How to Eject Water from iPhone from Siri Shortcut

How to Eject Water from iPhone from Siri Shortcut

Searching for how to add a water eject shortcut and other ways to get water out of your iPhone? If yes, this article will help you save your phone from damage using the Siri shortcut and a lot of other ways to make your device water-free. 

The phone is not just another gadget, it is something that we cannot keep ourselves away from even for just a few moments. If you are also someone who loves carrying your iPhone anywhere and everywhere, including your bathing or swimming sessions, there are high chances of water entering your phone. And even if you do not, water may find its way into your device through accidental spills and other sources. No matter the source, this article will guide you through how to eject water from an iPhone quickly and easily.

No, we are not going to share those age-old methods like keeping the phone in a rice bag, if you think so. Rice is better fitted for all those delicious meals you can make with it. The most effective way, i.e., the Siri shortcut to eject water from your iPhone and many other proven methods is what we are going to discuss here.

We understand that you must be desperately waiting for your iPhone to work perfectly again (it has water resistance but some functions may still get affected). Hence, let us not make you wait any longer and move straight to how to use the Siri shortcut to eject water from your iPhone.

Guide to Siri Water Eject Shortcut

Below is how to eject water from an iPhone (iPhone 11, 12, and 13) using the Siri water eject shortcut.

  • Open your phone’s browser.
  • Navigate to Shortcuts Gallery and tap on the Get Shortcut button to fetch the Water Eject shortcut.Eject Water from iPhone
  • Now, add a Shortcut to your phone.Begin Water Ejection
  • Now, say, “Hey Siri, water eject,’’ and wait for Siri to launch the Water Eject menu.
  • Select Begin Water Ejection to proceed further.Begin Water Eject from iPhone
  • After the water ejection completes, Siri lowers the speaker volume to 50% and notifies you about the completion.

Above was the process to eject water from the iPhone using the Siri Water Eject shortcut. If you are uncomfortable with third-party shortcuts, there are many other ways of water ejection you may use. Let us discuss them too.

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Other Methods to Eject Water from iPhone

Below is how to eject water from iPhone 11Pro, 12, and other latest models for all those who are not comfortable with the Siri Water Eject shortcut to do it.

Method 1: Try to use the power of gravity

Gravity may help you eject water from your iPhone. Simply, point the device down towards the ground and gently tap the top of your phone. Also, tap around your phone’s frame to get water out of it.

Method 2: Eject water from your iPhone using an application

Many applications, like Sonic, prove to help eject water from your phone’s speaker. Below we share how to turn water eject on your iPhone using Sonic, i.e., one of the most popular apps to get water out of your iPhone.

  • Launch the application after installing it.
  • Select the sound frequency you want to play via your phone’s speaker.
  • After selecting the sound frequency, tap on the Play button to start playing the sound. When playing the sound, you may swipe up and down using your finger to adjust the frequency in real-time for better results.
  • Once the water is ejected from your iPhone, you may tap on the Stop button to stop playing the sound.sound frequency - Eject Water from iPhone

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Method 3: Play sound using via a website to eject water

If you do not wish to use an application to play water eject sound, you may use a website like Szynalski to do it. Below is how to eject water from an iPhone using this website.

  • Tap on the frequency and change it to 165 Hz. It is 440 Hz by default.eject water from an iPhone - Szynalski website
  • Select Play to start the sound to eject water from the iPhone.
  • After all the water gets ejected, you may Stop the sound.eject water from an iPhone

Method 4: Use packets of silica gel

Silica gel packets often come inside the package of shoes and bags because they are excellent moisture absorbers. You can also use silica gel packets to absorb moisture from your phone. Simply, keep your iPhone covered with packets of silica gel for one to two days. You can even open these packets and cover your phone with silica gel beads. However, you must follow this method very carefully, otherwise, you may burst the beads of silica gel.

Method 5: Contact the Apple service center

If none of these solutions work or you do not feel confident about repairing your iPhone yourself, you may let experts eject water from your iPhone. Moreover, the experts at the Apple service center may even fix some other issues plaguing your phone. Hence, you may take your phone to the certified Apple store or service center.

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Summing Up

This article discussed how to eject water from an iPhone using the Siri Water Eject shortcut and many other methods. You may follow any method depending on what feels the most convenient for you. If you know other effective ways to get water out of your phone, you may mention them in the comments section. You may also share your suggestions and views about this write-up through comments. We will return soon with another post exploring the best of the technological world. Until then, you may go through other articles on this blog to be more aware of the latest technology.

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