Best Open Source Contact Management Software

No matter what kind of business you run, managing your contacts with the best contact management software should be one of your top concerns. Your contacts will ultimately aid in the expansion of your company. As a result, you should be kind to your connections and make sure they receive the most outstanding services and goods.

Everyone is aware of how dangerous improper contact management could be for the health of a corporation because it leads to falling revenue. Spreadsheets simply cannot be used for contact management in the contemporary business environment. Managing contacts is crucial for an organization to have a successful sales process. Imagine paying a lot of money to have an email marketing campaign, but what if you didn’t have the correct email recipient list at your disposal? In this situation, your email campaign may be delayed, or the incorrect audience may be chosen as a target. No return on investment may be the outcome of unsuccessful marketing efforts.

The proper contact management system can assist in fixing this problem because it functions as a central hub for the contact details of your leads, prospects, customers, suppliers, etc. Additionally, it can assist you in choosing the target market based on your services. Further, you may manage leads, plan meetings and appointments, track sales, create performance reports, and perform several other things that will improve your customer acquisition and retention. Here, we’ve included a list of some of the top open-source contact management software you may use for your company. So, let’s get started.

10 Best Contact Management Software

With the aid of free contact management software, you can keep track of all your contacts, streamline the lead qualification and sales outreach processes, and manage your business deals with less effort. The list of contact management software available in 2022 is now ready for you to peruse.

1. Hubspot CRM

One of the top CRM tools available is Hubspot’s contact management system. The platform enables your team to effectively manage their pipelines, monitor contacts’ activity to foster stronger bonds, and eventually close more business. Hubspot's - Open Source Contact Management Software This application provides a variety of communication functions, including live chat, phone calls, and conference facilities. This enables your team to engage with prospects, track up with leads, and direct them via your service funnel. Good automation options are also available in Hubspot CRM. For instance, the tool seamlessly integrates your team’s schedule to the platform automatically, ensuring that your contacts may only arrange appointments when everyone is available. Additionally, live chat chats are automatically sent to the appropriate salesperson, allowing your team to build relationships with clients and potential clients.

Without prior experience, your team can build a fantastic contact management process using Hubspot’s user-friendly platform and abundance of helpful instructions. The solution also connects with Hubspot’s sales and marketing automation tools, building a complicated foundation for your team to collaborate.

Visit Official Site – Hubspot CRM

2. Copper

Copper is an excellent option for small organizations that depend upon Google Workspace. Those familiar with Workspace should have no trouble navigating the CRM because it functions and appears like a Google application. Copper-Open-Source-Contact-Management-Software With the help of this free contact management software, your team may save time on repeated data entry chores like generating contact entries or revising the contact details after communication by taking advantage of its automation features. In order to continue the discussion where it left off and advance the contact over the services workflow straight from their Gmail accounts, Copper CRM allows your team set up personalized triggers and reminders. Copper makes it appear simple to report. With the help of the drag-and-drop tools, you may personalize your dashboard so that you can quickly access the most critical data.

Visit Official Site – Copper

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3. Monday sales CRM

Although most businesses use as a project management tool, it also has a top-notch contact management system. The contact management elements of the program can be altered. Your Workspace can be created from scratch or from a flexible template. Additionally, you can modify the tool’s columns and rows to suit your requirements by dragging and dropping objects between them. Monday sales CRM The ability of your team to attach a chat panel to each row is one of the best features of Monday sales CRM. They can now add files, notes, and other pertinent information to the connections. In addition, your team can monitor the contact’s activities and enhance your efforts to generate leads by setting up customized notifications for system changes, customer relations, pipeline administrative duties, and other activities. Monday sales CRM is advised for entrepreneurs and managers looking to create their personalized open source contact management software. Thanks to the platform’s customization tools and drag-and-drop capabilities, you may adapt the solution to your demands without any coding knowledge.

Visit Official Site – Monday sales CRM

4. Wrike

A well-liked project management tool is Wrike. However, it also works well as a contact management tool. Simply put your contacts’ information in the job description and add them as tasks. Then, depending on your sales funnel and company objectives, you can allocate various contacts to your team and design personalized notifications and reminders. Wrike - Open Source Contact Management Software When you set Wrike as your contact management system, you may plan follow-ups, connect particular contacts to particular sales agents, and optimize your pipeline by assigning tags for various sales cycle phases. The CRM from Wrike has adaptable communication templates. These templates can assist your team in managing incoming requests more efficiently or in keeping contacts informed without having to engage in pointless phone calls, emails, and meetings. Additionally, they include editable request forms so that you may set up in-app chats with your connections.

Visit Official Site – Wrike

5. Keap

The CRM from Keap is a potent tool for small- to medium-sized organizations. With the help of this solution, you can keep track of how customers interact with your company, direct their customer experience, and set up predictable sales pipelines by storing and organizing contact data in orderly files. Keap - Open Source Contact Management Software Your staff can stay in touch with customers remotely thanks to the helpful mobile app that is included with the program and functions nicely on Android and iOS. Keap has a few helpful automation features. For instance, you can design automated contact channels and send tailored follow-ups based on recent behavior and client data. In addition, you can tag your contacts and move them in mass from one network to another if you like. Microsoft’s Excel and Outlook, Gmail, sales management software, and well-known e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Woocommerce are just a few of the programs with which Keap interacts.

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6. Zoho

For startups as well as other organizations with minor sales teams but a need to build trusting connections with their clients, the Zoho CRM software is a fantastic option. Due to its multichannel networking capabilities, this program enables a small team to handle huge contact lists over numerous web channels. Zoho CRM software This free contact management software allows your team to interact with contacts via social media sites like LinkedIn, chat support, phone calls, or emails while keeping track of their activities across many platforms. Your client team can personalize every conversation without juggling several tools or windows because every contact record is immediately updated with pertinent information. Its gamification possibilities let you recognize your team’s accomplishments with trophies and badges. This may increase their productivity and enable them to close more sales.

Visit Official Site – Zoho

7. Salesforce

As the business contact list expands, Salesforce is a prominent CRM solution that is simple to scale. Despite being appropriate for all enterprises, this popular contact management software is best suited for medium and large people-centric firms due to its sophisticated features. Salesforce - Open Source Contact Management Software Compared to the other CRM software’s on my list, this solution has a lot more features. You may design and implement a sophisticated contact management approach with the aid of these features. Salesforce, for instance, makes it simple to access and update contact information, examine their activities and communication logs, and work with other members of the team to fill in any gaps in the pipeline for people operations. This platform’s abundance of integrations is among its best features. You can develop forms, make commercial presentations, verify documents, link clients to your customer service team, or gather customer feedback, for instance, using one of the many apps available in Salesforce’s features specialized marketplace. Additionally, you can link your hiring, induction, training, and 360-degree feedback systems directly to your contact management solution.

Visit Official Site – Salesforce

8. Zendesk

The Zendesk Sell platform comes with a contact management system. Companies of all sizes who wish to increase their lead planning and management should consider using this sales CRM. You may track basic contact information, discussion length, contact responses to offers, and even store records of each conversation from the communication hub. Zendesk - Open Source Contact Management Software Zendesk differs from its rivals due to the tool’s simplicity of use. The learning curve for the software is easy. It’s simple to use, and your sales department can get to the majority of the functionality it needs right from the dashboard. Additionally, you don’t have to spend a lot of time developing them because the pre-defined reports address most of your business demands. With the aid of Zendesk, you may categorize and separate your lists according to the leads, businesses, contacts, contracts, and deals. You may do this to make several automated pipelines to gather client information and interact with various audiences without causing friction.

Visit Official Site – Zendesk

9. Airtable

You may construct and manage customer records with Airtable, a customizable collaboration and project management platform. Many companies use Airtable as a workflow management software, but you can use it to manage contacts and create custom fields for your clients with tremendous success. Airtable - Open Source Contact Management Software With Airtable, you may import data from spreadsheets, use templates, or build a database from scratch. Once you have the data, you can build pipelines and automate processes, write notes for your partners, and use tags to divide your list into different categories. The fact that Airtable is so flexible is one of the features that sets it apart. Without knowing how to code, you may modify every component to make a tool just for your company. Every data field, for instance, can be altered to include character restrictions, drop-down menus, icons, color coding, date inputs, and other features. Additionally, the software automatically logs every modification made to an entry for simple auditing.

Visit Official Site – Airtable

10. Creatio

This program can be used by small organizations, despite the fact that medium and big enterprises would benefit more from its contact management features and existing pricing. Creatio - Open Source Contact Management Software Creatio is simple to set up and utilize. Without having any coding skills, you may adapt the solution to your particular business requirements and make your own panels, dashboards, and graphs. The application also allows you to segment your list, create detailed contact profiles, and follow leads as they progress through the sales process. Using automation templates from Creatio, you can make your sales process more straightforward. Additionally, you may use a click-and-drag builder to develop your own automation process if you are unable to find a template that is appropriate for your company.

Visit Official Site – Creatio


You must establish a solid relationship with your clients in order to maintain their loyalty in light of the fierce competition present in practically every business. However, with the aid of the best contact management software, this procedure may be managed exceptionally easily. Contact management software is a helpful tool for safely preserving client data and successfully communicating with them. But choosing one could be challenging given the abundance of possibilities. Therefore, we anticipate that this post will benefit you as you select contact management software as per your choice.

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