10 Best Online Pharmacy Delivery Apps

10 Best Online Pharmacy Delivery Apps

Ordering medicines online is now much easier than purchasing prescriptions from a physical medical store. As we know, healthcare and pharmacy have never been behind in the race for technological advancements. Just like you get clothes, groceries, food, and other items online, the emergence of some of the best online medicine delivery apps makes placing orders for your prescriptions extremely convenient.

These pharmacy apps sell almost all varieties of medicines and clinical supplies. Some of such digital drugstores even arrange doctor consultations, medication inputs, and much more.

Moreover, besides providing well-rounded services, the medicine delivery app benefits the consumer. They offer great discounts and occasional coupon codes to make medicines and pharmaceutical supplies more affordable and accessible.

If you’re confused about choosing one for your medical supplies, you have stopped by the right place. This article will assess the best pharmacy delivery apps available today. So, without any delay, let us look at these reliable online medical stores so that you can order your prescriptions easily.

List of The Top Medicine Delivery App

Online purchase of medicines is on becoming popular. As many delivery apps are being launched often, it is imperative to analyze the most reliable ones and choose the best for you. The list below comprises the best pharmacy apps along with their features to help you make your choice.

1. CVS Pharmacy – A free medicine delivery app

CVS Pharmacy- A free medicine delivery app

CVS pharmacy charges no delivery fee to bring your medicines to your doorstep. Simply download the CVS app to fill your prescription. Once you get a notification via the app that your prescription is ready, you can choose free 1-2-day delivery. You can also sign up for auto-delivery to receive repeat prescriptions. It will send your medications together with any additional goods you add to your mobile order that are necessary.

Key features of the CVS Pharmacy App-

  • No delivery charge
  • Order prescriptions, view your prescription history, and keep track of their progress.
  • Pay for your medications in advance and supply your barcode for a more private pickup.
  • Research the details of drug interactions.

Download – CVS Pharmacy

2. Walgreens- Best medicine delivery app for prescription-based orders

Walgreens- Best medicine delivery app for prescription-based orders

One of the world’s largest pharmacy-led health and wellness organizations is Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. 11 million customers are currently connected to the Walgreens online pharmacy app. With their service, you do not have to switch to AllianceRX to receive your medicines delivered to your door.

If you choose, Walgreens Express may manage your prescriptions. The company’s service is free; they even text you to inform you about their delivery timing and location. The majority of deliveries come the following day. However, some may get delayed for one or two days.

Key features of Walgreens-

  • Swipe your barcode to reorder swiftly.
  • While managing your daily prescription routine, it uses Pill Alerts to help you stay on schedule.
  • Keep track of the orders for your family.
  • 24/7 availability of a free live chat pharmacy specialist for understanding medicines and getting related advice.

Download – Walgreens

3. Rite Aid Pharmacy – A flexible pharmacy delivery app
Rite Aid Pharmacy- A flexible pharmacy delivery app

The RiteAid organization added Rite Aid Pharmacy to its drugstore chain. This one is one of the best medicine delivery apps available in the US. Customers at RiteAid can access medications with a simple tap.

It has developed into something more than just a pharmacy delivery business. Additionally, users are able to buy diet and health-related products through the app.

Key features of Rite Aid Pharmacy

  • Using the barcode on your reference, your medication history, or by typing the prescription number
  • Get reminders when it’s time to get your prescription filled.
  • Manage and produce prescription memories
  • Manage all of your family members’ prescriptions in one place by adding them.

Download – Rite Aid Pharmacy

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4. PharmEasy – The most straightforward medicine delivery app
PharmEasy- The most straightforward medicine delivery app

Besides being simple, the delivery of PharmEasy is also inexpensive and convenient. It has an extremely user-friendly interface, which is mainly responsible for its good reputation.

In addition, it can also deliver medicines that dispense only through a doctor’s prescription. It enhances the consumer-pharmacy interaction via updating real-time order progress and its efficient return policy.

Key features of PharmEasy

  • Reasonable prices
  • Availability of all medicines, including Ayurvedic medicines
  • Express delivery

Download – PharmEasy

5. Walmart Pharmacy – A health and wellness pharmacy app
Walmart Pharmacy- A health and wellness pharmacy app

The software of Walmart Pharmaceutical services will be most helpful for people who enjoy managing their pharmaceutical and health-related data from a single spot. If you’re using the Wellness pharmacy delivery app, you can’t sign up for other pharmaceutical services. Android and iOS devices both operating systems support the app.

Key features of Walmart Pharmacy

  • Easy to use and inexpensive
  • By combining prescriptions through Walmart Pharmacy or scanning the prescription tag with the picture on your phone, you may rapidly create a full list of medications.
  • Receive notifications when it’s time to take your medication or order more.

Download – Walmart Pharmacy

6. Epocrates

One of the best US-based medicine delivery apps is Epocrates. The software has several fascinating features, such as pill identification and a dose-assist drug calculator. Additionally, it offers information on drugs, illnesses, and therapies. The greatest ratings for this app are from Android applications with an updated OS.

Key features of Epocrates 

  • A straightforward, customizable drag-and-drop home screen
  • Protect against harmful interactions between 30 brand names, generic, over-the-counter, or alternative pharmaceuticals with the help of this pharmacological and toxicological checker.
  • More than 600 medical mechanisms, dose calculations, and formulas
  • Identification of pills: based on imprint code, color, form, etc.

Download – Epocrates

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7. Capsule Pharmacy
Capsule Pharmacy

With the help of reliable pharmacists, this app enables free same-day card payment prescription delivery for your usual insurance copay with no additional costs. Since Capsule will handle managing your prescriptions with your doctor and now even communicating with your insurance company regarding copays, all you need to worry about is choosing a delivery date that works for you.

This medicine delivery app is compatible with all widely used insurance plans. Currently, Capsule only provides delivery in a few cities, but it plans to expand.

Key features of Capsule

  • You can ask your doctor to e-prescribe your medicines on Capsule
  • Users must use their copay to utilize this pharmacy platform.
  • It is highly efficient and fast.

Download – Capsule Pharmacy

8. Netmeds

According to reports, the online pharmacy operated by Netmeds provided care for almost 3 million people. A long history of knowledge in the pharmaceutical sector underpins it.

You are required to enter your contact information, including your contact information, gender, and birthdate, when you download the Netmeds digital medicine delivery app. While placing an order, you may also log in using Google or Facebook.

Key features of Netmeds

  • Purchase medicines made by Unani, Homeopathy, and Ayurveda.
  • Purchase products connected to fitness
  • Get medical attention from trained specialists.
  • Buy measurement, medical, and other equipment.
  • Buy tools to help you stop smoking.
  • Order shoes for a specific purpose

Download – Netmeds

9. Pillpack


Now, customers can use an Amazon-based service called PillPack to order their clinical supplies. The pharmacy delivery app by Amazon is designed to make it easier for people who need to fill recurring prescriptions to take their medications. They can easily give you whatever you require right away because they have online pharmacies and delivery services located at several locations.

Key features of Pillpack

  • First, customers of PillPack consult with the company about their prescriptions and insurance policies using a private, HIPAA-compliant interface.
  • The medications are then transported to a pharmacy and distribution center, where a robotic sorting system sorts them.
  • To ensure uniformity and quality, authorized pharmacists supervise the process.
  • The medication is provided in unlabeled cartons for privacy.
  • Customers can trace their orders using tracking numbers.

Download – Pillpack

 10. 1Mg


In India, 1mg has amassed a sizable and devoted customer base thanks to the diversity of services and goods it offers, as well as its affordable price.

Using this pharma app, you can look for medications and discover cheaper pharmaceutical alternatives. Additionally, it provides comprehensive information on treatment plans, side effects, usage, safety precautions, safety recommendations, and patient FAQs, in addition to providing answers to any medical questions.

You may also schedule appointments with doctors using the app or the web platform of 1mg. It has partnered with respected medical labs to make it simple for customers to access lab results without the user visiting the lab.

Key features of 1mg

  • Easy online medicine purchasing
  • Online doctor consultations
  • It can schedule lab exams
  • It can show you medicine details
  • It can help with health recommendations

Download – 1Mg

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So, Which Pharma App Is The Best?

Well, after looking at the top 10 medicine delivery app, one can analyze that selecting one depends on personal preferences. For instance, if you’re looking for a quick and free delivery app, you can go for CVS Pharmacy or Pillpack. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an extremely easy-to-use app, you can go for PharmEasy or Netmeds. Therefore, you can easily select the best pharmacy delivery application from the above-given list after understanding your prime preferences.

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