Best Face Yoga Apps in 2023

Are you considering a facelift? Well, what if you get to know that you can harness the benefits of a facelift, such as a face slimming, face firming, and face tightening procedure without going through the needles? While it may sound too good to be true, it is actually possible with face yoga that you can learn just from a face yoga app. Yes, you read that right! You can relish the power of facial enhancements right from your living room through face yoga apps.

A face exercise app simply lets you know about the effective repeating movements that stimulate circulation and lift the skin, making it look firmer and younger. Similar to other fitness routines, the exercise of facial muscles can also result in a slimmer and more toned face. So, if you’re eager to make your jawline sharp, all you need to do is download a free face yoga app.

Now, you may be wondering, with the plenty of choices in the market, which face exercise app to trust? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered here! In this article, we will suggest the 10 best free face yoga apps that pave the way for a powerful face fitness routine and who knows, may replace the need for plastic surgeries.

10 Best Face Yoga Exercises Apps For Android & iOS 2023

If you’re a newbie, you may find many face yoga apps for beginners specifically, but the apps listed below are perfect for everyone, irrespective of experience, age, and gender. So, without any further build-up, let’s look at the best face yoga apps you can download for free for a firmer and slimmer face.

1- FaceYoga- The best free face yoga app for facial fitness

You can use the FaceYoga app to achieve the perfect face. Do you want to improve the quality of your skin so it won’t sag? Do you want your eyelids firmer and your lip corners lifted? Then this could be the right free-face yoga app for you.

Face Yoga

You’ll feel refreshed after using the face exercises of this app. More specifically, the app will provide you with instructions on how to perform the exercises properly; after that, your motivation will determine the absolute results for you.  You will be able to put your makeup away and use a daily massage in its place. All of the facial muscles are controlled by the procedures. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned regarding any sort of stretching and tissue harm. Just make sure that you gently perform the exercises. In addition, this face exercise app offers multiple techniques along with the benefit of allowing you to track your progress.

Download: FaceYoga for iOS Android (Free available)

2- Koko Face Yoga App- The best free face yoga app for anti-aging

Introduced by the renowned face yoga expert Koko Hayashi, the Koko face yoga app is famous for its anti-aging facial exercise routine.

Koko Face Yoga App

Ms. Hayashi herself has been practicing face yoga for about 10 years. Through this app, she extends her valuable knowledge to many people. So, download this face exercise app if you wish to start a professional facial yoga practice.  The app comes with videos that help you target specific areas of your face, such as cheeks, neck, mouth, etc. This face yoga app is available for Android as well as iPhone users. It comes with Artificial intelligence assistance features that direct the user to perform various exercises.

Download: Koko Face Yoga for iOS Android (Free available)

3- Face Yoga Exercises- A personalized free yoga app

You have to consistently practice face yoga if you want to reap its full benefits.

Face Yoga Exercises

Using a simple application like Face Yoga Exercises is an excellent approach for maintaining consistency. By providing information on your weight, age, and gender, you may use this mobile app to create your optimal training schedule. Beginners are advised to follow the ‘easy plan,’ especially if they have practiced face yoga. The app recommends a 30-day strategy that includes facial exercises targeting sagging eyelids, puffy eyes, and forehead wrinkles. The face exercise app also provides movements for facial stretching, posture improvement, and full-body workouts to increase mobility.

Download: Face Yoga Exercises for iOS Android (Free available)

4- Face Yoga Workout- The best free face yoga app for face lifting

If you’re someone who stays on a tough schedule and has to count every minute, this face exercise app could be for you. The Face Yoga Workout app comes with a huge library of free face yoga exercise videos that are not more than 30 seconds long.

Face Yoga Workout

Just focus on the target area you want to work on and select suitable movements from different face yoga exercises. For example, you can pick any of the four exercise sessions of the Lip yoga course that help boost collagen production and prevent sagging.

Download – Face Yoga Workout for Android (Free available)

5- Face Yoga – 10min4beauty- The best free face yoga app with music

It’s the only face yoga app that provides facial workouts with music. All of its face yoga programs, be it for neck, chin, or posture, are goal oriented.


All you have to do is attend 10-minute video workout lessons with music daily. You don’t have to do it on your own, as the app provides the guidance of a professional. In addition, it also educates you by listing audio lessons about skincare, beauty nutrition, causes of premature aging, and more. What’s more? The 40-minute facelifting self-massage session with this app allows you to track the progress you make using the power of music.

Download – Face Yoga –  10min4beauty for Android (Free available)

6- Glowbe – The best yoga and massage app for beauty

For learning effective facial massage techniques, use the Glowbe app. The service provides an online course that corrects trouble spots and encourages skin renewal.


An expert-approved online course for mastering facial massage is available on this free face yoga app for iPhone and Android. Its creators assert that a scientific methodology forms its foundation. The coarse approach works to minimize wrinkles and fine lines. Additionally, you can tighten the entire oval or particular parts of the face by restoring muscle tone. The course schedule’s usefulness is broken down each day. Each session explores a new part of the face. For brow lifts, chin lifts, muscle relaxation, and wrinkle smoothing, individual lessons are available. The free face yoga app also includes information that offers face care advice.

Download – Glowbe for Android (Free available)

7- FaceLift- The best free and easy face exercise app

Facelift is a free-face yoga instructor that’s available directly on your smartphone.


The technology develops custom programs based on your goals. Daily changes to your skin require you to monitor your progress in order to provide better care closely.  FaceLift is a free face yoga app for Android and iPhone users that uses facial workouts to activate major facial muscles, allowing them to access their inner well-being and look more radiant and youthful than before. Access to several programs is made possible by the app’s natural facelifting techniques. The face yoga app includes Anti-aging treatments that aim to reverse the effects of aging and create a younger, more vibrant version of you. Along with this, it also provides effective anti-stress and lifting tone programs to its users.

Download – FaceLift for Android (Free available)

8- Face Fitness- The best free face yoga app with structured programs and guides.

Having the Face Fitness app is like having an all-in-one face yoga program in your back pocket. The software includes a wide range of workouts thoughtfully categorized by the target area, such as your eyes, neck, forehead, chin, nose, lips, or cheeks.

Face Fitness

The length of the program varies depending on the facial area you want to treat. This face yoga app provides treatments that usually last for 14 days. Your front camera, instructions, and a clear demonstration video all help to verify that you are correctly doing each facial movement or massage. Use the app to read a few informative articles and advice about skincare and how food affects it after your face yoga session.

Download: Face Fitness for iOS Android (Free Available)

9- FaceJoy- The best free face yoga app to achieve firmer skin

Download this face yoga app if you want to experience customized courses and exercises. The app has a great skin diary where you can keep a daily journal of how your skin feels. If you stay consistent, the app creates a progress video for you based on a daily photo of your face. This function is great for monitoring the changes to your face after regular exercise.


There are numerous sections in the FaceJoy app, including ones for personal programs, the most popular programs, gua sha massages, beauty advice, and workouts for specific body parts. Try gua sha, a conventional Chinese therapeutic technique, if you want to experience something different and get rid of inflammation and puffiness.

Download: FaceJoy for iOS Android (Free available)

10- Luvly- The best face yoga and holistic beauty app

Many people desire to maintain their youthful appearance, but they prefer to stay away from any procedures involving transplants or needles. You can either obtain a good night’s sleep or practice face yoga regularly to get a firmer and lifted face.


You’ll adore the skin-lifting effects of the Luvly face yoga app if you choose to practice face yoga. There are multiple efficient facial exercises and massages on the Luvly app. For example, you can try the Morning De-Puffing Massage to get rid of a puffy face in the morning. Although this face yoga app is free for download, you have to sign-up to access the Fitness Program for women or men and the other face yoga programs and courses.

Download: Luvly for iOS Android (Free available)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is the best face yoga app?

Ans. Face Yoga, Koko yoga app, Face Yoga Exercises and other above-mentioned options are the best face yoga app available on Google Play Store and App store.

Q.2 Does the face yoga app work?

Ans. Yes, most face yoga programs are effective. However, visible results are possible only if you are consistent with the regime. A study showed that people who practiced face exercises daily for over two months and then every other day for three months reported an improved fullness in their cheeks, making their facial appearance nearly three years younger.

Q.3 Are there any free facial yoga apps?

Ans. Glowbe, Koko Face Yoga app, Face Yoga Exercise app, and others are free facial yoga apps that you can download without paying any amount.

Q.4 How long does it take face yoga to work?

Ans. According to multiple facts and Shilpi Khetarpal, a famous dermatologist, it takes a person at least three to four weeks to see visible results of face yoga.

The Takeaway

The face yoga app free download is available with the options we mentioned in this article. After the download, all you need to do is clean your hands and follow the app’s instructions. So, what are you waiting for? Download the face yoga app that you feel is perfect for you. In a few weeks, you may experience firmer and healthier skin. Don’t forget to share your facial yoga experience with us in our comments section!

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