Fix Spotify keeps pausing

How to Fix Spotify Keeps Pausing [100% Fix]

 If Spotify keeps stopping or pausing randomly on your Windows or Mac device, you may read this article to explore its easiest and quickest solutions. 

Spotify helps you unwind your mind and soul at the end of a tiring day or when you need some soothing tunes to concentrate on the task at hand. It is among the most loved media and audio streaming services of millions of users around the world (including us). However, all the cheerful and calming musical vibes seem to turn into despair when Spotify keeps pausing.

Are you also a disheartened user wondering, “why does my Spotify keep pausing and how to fix it?” If yes, let us bring back the joy of music with this article.

Through this write-up, we guide you through the best possible ways to fix problems, like Spotify keeps stopping. But before taking you to the solutions, let us first talk a little about what may have gone wrong.

If you dig deeper into the roots of a problem, you can solve it much more quickly and easily. Hence, below we enlist all probable reasons Spotify randomly pauses on your device.

Why Spotify Keeps Pausing

Following is the list of the most common reasons Spotify keeps pausing randomly.

  • Accumulation of cache
  • Connectivity problems
  • Battery saver enabled
  • Inappropriate account settings
  • Bluetooth device issues

Above, we looked at the factors that may have resulted in the Spotify randomly pausing issue. Now, let us move towards the most effective solutions to this problem.

Fixes to the Spotify Keeps Pausing Issue

Below is how we and a lot of other users solved the Spotify keeps stopping problem. You can also apply these solutions to get rid of Spotify’s random pausing issue with ease on Windows and Mac devices.

Solutions to Spotify Keeps Stopping Problem on Windows 

If you are a Windows user troubled with the Spotify keeps pausing problem, you may use the following hacks to drive it away.

Fix 1: Log out of Spotify from all other devices

You can sign in to Spotify from multiple devices through a web browser. However, using Spotify on more than one device pauses it on the device you wish to use currently. Hence, it may be possible that Spotify keeps pausing on Windows as you are logged in on some other device. Therefore, you should take the following steps to sign out of Spotify from all other devices.

  • Launch the web browser and go to
  • Sign in to your Spotify account.
  • Click on your account ID visible at the top right corner of the Spotify window.
  • Select Account from the options available in the drop-down menu.
    account ID
  • Now, scroll down the “Account Overview” window and Sign out everywhere.
    Sign out everywhere.
  • After you are signed out of all devices, launch Spotify and check whether it works fine or keeps pausing randomly.

Fix 2: Force quit the Spotify app and restart it

If Spotify keeps stopping, force quitting and restarting it can help you fix the issue. Hence, below we elucidate the steps to do it.

  • Use the Ctrl+Shift+Esc keyboard command to call up the Task Manager.
  • After opening the Task Manager, ensure that you are viewing your computer’s active Processes. 
  • Select Spotify and End Task.
    Spotify and End Task.
  • Exit the Task Manager window and open Spotify to verify whether this solution worked or not.

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Fix 3: Delete the Spotify cache

Cache helps launch a website/app faster when you use it the next time. However, the unnecessary accumulation of cache creates chaos and problems like Spotify pausing randomly. Therefore, below is how to clear the Spotify cache on Windows to fix the uncalled-for pausing.

  • Make the Run utility appear on your screen using the Windows+R command.
  • Input %localappdata%\Spotify\Storage\ in the on-screen box and select OK.
  • Now, you may use the Ctrl+A keyboard shortcut to select all Spotify cache files, right-click on them, and select the Delete option.
  • After deleting the cache, go to the Spotify app on your computer and ensure it is not pausing randomly.

Fix 4: Inspect your network connection

If your router is not getting enough bandwidth for a properly functioning network connection, it may be a reason Spotify keeps pausing. Therefore, you need to check and fix the network connection problems to make the Spotify application work perfectly.

Fix 5: Deactivate the power saving mode

The power saving mode helps your laptop battery to last longer. But, at the same time, it interferes with the working of applications like Spotify. And lead to various issues like the Spotify keeps stopping. Therefore, you may follow these steps to turn off the power saving mode to ensure smooth Spotify performance.

  • Launch your computer’s settings panel using the Windows+I command.
  • From the panel available on your screen, select System.
  • Choose Battery from the left panel.
  • Remove the checkmark from the option to Turn battery saver on automatically.
    Turn battery saver on automatically.
  • As an additional step to stop the Spotify keeps pausing issue from recurring in the future, you may choose the High performance power plan.

Note: If you are on Windows 11, you may follow the path Windows+A keyboard shortcut>Battery Saver to turn off the power saving mode.

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Fix 6: Uninstall Spotify and reinstall it

Does Spotify keep stopping even after all the above attempts to fix it? If yes, you may uninstall it from your computer and then install the app again to get rid of the glitch responsible for randomly pausing the app. Below is the detailed series of steps to do it.

  • Right-click on the Windows icon visible in the taskbar’s left-most corner.
  • Choose Apps & Features from the menu that pops up on your screen.
    Click On Apps And Features From Start Menu
  • Now, find Spotify in the list of applications and click on it.
  • Select the option to uninstall the Spotify application.
    uninstall the Spotify application
  • After uninstalling the Spotify app, you may reinstall it from the Microsoft Store

Note: If you are a Windows 11 user, you may open the Start menu>Search for Spotify>choose Uninstall>find Spotify and again select Uninstall>click OK to remove the application. After removing the application, you can get it reinstalled using the above Microsoft Store link.

Above, we have looked at how to fix the Spotify keeps pausing issue on Windows. Now, let us learn how to get rid of it on Mac devices.

Fixes to the Spotify Keeps Stopping Issue on Mac

If you are a Mac user trying to fix the Spotify randomly pausing problem quickly and easily, you may apply the below solutions.

Fix 1: Delete cache and clean reinstall Spotify

Accumulated cache, like Windows, causes problems on Mac too. Therefore, you need to delete the cached files from your Mac to fix the Spotify keeps pausing randomly issue. In addition to this, uninstalling and reinstalling the app also fixes the minor bugs that may affect its performance and cause future issues. Thus, below is how to perform both these actions.

  • Open Finder on your device.
    Open Finder on your device
  • Click on the Go tab, press and hold the Alt key and select Library from the Go menu.
    select Library
  • Navigate to the Caches, choose and delete the folder named com.spotify.client.
  • Now, go to the Application Support and delete the folder of Spotify.
    Application Support
  • Launch the Finder again.
  • Select Applications from the left menu, choose, and drag Spotify to the trash.
    drag Spotify to the trash.
  • Make sure to select Empty Trash to remove the application completely.
    Empty Trash
  • Now, you may reinstall Spotify from the App Store.

Fix 2: Delete Spotify from the macOS “hosts” file

Spotify entries present in the “hosts” file of your operating system can also be a reason Spotify randomly pauses. Hence, you can follow the below-mentioned directions to remove the application entries from the said file.

  • Access the Finder. 
  • Select the Go tab and then Go to Folder…
    Access the Finder.
  • Input /private/etc/hosts in the on-screen field and click on the Go button.
  • Select the hosts file, drag and drop the same to your system.
    Select the hosts file
  • Double-click the file to open it in the Text Edit. 
  • Find and delete the entries with the Spotify address.
    Spotify address.
  • Save the changes you have made and launch Spotify again to ensure it is not pausing randomly.

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Spotify Keeps Pausing: Fixed

This article elucidated the easiest ways to fix the Spotify keeps stopping problem. You may apply the above-mentioned solutions depending on whether you are experiencing Spotify problems on Windows or Mac.

We hope now you know why does Spotify keep pausing and are able to fix it. If you have any persisting doubts, confusion, or suggestions, you may drop them in the comments section for us.

That’s all for now. We will be back in a couple of moments with another useful piece of information from the tech world. Until then, you may keep exploring the FirmExplorer’s blog to dive deeper into technology.

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