MacKeeper Review: Complete Cleaner and Security App for Your Mac

MacKeeper Review: Complete Cleaner and Security App for Your Mac

“Mac does not need any cleaning, optimization, and additional security measures.” You must have often heard such words, right? Well, contrary to popular opinion, Macs do require junk removal, optimizing, and antivirus tools for peak performance. And, MacKeeper is a well-known software that helps you perform all these actions. But is it the best program for your Mac or not, you can read this genuine MacKeeper review to answer this question.

We have been using this software for quite some time, have tried every feature, and made a list of its pros and cons. This review shares all this information and all the details you may want to know about MacKeeper to decide whether it is really worth all the hype or not.

Now, before we go deeper, let’s first have a general overview of the software and its specifications to judge it better.

MacKeeper: Overview and Specifications

As the developer’s claim, MacKeeper is your Mac’s new best friend. It is software that functions as an all-in-one tool to eliminate junk/duplicate files, optimize the device’s performance, keep it safe from the prying eyes of web trackers, and protect it from malware. Basically, after looking at descriptions of the software, you can call it a swiss army knife.

Coming to the specs and system requirements of MacKeeper, we share them below for your reference.

  • OS required: macOS 10.11 or above
  • Latest version: 5.8
  • Developed by: Clario Tech DMCC
  • Disk space needed: At least 100 MB

After looking at the software specifications, let’s have a quick glance at its pricing model as well.

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Core features of MacKeeper

Below are the top features of MacKeeper to help you make a thoughtful decision about whether it is one of the best Mac cleaner apps, deserving your time and money or not.

1. Space Cleanup:

Space Cleanup - Mackeeper

Space struggle is a real thing on Mac. It often gets filled up quickly, leaving no room for crucial applications and data. Moreover, hogged-up space also results in a lot of performance issues. Therefore, cleaning is of utmost importance to make your Mac perform optimally. While searching for how to clear space on Mac, the name of MacKeeper pops up almost instantly.

The software provides a powerful eliminator for junk files, like logs, caches, trash, unneeded languages, and even useless mail attachments. And, the process to use this tool is quite simple. All that you need to do is click on the Safe Cleanup option, let the scan complete, review the scan results, select the items you wish to remove and click on the CLEAN JUNK FILES option.

Note: If you want to know the location of any file displayed in the scan results, you can click on the disclosure triangle to view all the folders, right-click a file/folder, and choose the Reveal in Finder option.

2. Malware Removal:

Malware Removal - Mackeeper

We agree that Mac has one of the most robust security systems. After all, no one can challenge Apple’s qualifications to build a tough to intrude system. But at the same time, we also cannot ignore the fact that hacking masters are becoming smarter day by day. Now, they have devised mechanisms to find and exploit loopholes in Mac’s security.

Therefore, Macs have become susceptible to malware attacks, posing threat to your valuable data and device’s performance. Hence, MacKeeper offers a malware removal tool that helps prevent any kind of malware from entering your device. And, if by chance, any threat finds its way to your device, this software lets you find and remove it effortlessly.

With the help of MacKeeper’s malware removal, you can protect your device in real-time from unsafe downloads and detect harmful or unwanted applications.

To use this feature, you need to select Antivirus from the software’s left pane, Start Scan (if you want to scan a specific file, choose custom scan, and drag and drop the file to the scan area before clicking on the start scan button), let the scan results appear, and select the files you want to delete or quarantine.

Note: If you want to enable real-time protection on your Mac, you can follow the path Open System preferences> Lock (to perform needed changes and input your computer’s password>Allow>Open Preferences>Lock>Real-time protection.

3. Uninstaller:

Mac Uninstaller - Mackeeper

Sometimes it becomes essential to uninstall apps on Mac, especially if they hog up the device’s resources unnecessarily. You can perform application uninstallation with MacKeeper’s uninstaller.

In addition to uninstalling the unneeded applications, the uninstaller also allows you to get rid of useless plugins, widgets, and extensions present on the browser.

To use this feature, you simply need to choose Smart Uninstaller from the left section, wait for the scan’s completion, select the items you wish to remove and click on the Remove Selected button.

Note: To make it easier for you to make the uninstallation decision, the software sorts apps according to their usage level and size.

4. Updater:

If you are looking for a software update checker, you can use MacKeeper. It checks and informs you about the applications that must be updated on your Mac. To use this tool, you can pick Update Tracker from the tool’s section, select the apps you want to update, and click on the button to Update them.

Note: Updating outdated applications is beneficial for your device as updates fix the loopholes hackers may exploit to enter the system.

5. Browser cleanup:

Browser cleaning is also essential to organize and optimize your Mac’s performance as unnecessary cache and extensions impact it negatively. Therefore, MacKeeper offers a browser cleanup tool to perform a detailed cleaning of all the browser-related junk. You can perform browser cleanup via the software’s safe cleaning tool.

6. Large and old files cleanup:

Unnecessarily stored large and old files also have a negative impact on your device’s performance. Therefore, it is quite essential to find and remove them. Luckily enough, MacKeeper lets you perform this task with ease.

7. Space visualization:

Space Visualization Optimization Mac Speed - Mackeeper

With the Memory Cleaner of MacKeeper, you can visualize the space available on your device to make cleaning decisions. It shows you detailed memory statistics.

To get the information you need, select Memory Cleaner and then go to Memory Usage to view memory occupied by various applications and processes. And, you can click on the Clean Memory button to free up Mac space.

Note: MacKeeper shows four kinds of memory, viz, Apps Memory (amount of memory apps are using), Wired Memory (needed for Mac’s proper functioning), Compressed Memory (amount of memory your device compresses to the hard drive to use later), Available Memory (memory that other apps can use), Cached Files (in-use memory that is available for other apps).

8. Instant RAM Cleanup:

Instant Ram Cleaner - Mackeeper

Hogged-up RAM is also among the top causes of poor Mac performance. Thus, with MacKeeper, you can clean the RAM instantly by choosing its memory cleaner.

9. Duplicate finder and Remover:

remove Duplicate Files and Photos - Mackeeper

Duplicate photos and files clog up the disk space unnecessarily, leading to performance degradation. Hence, MacKeeper comes with a tool to remove useless files and clean duplicate photos on Mac. To find and delete dupe files and images, you need to click on the Duplicates Finder option present in the left pane, Start Scan, wait for the results to appear, review the results, select the files/photos you want to get rid of, and Remove Duplicates.

Note: You can sort the detected duplicates by name, total size, duplicates number, check-marked items, ascending, and descending order. Moreover, you can click on each duplicate’s category to view the file specifications, locations, photos themselves, and names. And, if you want to keep a copy of photos, MacKeeper proposes the best one from similar images.

10. Login items:

Unnecessary startup items slow down Mac’s loading speed. Hence, it is crucial to kill processes on Mac if they are not needed. MacKeeper boasts a login items feature to help you do it. To use this feature, choose Login Items from the left section, Start Scan and let it complete, select the processes you want to stop, and Remove Selected Items.

Note: MacKeeper shows a detailed description of the detected login items so that you can decide which apps and processes should be removed.

11. ID theft guard, private connect, and StopAd:

ID theft guard, private connect, and StopAd

MacKeeper takes care of the user privacy as well. With its ID theft guard, you can prevent email-address linked breaches to protect your identity from being compromised.

Further, the software also offers a private connect VPN with features, such as 256-bit AES encryption, no limits on data, protection from WebRTC and DNS leaks, over 300 server locations in more than 50 countries, and P2P torrenting.

Moreover, there is also a StopAd option that functions as a browser extension to block ads and online activity trackers.

The above features of MacKeeper look quite impressive. But, not all of them are available to everyone. Some of them are exclusive to paid version users. Hence, below is a comparison of free and paid versions so that you know which features need you to shell out a few bucks.

Download button for mac os

Comparison of free and pro versions

Free Version Pro Version
One month malware scan and real-time antivirus protection Unlimited scans and protection
Single time removal of junk, plugins, widgets, and apps No limits on junk, plugins, widgets, and apps removal
One-time memory cleaning Unrestricted memory cleaning
No VPN available The pro version offers a private connect VPN
ID theft protection feature is unavailable It protects your ID and email address password leaks

Now before concluding the MacKeeper review and making the final decision about this software, let’s go through its pros and cons to help you form an informed judgment.

Pros and cons of MacKeeper

Below are the strengths and weaknesses of MacKeeper that we noticed while reviewing it.


  • Many features to keep your Mac secure and improve its performance
  • Quick on-demand scan for malware
  • VPN integration
  • 14-day money-back guarantee


  • No protection from harmful URLs
  • Quite expensive

We hope you got all your answers about the software. Let’s now wrap up the review.

MacKeeper price plans

Talking about the price of MacKeeper, you get its basic version for free. However, to get additional features, benefits, and remove all the restrictions of the free version, you need to choose one of these pricing options.

  • 12-month plan for 3 Macs: Available at a price of $199.00/year ($7.45/month)
  • 12-month plan for 1 Mac: You can get this plan at a yearly price of $119.40 ($5.95/month)
  • 1-month plan for 1 Mac: A month’s plan for a single device is available for $10.95/month.

Note: At the time of writing this review, MacKeeper is offering discounts on its price. You can get it for 12 months on 3 Macs at a discounted price of $89.40/year. And, a yearly plan for 1 Mac is also available at a price of $71.40/year.

After having looked at the pricing structure, we know you must be wondering if it is worth paying for MacKeeper or not. To answer this question, let’s go through the features of this software so that you can weigh them in the light of your requirements and decide accordingly.

Concluding the MacKeeper review

In this article, we shared our opinion on MacKeeper. We found it to be wonderful software. However, before arriving at any decision to get or not get it, you should examine the software in the light of its features, pros, cons, and specific requirements that you have. Now, it’s time for us to take your leave, and we will be back with another review soon.

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