Best Medium Alternatives to Read and Write in 2022

Best Medium Alternatives to Read and Write in 2022

If you are looking for some Medium alternatives to read and write, this article lists some of the best Medium alternatives for free for PC in 2022. Check out the entire list of free alternatives to medium and use the one you like the most.

If you are a blogger or writer then you may already know about the Medium platform. Medium is a “medium” for the writers to pen down their views and ideas in the form of writeups. This allows the writer to get the attention of the required reader community and get more views for the write-up. With the help of the platform, any professional, beginner, or intermediary writer can present his ideas to a plethora of readers with ease.

Although the platform is quite a useful and alluring space for writers, it has some disadvantages as well. One of the biggest flaws in the Medium platform is that once you write anything on medium, you are not the owner of the content. The Medium Organization itself becomes the owner. This flaw is hated by a lot of writers but there is a solution to this as well.

Medium is not the only platform you can use to read and write. There are various other alternatives to medium on the internet as well. You can easily use these free Medium alternatives to read different write-ups from millions of writers. You can even write in these [portals yourself. So, let’s have a look at the free alternatives to medium for the best.

List of the Top Best Medium Alternatives for Free in

Below, you will find a list of different products that can easily work as Medium alternatives for you. You should go through the description of all these products and select one or maybe more as per your requirements of reading or writing or both.

1. Quora Question-Based Medium Alternative

Quora as a Medium Alternative

You must already know about Quora. Quora is one of the most commonly used and widely acknowledged writing platforms you will ever find. Here you can easily find the answer to your questions and even post the answers yourself. This means that the platform is a question-based medium alternative for readers rather than a topic. So, if you want to present your article in the form of questions, then nothing’s better than Quora.

Additionally, why Quaore is one of the best Medium alternatives because you or anyone else can access the answers on Quora for free. You don’t even have to sign up on the platform to seek the answers.

2. Fiverr Best Medium Alternative

Fiverr as a medium alternative

If you are a professional writer and want to get paid for your work, then nothing’s better than Fiverr as one of the best Medium alternatives. Using this platform, you can easily transform your write-ups into high-paying articles.

To get the best out of the platform, all you need to do is create an account. After this, you can set up what kind of niche you are flexible working on. According to this niche and the price you set, the interested parties will connect with you on this free alternative to medium for PC. The portal is very easy to use and if you are worth it, allows you to earn better and create a connection of different creators and seekers.

3. WordPress Best Replacement for Medium

WordPress as medium alternative

WordPress is another one of the most commonly used and accepted sources for writing and reading. Apart from this, some creators also use the platform as the best replacement for Medium alternatives. Using this open-sourced platform, you can give your article the desired look you want twitch ease.

The portal provides a lot of customization and website-like features to you. You can modify and define these features to determine whether you want to the give desired look to your write-up after customization or keep it as it is for easy and hassle-free access. Everything is up to you with this alternative to medium blog.

4. Vocal Media Best Medium Alternatives for Free

Vocal Media Best Medium Alternatives for Free

Vocal Media is another one of the smartest and the most advanced best Medium alternatives for free. With the help of this similar site like medium, you can give a voice to your media or write-ups. One of the best features that you get with Vocal Media is that it does not allow anyone to post adjust about anything like Quora.

The screening process of the curators at Vocal Media is quite thorough. Hence, not just any article can be updated on the platform. You need to address the curators to be able to publish an article on the platform. Additionally, this screening is the main reason why this is the most trusted free medium alternative to earn money.

List of best fiverr alternatives websites.

5. Hubpages Best Medium Alternative

Hubpages Best Medium Alternative

If you are looking for one of the best Medium alternatives for free that have category-wise articles, then Hubpages is the place for you. The platform allows you to read and write articles based on arts, business, entertainment, politics, sports, tech, and others. All you need to do to use this similar site to medium is create an account and sign up for free at any cost.

Although the interface of the website is quite simple yet attractive, it contains a lot of ads. Why is this so is it because HubPages uses these ads as a source of revenue for them and you. These ads are the main source from which you can get the money as per the number of views on your article. Hence, just like the Fiverr platform, you can also use this medium alternative to earn money as well.

6. Ghost Best Alternative to Medium

Ghost Best Alternative to Medium

Ghost is another one of the best Medium alternatives for free. The platform is quite similar to HubPages as well. Just like the latter, the former allows you to run Google ads on your webpage or articles to get paid. However, unlike Hubpages, this service is optional in Ghost. If you want a separate domain and page for your write-ups, then the creators of the platform will seek payment of $25 from you for the services.

If you manage to provide regular and top-notch content on the portal, then you can easily get paid for your article by the readers. With the blogging option of Ghost as the best alternative to Medium, you can easily earn a lot. All you need to do is sign-up and pen down your thoughts.

7. Seemit  Similar Site Like Medium

Seemit  Similar Site Like Medium

Seemit is a new introduction to the list of the best Medium alternatives for PC. The platform is based on a network of decentralized systems., just like cryptocurrencies and other blockchain-based apps and programs. One of the best parts about this medium blog alternative is that by using this platform, hundreds of writers have been able to earn quite well as compared to that any other portal.

To use this similar site like Medium, you need to create an account and then link an e-Wallet to the same for the best results. However, the process to set up and linking your eWallet and then Seemit account is a quite complicated and lengthy process at times. However, everything becomes worth the hassle if you manage to get paid for your articles in the end.

8. Newsbreak Best Medium Alternative

Newsbreak Best Medium Alternative

Just like the name of this one of the best Medium alternatives, newsbreak is a great way to read and write news-related write-ups. However, this is not the niche of the platform and hence allows you to write about other topics as well if you want. One of the best parts about this medium blog alternative is that it supports a Newsbreak Partner system.

Under this system, if you are a smart writer and somehow present your skills to get selected for the program. Newsbreak will pay you $1000 a month for your articles. This is something that you should not skip in this replacement for Medium. The website is completely free and if you are willing to provide at least a duo of articles every week, then can start earning from the website after a tenure of three months.

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9. Papyrus One of the Best Medium Alternative

Papyrus One of the Best Medium Alternative

Papyrus is an acute name given to one of the best Medium alternatives for free on PC. If you are looking for a reading and writing platform for your writeups to earn money, then Papyrus is amongst the best ones. The working of the platform is quite simple. All you need to do is get subscribed.

As more and more readers will subscribe to your articles, you can ask them for a specified amount to provide the articles in a month. These charges are variable and can be changed as per your reach and the traffic on your articles. However, if you are a writer looking for a domain, you have to pay a fixed, one-time amount of $50 to get working with this alternative to medium blog. This feature is quite similar to that of WordPress.

10. Substack –  Similar to Medium App

Substack -  Similar to Medium App

We are getting close to the end of the list and then the ninth one of the best Medium alternatives free for PC is substack. The platform is quite similar to Papyrus and hence enlisted right below the same. Just like Papyrus, the platform allows you to link the Stripe account with your Substack account to get the payments for your writeups straight to your accounts.

Although Substack is a similar site to medium, it is not one of the Medium similar apps. The platform, unline Medium, uses an email base for the subscription of its article. This means, that the readers will get a subscription letter from the portal that will allow them to access your articles after they pay the specified amount for your write-ups.

11. Notion – Medium Similar Site

Notion - Medium Similar Site

The next name on this list of the best Medium alternatives is notion. If you like to play with productivity and work at your best, then Notion is the platform for you. Using the portal, you can convert your writeup to a working webpage with ease. All you need to do is ascertain the best out of the highly-customizable features and user-interface options of the Notion.

This medium similar site is quite simple yet advanced for its age. The portal allows you to share your articles with others. This allows you to create a wide connection of smart editors, writers, creators, and readers. You can then utilize the best out of these by advancing accordingly.

12. Tumblr Alternatives of Medium

Tumblr as a medium alternative

The last name on this list of the best Medium alternatives free for PC is Tumblr. Tumblr is a safe and viable option for you if you are looking for a platform that does not require you to create a separate webpage for your write-ups. Hence, you should proceed with the alternative to Medium accordingly.

However, this medium’s similar site comes with some flaws. If you want to get paid for your write-ups, then Tumblr is not the way to go. Additionally, you can only inform your readers about certain topics using Tumblr. The feature-ridden editing options of Tumblr are worth checking out the Medium substitute.

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FAQs – Medium Alternatives

Q1. Are there platforms like Medium?

There are over 100 medium blog alternatives for various platforms, including Web-based / Online, iPhone, Android, Mac, and Self-Hosted solutions. Of course, the best free alternative to medium is WordPress. Other great similar sites like Medium are Ghost, Tumblr, and Vocal Media.

Q2.Is Medium better than vocal?

Vocal Media is a website that is more similar to medium; anyone can join, but the content is reviewed before it is published. In contrast to Medium, it has a far more intricate structure, with each posted story falling under one of their categories.

Q3.Do Medium writers get paid?

Writers in the Partner Program are compensated on a monthly basis based on how long Medium users spend browsing their stories. Members who read more frequently earn more as authors.

Q4.Which is better, Tumblr or Medium?

Both are excellent blog systems, but other options might be more effective for your needs. Authors that post their work on Medium have produced some of the best articles to read. The best platform for finding graphic content is Tumblr, and the greatest platform for finding written content is Medium.

Listed: The Best Medium Alternatives for Writers and Readers

So, the above was the extensive list of the best Medium alternatives for free for PC and other devices. You can easily use these tools or alternatives to read and write about various topics. These tools are one of the best and the most secure ways to get the attention of readers and get paid while doing the same. Additionally, you also get various other advanced features with the replacement for Medium for the best.  If you have any doubts about any of the alternatives, we are here to help you. Just write to us about your queries in the comments below and then get the precept answer from our subject-matter experts as soon as possible. For more of such interesting articles, subscribe to our newsletter by providing your email address below.

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