans, have also been mentioned. Read till the end to learn more.

List Of Best Free Vector Graphics Software

Following is the list of all the applications that several users have acclaimed, designers, creators, and digital artists as the best vector graphics software.

1. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is one of the most popular and best vector graphics software. It has been conducive to designers creating 3D graphics, adding textures, and experimenting with several creative ideas.

In addition, this vector image editor allows you to share your work seamlessly with others using the free vector software or outside of the application by sharing a link for feedback. Moreover, it also provides the users with an in-built learning panel to help creators and designers enhance their skills.

Some of the striking features of this best free vector graphics software include logo designs, typography fonts, hand lettering, infographics, banners, charts, and wallpapers; Adobe Sensei AI can be used to recolor smartly; it offers 3D effects graphics and textures facility; lastly, it replaces missing fonts with similar texts and eliminates discrepancies in the artwork.

Adobe is the best vector graphics software that offers a seven-day free trial to individuals, students, and teachers and a fourteen-day free trial for teams and businesses.

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2. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is another vector graphics software made with the latest technology for designing the best artwork. The vector image editor works well on Mac, Windows, and iPad.

In addition, the free vector program is enriched with some beneficial features such as unlimited artboards, saveable history, linked symbols, and constraints. The software also offers different time-saving functions, enabling users to direct their efforts on creating graphics.

Affinity Designer vector graphics software also provides a live pixel preview to the users to help them ensure pixel-perfect designs.

Following are the features of this vector graphics software that might be helpful to bring clarity about the working of this software. First, it has a provision for users to switch between vector graphics and raster.

Second, the workflow in this online vector editor is designed with unlimited boards, keyboard shortcuts, advanced grids, snapping, and alignment. As a result, the application provides excellent vector tools for high productivity and 100% accurate geometry.

Third, the best vector graphics software is known for providing sophisticated typography with advanced styling and ligatures. It also gives the users complete control over leading, kerning, and tracking.

Lastly, the vector graphics software is accessible from anywhere on devices such as Windows, Mac, or iPad and equips users with powerful contours, grids, guides, and zooming tools.

A free trial of Affinity Designer is available for Mac and Windows. In addition, interested users may visit the website of this vector image editor and get the necessary details required by sharing their email with the website.

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3. Boxy SVG

Boxy SVG

Boxy SVG is a scalable vector editing software that supports the SVG file format. It is beneficial to both novice and experienced web designers. This free vector graphics editor is simple to use on any device or operating system.

In addition, it allows users to customize their keyboard shortcuts to their liking. Besides that, it ensures that all work is done directly on a single canvas, without the use of overlapping dialogues, open pallets, or toolbars in the free vector program.

The vector graphics software is available for a fifteen-day trial period, after which the standard subscription fee would be $9.99 per year, and the premium subscription fee would be $99.99 annually.

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4. CorelDRAW


CorelDRAW is another most popular and best vector graphics software besides Adobe Illustrator. This vector image editor is used for various purposes, including branding, marketing, signage, large-format printing, apparel and textiles, illustration, fine arts, and more.

The CorelDRAW vector graphics editor distinguishes itself from its competitors by providing features such as all-in-one design and layout, subscription savings, alternative licensing models, native OS experience, and extensive file compatibility, which are otherwise not found in usual vector graphics software.

In addition, it offers a versatile design space and a dynamic asset management facility, which enhances the experience of this vector image editor. It provides flexible design space with multiple views and multi-asset export; advanced image editing options with enhanced color replacement are available.

The CorelDRAW vector graphics software is easily accessible on various devices such as Windows, Mac, iPad, and other mobile devices. In addition, it can support different file formats such as AI, PSD, PDS, JPG, PNG, SVG, DWG, DXF, EPS, TIFF, and HEIF.

The free trial period of the vector image editor lasts for fifteen days with no credit card details required. However, after the trial period ended, there are three pricing plans from which the users can choose: the annual plan, which costs $16.58 per month, the monthly plan, which costs $34.95 per month, and the one-time-purchase plan at $424.

5. Inkscape


Inkscape  free vector software is best for drawing seamlessly with powerful free design tools. It is one of the best free vector drawing software that aids artists in creating vector images by providing flexible drawing tools, extensive file format support, professional text tools, and bezier and spiro curves.

The other features included in the free vector program are object creation and manipulation, fill and stroke, path operations, text support, rendering, and file formats. Besides these, the application eases the process of creating objects with options such as drawing tools, shape tools, text tools, embedded bitmaps, and clones.

Moreover, the free vector graphics software helps in object manipulation, transformations, and Z-operations. In addition, several features like color selector and copy/paste style are available, making it easy to fill colors and perform smooth strokes.

Lastly, it provides text support through features like multi-line text, text on a path, text in shape, and more. The vector editing software supports a variety of file types, including SVG, PNG, PDF, and EPS.

6. LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice Draw is a great vector graphics software for an office suite, packed with excellent features and tools to help businesses unleash their product creativity and enhance their productivity.

The Draw segment of the LibreOffice application is designed to enable artists and designers to manipulate graphics in numerous ways. In addition, it offers templated designs for creating flowcharts and diagrams.

These features and no requirement for paying any fee make LibreOffice Draw one of the best free vector graphics software.

The best features of this vector image editor can be summarised as follows: it enables creating quick and simple sketches as well as complex plans; it allows creating and editing vector graphics; it has a user-friendly interface that helps to draw diagrams and flowcharts; lastly, it enables the users to create their unique picture gallery by editing the graphics in many ways.

LibreOffice can be a great option if one is looking for free vector graphics software online.

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7. LogoMaven


LogoMaven  is a vector image editor by Windows application. It is one of the oldest running vector graphics software started in 1995. In a way, this free vector program is also famous for inventing the drag and drop logo design software market.

The online vector editor is best known for the following features: it enables the creation of Logos for all industries in a short time; it has a variety of high-resolution logo design templates, tools, and objects, which are all royalty-free; it provides a full vector image editor giving the artist freedom and options to experiment and make any design; lastly, it has the provision to export the logo for any business needs.

Given the variety of features and benefits for the users, Logo Maven is the best free vector graphics software available online.

8. Lunacy


Lunacy is another great vector graphics software and is growing in popularity among many for UI, UX, and Web Design. A team of designers has developed the application for artists and designers to help them focus on their workflow and reduce unnecessary hindrances in the work process.

It is a free vector graphics software available for commercial or personal use. In addition, the free vector program is incredibly accessible and can function on a cross-platform basis. It runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

The application also has a provision to let users collaborate in real-time with other people working on different platforms over the same design. The system requirements of this free vector editing software are low. It can run smoothly even on moderate laptops.

Lunacy offers various built-in graphics such as icons, photos, and illustrations. The users can use this content for free if they put a link to Icons8 in their final work. Or, they may subscribe to the paid version and use the content freely.

While there are many more features that Lunacy offers, the last one worth mentioning is its provision of online and offline work. This best free vector graphics software lets the users choose if they’d want to save their work on the cloud or the local documents. Furthermore, the user may switch between the cloud and local modes anytime.

9. Sketch


Sketch offers various powerful tools, making it one of the best vector graphics software. It facilitates real-time editing and design collaboration. The features and tools provided by this free vector program assist designers in making their work shine.

In addition, this vector editing software allows for easy developer handoff because no external or third-party plugins are required. Moreover, it lets the designer or creator personalize their workflow process with hundreds of built-in plugins, help sections, and integrations.

The features of the vector graphics software that makes it unique are as follows: the application offers collaboration tools that enable the users to share and work on the same document. In addition, the vector image editor provides powerful tools for designing and editing, including fine controls and open-type fonts.

Besides that, Sketch is also an online vector editor, which means that it provides browser-based tools for collaboration, including browsable version history, macOS editor, and more. Moreover, designers can create document workspaces that would be easily accessible.

Lastly, this vector graphics software provides a seamless and hassle-free handoff, allowing developers to download pixel-perfect graphics. And workflow customization is also available with different plugins and integrations.

The application’s thirty-day free trial makes it the best free vector graphics software. This is the most extended free trial provided by any vector graphics software. However, after the trial period ends, individuals are required to pay a standard subscription fee of $9 per editor monthly. In comparison, the subscription fee plan for businesses would be revealed as per requirement.

10. SVGator


SVGator is an online vector editor, especially for SVG animation. It doesn’t require the users to have specific coding skills. The interface is relatively user-friendly. The vector graphics software’s configuration enables to turn ideas into high-quality and resolution-independent vector images and animations.

The free version of the animation and vector graphics software offers unlimited static reports, three animation exports per month, a timeline of up to ten seconds, basic animators, three video exports per month, renders up to 24 frames per second, stores five rendered files and provides one GB storage.

Besides the free version of the vector image editor and animation application, two other options are available for the users. These are the Lite subscription for planned projects and the Pro subscription for professional use. Naturally, the features offered in both packages differ based on price.


One may select any vector graphics software from the list above based on their requirements and preferences. Several free vector graphics editors provide the same features as paid ones. However, undoubtedly, there would be some distinct features that would give the paid versions of the vector graphics software an upper hand, such as some special editing tools or higher resolution of the final project, and more.

Nonetheless, all the vector image editors are distinctive in their way and depending on the price. Corresponding features, one may decide which vector graphics software to use for creating and editing illustrations and other graphics.

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