White box testing Types Tools and Examples

White Box Testing Types, Tools, and Examples

If you want to know about the white box technique of testing, then with this article you will find the perfect white box testing tools, examples, as well as the types of white box testing for detailed information. 

Developing or coding any software is quite a complicated task. A lot of things get involved during the coding that affects the input and output from the software. Hence, for better working of the same, you need to ensure that both of these are just perfect. You may need to conduct an end-to-end user experience or integral testing of the software. 

This is where the white box method of testing comes in to help. 

What is White Box Testing? 

White box testing is a method or technique to conduct the testing of software. Mainly, this form of testing focuses on testing an integral part of the software: coding and more. Under this technique, the infrastructure and the integrity of the software. This involves checking the structure of the software and then ensuring the flow of input and output information is perfect according to the requirements. 

Some may also answer what is white box testing as transparent/glass/clear/open box testing, or more. The same is also known as code-based testing as under this technique, the developers check the software codes. The box in the name represents the structure of the software. Hence, the name transparent box testing as you can surpass the “box” and check the software’s integral structure and inner workings. 

Using this technique, you can easily find out the structural errors in the coding and make the desired changes. This form of testing is different from black-box testing where the software is tested according to the end-user experience. Lst’s understand the working of the testing technique using a white box testing example. 

White Box Testing Example for a Better Understanding

The below provided white box testing example will help you ascertain the working of the testing technique and know more about the same. 

So, from the above example, you can easily conclude that with this method of testing, you can easily check the branches of decision, coding statements, and loops. From the example, you can know that A = -1 and B = -3 as well as A = 1 and B = 1 are a part of software statements. 

Types of White Box Testing

The white box technique of testing is bifurcated into different types. These types of testing allow you to ascertain the authenticity and working of the software under different aspects. These types make the software more easily usable. Additionally, you can also ascertain the working of other aspects of the software as well including the coding blocks and software packages. 

So, let’s have a look at the types of the testing method that will explain how and when you can check the aspects of the software; coding and otherwise: 

1. Memory Leaks Testing: 

Under this type of testing under the white box, you check if there will be any memory leak if the software is used. The leaking of memory results in the slow working of any software or application. You can use this technique even after you release the end product of the software, after the development is complete, or during the development process. If you find that your software is running or working slow, memory leaks are the first thing you should test. 

2. Unit Testing:

The next form in the types of the white box test is Unit Testing. Just like its name, under unit testing, you test every unit or even the block of the coding of any software. Some may say that is the first form of testing a smart developer ever conducts. Why? Because this type of testing allows you to ascertain the bugs and errors in the codes even before releasing an alpha or beta version. This, in turn, allows you (the developer) to save cost as you fix the errors under the development process itself. 

3. Penetration Testing: 

Next is the Penetration Testing. Under this form of testing, the developer or QA ascertains the vulnerability of the software. The software is exposed to different challenges and risks to find out the security threats. However, to conduct this testing technique, you should have all the information about IP addresses, networks, source codes, and servers. 

4. Mutation Testing

This is one of the most crucial types under the testing technique. You may conduct this form of testing before or after introducing the final software. Usually, mutation testing is used afterward to find out the modes of coding to improve the working of the software. 

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White Box Testing Tools: The Best in the Industry

Although, just like any other tool, the internet is loaded with tons of white box testing tools. All of these tool developers claim to be the best in the industry. However, the reality is something quite different from the claim. To get the perfect and real testing results, you should use the trusted and truly best testing tools only. After all, these will be responsible for the performance of the final output as well. 

Hence, we are listing some of the best white box testing tools for your ease. By using these tools, you can ensure that you get the actual and even the minute errors in the software. These tools will also allow you to fix the issues found in the software from the tool itself so that you don’t have to open and edit the coding platform repeatedly. 

Safe to Use Tools for Testing: 

So, let’s stop beating around the bush and go through the list of some of the best white box testing tools below: 

  • NUnit Just like its name, the NUnit tool is best for code unit testing and others. The tool also supports the .NET platforms for testing and more. The product is quite helpful and hence boasts a total of over 100 million downloads. 
  • PyUnitPyUnit is one of the smartest white box testing tools. Using the same, you can easily catch the bugs and rectify the same in the early software development stages for ease and a smooth development experience. 
  • Parasoft Jtest The developers at Parasoft developed a testing platform named Jtest for software developers. With this tool, you can easily test the software using the smart algorithm of Java. This tool is quite faster and more advanced than other similar ones. 
  • HTMLUnit Just like NUnit, HTMLUnit is another one of the best white box testing tools. The tool is quite lightweight yet provides some of the most advanced and never seen features for the developers, testers, and QAs. 
  • EclEmma– Emma is here to rescue you. The EclEmma is one of the best tools you will ever find to test any software. The interface of the tool is quite simple and hence, easy to use for beginners and others. 
  • CppUnit– Lastly, we present to you the CppUnit test framework or CppUnit as one of the best white box testing tools. With this tool, you can easily test the working and coding of the software with the C++ port. CppUnit is a part of the JUnit framework.

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Everything About the White Box Technique of Testing: Concluded

So, we hope that the previous sections of this guide explained to you everything about what is white box testing. From tools, and techniques to examples. We provided help to explain the method better. However, if you still have any questions, you can ask the same in the comments section below.

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