Best and Free Telemedicine Software

Best and Free Telemedicine Software in 2022

To avoid the extra research and trials we have compiled the best telemedicine software platforms in the write-up below.

Before we dig in to find the best telemedicine software it is important to understand the purpose and necessity of these platforms. Telemedicine software enables interaction between the doctor and patients through an online mode. The software helps in providing medical specialties in rural areas beyond the services available locally.

The popularity of telehealth software increased during times of pandemic as patients hesitated to visit hospitals and clinics for their regular appointments. The medical departments were operational for decreased hours or even closed throughout. And hence the accessibility of free telemedicine platforms was an attractive and efficient option to opt for.

Services provided by this telemedicine software vary from a standalone platform to practice management With advancements over time these platforms included Electronic records and billing platforms for regular or insurance claims.

Due to the availability of a number of telemedicine software companies, it can be a complicated task to find the best and most effective platform that works in line with the existing health and medical services in use. But not anymore as we have compiled and presented the best telemedicine software that can be used by different medical professionals depending upon their necessities.

Read on and find the best telemedicine software from the list of alternatives.

List of Best and Free Telemedicine Software

Consider the following best telemedicine platforms and evaluate the possibilities that each of them serves. Go through the advantages and then take a stand for the perfect software depending upon your requirements.

1. Mend


Mend is a fully-featured suite for telemedicine with an aim to improve the efficiency of online appointments. It provides reminders for appointments in form of SMS alerts, calls, emails, online forms, and the potential for customers to schedule appointments by themselves.

Video and voice calling feature helps in increasing productivity and making workflows smooth. Simple drag and drop to fill forms online to reduce manual effort. Moreover, the telemedicine software platform provides an option of surveys to get an overview and omit the bad reviews that can damage or decrease the potential.


  • Simple user interface
  • Workflows are simplified
  • Reduce the possibility of missed appointments


  • Free trials are not available
  • Pricing is Opaque (entry-level, mid-tier plan, and MendEnterprise plan)

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A simple and safe application that can run on any browser and needs no configuration or downloads to be used. The platforms generally integrate Electronic health records and practice management software within. But the drawback is the unavailability of mobile apps. Applications are an easier option for users on their Android or iOS devices.

But the best part is the unlimited availability of video, voice, and message communication. However, the functions can be increased by switching to the upgrade of the professional tier. It adds the power to edit rooms, provide customized text or email notifications, and improved video quality (depending upon your internet speed).

The next level tier is Clinic. It is designed for a physician practice with extended features for administration, promotion, safety, and security. It also allows sharing of files or even the screen and group calling. Moreover, the payments can be scheduled through a dedicated account. It also provides monthly stats, and materials for marketing, and to self-host your app & run it on your domain.


  • Free trial and tier option
  • Can run in the Browser itself
  • Option for Self-hosted


  • Lack of Mobile Application
  • Plan for multi providers is expensive

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3. OnCall


The best pick of free telemedicine platforms for digital health startups is OnCall. It is working wonders for startups, brands, clinics, and enterprises to grow and create a virtual program for care. The platform is used by over 600 organizations to set up around a million appointments. The user base is 10,000 and is growing steadily.

It helps in expanding businesses quickly by customizing workflows to expand your user base. OnCall also has customer support around the clock. The API of the platform is designed to integrate with the existing information such as details of appointments, health info about the patient, payment records, and previous intakes.

A simplified and personalized patient acquisition and billing formats allow users to customize branding options. In addition to this, it helps in scheduling appointments, payments, and verification for insurance.

OnCall’s pricing plans are for small clinics and large organizations. The additional features are customized profiles, a dashboard for analytics, and appointment reminders through SMS. The Enterprise version creates a branded platform with personalized notifications.


  • 24*7 customer support
  • Reporting tools
  • Branded platform with personalized reminders


  • Pricing is Opaque

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4. UpDox


It is one of the most productive telemedicine software to improve office productivity and patient experience. The user base of the platform is more than 4.5 lakh and the database stores data of 150 mn patients.

UpDox can be used to reduce paper copies and keep your schedules full. It allows clinicians to use any of their devices to sign in, send, receive., and edit faxes. Therefore, the software aims to reduce the waste and the cost of printing. These electronic documents can be set to Urgent if immediate action is required.

The four plans offered by UpDox are Telehealth product, patient Experience product, Complete communication platform, and Office Productivity product. Request the demo and pricing for different products from the team of Updox.


  • Improved experience of patients
  • Improved productivity
  • Broadcast feature to reach more patients


  • Available only after demo request
  • Not clear about the devices supported

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5. SimplePractice


One of the best platforms to create your telemedicine website SimplePractice can sort everything varying from Scheduling appointments to generating bills. Another reason for choosing SimplePractice is it eliminates the use of paper and hiring expensive developers to create your personalized business website.

It allows users to set up appointments, add payment details, telehealth appointments, and reminders through texts or emails. Moreover, the users receive requests, showcase testimonials, and promote the brand. Also, it covers SEO for its users on different modes like mobile phones, desktop computers, tablets, etc.

For real-time applications, SimplePractice has two plans. These plans come with a 30 day trial. The first plan is Essential i.e for clinicians that include no bar on clients, online payments, and paperless intakes. However, the second one that is the Professional plan provides customized templates, scheduling online bookings, and additional options.


  • Available on mobile, tablets, and PC
  • Search Engine Optimisation for website
  • All the plans have a 30 day trial
  • Live support is available 24*7


  • Group practitioners must buy a professional plan
  • Does not make a good choice for individual doctors or practitioners

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6. AMC Health

AMC Health

The AMC health is an advanced software for telemedicine that is focused on monitoring the health and providing care coordination through medical devices approved by FDA. This can include connecting via Bluetooth and tracking operations to share the biometric data provided by the patient or caregiver.

It enables personalized real-time summaries to make assessments easier and guide adjustments. In addition to this, all the data can be built into workflows. The ability to connect Bluetooth devices makes connections like oximeters, wireless scales, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, etc an easier job.

The telemedicine software platform is geared to reduce costs for research organizations, healthcare researchers, and manufacturers. The platform has no set plan of pricing to include monitoring devices. Therefore, for a quotation, you must connect to the sales rep.


  • All-inclusive availability of services
  • Option for Bluetooth device connectivity
  • Research options
  • Clinical trials


  • Opaque pricing
  • Not clear about the devices supported

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7. swyMed


It is a software for programs of paramedicines., emergency encounters, and monitoring health at home, and hospital. All this is done by providing a high-quality connection over a restricted speed of bandwidth (60Kbps). It is built to deliver video communications in real-time and support the health monitoring at the ease of home in cases where the risk of readmission is higher.

It is designed in a way that information is first provided to the responders in the field of emergency or on their way to the hospital. swyMed provides cameras and glasses specially equipped with a microphone to be integrated anywhere if required.

For care at hospitals, it can integrate EHR, medical devices, and medical practice management. Through this, the doctors are linked with patients, clinics, and labs simultaneously. The platform is versatile and needs customized quotes and has no pre-configured tiers for payments.


  • Can run on low bandwidth
  • Enables integration of hospital equipment
  • On the go care for Emergency


  • Support hours are not specified
  • Pricing is Opaque

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8. Teledoc


The platform is not a full-fledged telemedicine solution and is not built with the intention of guidance during medical emergencies. It provides a way for the patients to contact the national network of most reputed doctors. Patients will only need a mobile app in order to access Teledoc. However, accessibility is also possible through desktops. Teledoc allows users to consult medical professionals for regular health issues and illnesses.

For physicians already practicing can expand their network and switch to flexible working hours. This depicts that relationships between patients are doctors are not meant to be long-term but just about the availability in the time of need. It is strictly for non-emergency purposes and day-to-day prescriptions. Prescriptions can only include antibiotics or minor drugs and not controlled substances.

All at one place, the Teledoc service is designed to serve users who need easy access to their routine medical advisories. The price range varies depending upon the services and carrier of insurance, therefore to know more you must contact the support of Teledoc.


  • Around the clock assistance from support
  • Widespread nationwide network
  • Just a phone signal is required


  • No tests are ordered by Physicians
  • The pricing model is Opaque

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Closing Lines: Free and Best Telemedicine Software

We hope the above guide on the best telemedicine software will help you avoid the appointment hassles with your doctor. The results of these top telemedicine platforms have been tremendous and helpful in times of social distancing norms. Go through the list of the options and use the alternative that is feasible for you.

In our opinion Mend can be a great pick to reduce missed appointments. However, for building a professional website use SimplePractice. For an improved experience for patients & productivity pick Updox.

Feel free to ask away all your queries in the comments section. Make sure you subscribe to our blog to never miss an update on the latest technology guides.

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