How to Fix Sound Not Working on Mac

How to Fix Sound Not Working on Mac: Facing Low Volume on Macbook

A perfect guide on ‘How to Fix Sound Not Working on Mac: Facing Low Volume on Macbook’ will help you fix your sound problem.

If you face low volume on your Macbook, cannot change the volume on Mac, or cannot turn sound back on after a system update, follow these steps to fix the Sound problem.

Running OS X Mavericks or Yosemite is marvelous. Speeding up when launching an app, accessing mission-critical files with Cloud Save, and a lot of other stuff is great in OS X. But there’s something wrong with the sound on Mac when playing music on Mac OS X, and you revolve around the question, ‘why is my Mac volume so low?’

Sound not working on Mac OS can be very frustrating. You open up a video, an app, or a song on your Mac, and you hear nothing. Before you call Apple Care, try a few tips below to fix sound not working on Macbook or iMac. The good news is that this issue is more common than it should be. Here we will introduce you solutions for significant problems about the sound on Mac:

What are the Reasons for No Sound in Macbook Pro?

  • The media file might be damaged, improperly downloaded, or lack a header.
  • It’s possible that a hardware component (such as speakers or headphones) isn’t operating correctly.
  • It’s possible that the area where the sound’s firmware is stored is corrupted or that specific files are missing.
  • There might be a problem with your Mac’s driver or firmware.
  • If you cannot play sound on your browser, there may be an issue with it. It’s possible that the necessary components for playing audio on your Mac aren’t loaded correctly.
  • It’s also possible that the software you’re using to play your media file is damaged or incompatible with the audio format.
  • You may have made an unintended adjustment to your Mac’s settings, resulting in the MacBook Pro has no audio.

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The best solution to fix sound not working on Mac.

One fine day, you want to play some music on your Mac, and it stops working; in that case, you probably find yourself annoying or helpless. Well! We have covered a few solutions below to save you from that situation. Let’s dive into the troubleshoots for ‘Macbook speakers not working.’

Solution 1: Check to See whether your Sound Settings are Appropriate

To fix sound not working on Mac, you need to check for the sound settings whether they are correctly updated or not. Here is how to check that:

  • Navigate to System Preferences.
    System Preference on Mac
  • Select Sound in the Finder.
    Choose Sound From System Preferences On Mac
  • Go to the “Output” page.
  • Ensure that the default output is set to the internal speakers.
  • You should double-check that the output speakers aren’t muted.
    Output Speakers Aren't Muted
  • You may also change the speaker output volume to ensure that it is heard.

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Solution 2: Reset the Bluetooth Device You’ve Connected

Try this repair if you can hear sound through your Mac’s internal speakers but not through the linked Bluetooth audio. Just double-check that your Mac’s available audio and Bluetooth devices are both operational before proceeding.

  • Go to your Mac’s Finder and select System Preferences to access the Bluetooth settings.
    Bluetooth In System Preferences
  • Simply pick the connected device and delete it from the Bluetooth window after being launched. You may turn off Bluetooth entirely from here, wait a few moments, and then turn it back on.

    Delete Or Turn Off Bluetooth

    Image Source: Wondershare

  • You may attempt pairing your Bluetooth device with your Mac from this location.
  • If it still doesn’t work, go to the Finder’s Bluetooth icon.
  • Choose Debug.
  • Select Factory Reset all linked Apple Devices from the menu.

    Factory Reset all linked Apple Devices

    Image Source: Wondershare

  • Follow a simple click-through method to reset the linked devices and your Bluetooth settings.

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Solution 3: On a Mac, Restart the Sound Controller

Restarting your Mac device is a pretty common task in day-to-day computer maintenance. More often, it isn’t a problem, but if you see that ‘sound not working on Macbook,’ try to restart your sound controller.

  • Go to Application.
  • Then Utilities.
  • Launch the Activity Monitor from your Mac’s Finder.
    Open Activity Monitor From Applications On Mac
  • Search for the “CoreAudio” process in the Activity Monitor window.

    CoreAudio Process in the Activity Monitor

    Image Source: Wondershare

  • After you locate the Core Audio component, pick it up.
  • Close it using the cross icon.
  • Wait a few moments, then close the Activity Monitor.
  • Restart the Audio Controller by playing a sound.

Solution 4: Reset Mac’s PRAM to Fix Sound Not Working on Macbook

Did you know that resetting your Mac’s Parameter Random Access Memory, or PRAM as it is more commonly known, has a range of fixes? It can solve everything from problems such as your Macbook not waking up, sound not working on Macbook. Let us see how to operate this functionality:

  • Press and hold the Command + Option + P + R keys

    Press Command + Option + P + R keys on Mac

    Image Source: Wondershare

  • Let the process go once you hear the second sound while booting.
  • Your Mac will be restarted now.
  • Check if you got the ‘fix Macbook no sound.’

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Solution 5: Make that the Hardware and Other Connections are in Good Working Order

  • Speakers or headphones should be correctly attached.
  • You may reconnect all of your peripheral devices to your Mac after disconnecting them.
  • If your headphones or Bluetooth devices aren’t working, try listening to music through the internal speakers.
  • Try restarting your system after unplugging all external devices, and see whether there is no volume on your Mac.

Conclusion: We hope this blog has given you some ideas on how to Fix Sound Not Working on Mac: Facing Low Volume on Macbook. If your sound issue is related to a problem with external devices, you might be able to fix the issue yourself by simply updating the software of one or two of the devices. But if your sound problems are more deep-seated or unrelated to other external hardware, then it’s best to bring your machine into Apple for a diagnostic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why is the volume on my Mac so low?

Something is wrong with the volume on your Mac. It’s much lower than the default. You turn it up to maximum and still can’t hear anything. The volume on your Mac is too low. And it’s frustrating. You can barely hear the song you’re trying to listen to or a video that you’re trying to watch. You’re turning the volume up, but it just doesn’t seem loud enough.

Although there are various reasons for this issue, the best choice typically is to replace your current headset or speakers. Let us list a few reasons here:

  • Poor connectivity of Bluetooth.
  • The issue with hardware components.
  • A problem with the sound controller.
  • Internal components damaged issue.

Q2. What can I do to make my Macbook sound louder?

If you’re using a Macbook, then you know how reticent they are. The fans are tiny and emit a sound that can’t be heard over anything else going on around you (even when the fans are spinning full-tilt). But if you’ve ever wondered how to make your MacBook sound louder, we have some valuable tips for you to help out.

  • Check for the hardware components working correctly or not.
  • Check with the sound controller or reset it.
  • External speakers that connect to your MacBook through the headphone jack may be purchased.

Q3. Is WonderShare capable of resolving the issue of audio not working in videos?

For the audio issue in videos on Mac devices, WonderShare is the most advisable software. It’s a powerful video repair program that can correct a wide range of playback issues in your media files. Consider utilizing Wondershare Video Repair if you suspect your video file lacks an audio component, has audio sync difficulties, or the media is damaged. You may use it to run a typical scan by importing numerous movies at once.

You may also run a more sophisticated scan, which will take longer but provide better findings. Here’s how to use Wondershare Video Repair to solve no audio issues in a damaged video file. Here is how you can use WonderShare to fix no sound in Macbook pro videos.

  • Download and launch the application on your Mac Device.
  • Add your corrupted videos to the application.
  • You view the incorrect video details and remove the damaged file.
  • Click on the Repair.
  • Check if the sound issue has been fixed on your video.
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