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Top Features of ASP.NET | ASP.NET New Features

Microsoft’s ASP.NET is one of the most popular and successful web application and development framework platforms. New and improved ASP.NET features to help developers create and deploy more effective, massively scalable web applications.

ASP.NET Core is a cross-platform open-source framework. It makes it possible for development teams to produce scalable and high-performance web apps. The greatest components of the previous.NET framework are combined in the new ASP.NET Core 2.2 features. It enables you to utilize each component separately inside the same application and includes the most recent versions of.NET MVC, Web API, Web Pages, and SignalR. Because of the top features of ASP.NET Core, it is regarded as Microsoft’s most popular framework and a next-generation development platform.

Using ASP.NET as part of a productivity suite that includes a profiler, application monitoring, and other tools for creating outstanding apps is a terrific choice. In addition, many .NET core features that are part of the ASP.NET framework can help you overcome common development challenges, expand the functionality of your apps, and boost speed.

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This article explains the top features of ASP.NET, including ASP.NET core features and ASP.NET new features.    

Some Of The Top  Features Of ASP.NET

1. NET Web API (Application Programming Interface) 

NET Web API includes ASP.NET-written web forms. You may easily consume and create HTTP services using Web API.

2. Security 

ASP.NET core feature will guarantee the security of our application because it is compatible with framework. Because each application has a distinct identification, the .NET core feature will confirm the objects’ validity before allowing them to execute. Additionally, the operating system’s general level of security will be evaluated. Due to its pre-application settings and built-in Windows authentication function, the software we created is safe and secure. The built-in Windows authentication and per-application configuration options ensure the safety and security of your programs.

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3. Globalization and Localization of markets 

One of the top features of ASP.NET is built to support globalization; users or clients from different nations will be able to understand and utilize this software. All texts are kept in one location in these files, which are open to everybody.

4. Extremely high performance 

Performance is always a key component regardless of the program or software type. It has been touted to be the fastest and most responsive web application framework currently on the market because of its usage of ASP.NET Core features and the Kestrel web server. 

5. Comprehensive development environments 

When creating an application from scratch, the ASP.NET core feature’s robust development environment enables us to rapidly drag and drop components (such as radio buttons, checkboxes, and so on).

6. Asynchronous use of Async/Await 

The classes included in framework from other companies now support asynchronous programming techniques. You may understand that ASP.NET core features are faster than other programming frameworks by using your understanding of asynchronous patterns in kestrel frameworks. However, most applications spend a substantial amount of time on input-output operations, online service requests, and database searches to complete.

Latest ASP.NET Core Features

1. SignalR Java Client

ASP.NET new features include the Java client for SignalR. It is a package for ASP.NET that enables asynchronous alerts to be sent from server code to client-side web applications. In addition, the newly introduced Java client allows connecting to the SignalR Server from Java code, including Android applications.

2. Self-hosted Web Apps

Applications built using ASP.NET Core feature no longer need IIS to be hosted. For Linux distributions, they may now be self-hosted or hosted on Nginx. It results from the desire to start a .NET Core featured application across all platforms independently. The self-hosted application uses IIS (or Nginx) as a reverse proxy even in production.

3. Minimal Code

Along with APIs exclusive to Unix, Linux, and OS X, the ASP.NET Core feature also implements several common APIs with the.NET Framework. .NET Standard, which is implemented by both.NET Core and.NET Framework, is a collection of standard APIs.

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4. Integrated Dependency Injection

Dependency injection, one of the ASP.NET Core features, is crucial to the modularity and flexibility of the framework. Developers won’t require third-party tools to manage the injection of dependencies because ASP.NET does it naturally.


Over earlier iterations, ASP.NET Core features have been a good improvement. Some of the essential ASP.NET features that you should be aware of are emphasized in this article. Some are brand-new, while others are merely basic ASP.NET features that have been around for a long. This is a superb framework available to everyone. We expect that the ASP.NET features listed above will give you a better understanding of ASP.NET.

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