Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Stock Trading Software in 2023

Since the pandemic hit us hard, the fun time of the stock market and trading industry has paused. Most traders, big or small, are experiencing inflation, stock market volatility, and losses. But worry not. Artificial Intelligence trading software is here to help. Yes, these tools can return you to your profitable portfolio again! All you have to do is upskill your technical capabilities and become handy with some of the best AI trading software. Artificial Intelligence works with algorithms that help you select high-performing investments as per your preferences.

This is simply known as Automated trading. Confidence, profitability, and safety are the benefits of automated trading for an investor. So, in this article, we present you with the best AI trading software, apps, and platforms. With the key features of every software, we will also look at important details like pricing information. Though the selection of AI trading apps can vary based on your requirements, this list will help you find the best.

Best Artificial Intelligence Stock Trading Software

With the availability of multiple AI trading software in the market, picking the right can be a cumbersome task. If you want a detailed analysis of the top ones, you have come to the right place! Here is a well-researched list of the best AI trading apps.

1- Trade Ideas

This entirely AI-based trading platform uses artificial intelligence to assist traders in choosing their investments more wisely. Two buddies looking for a more effective stock trading method, Chris and Dan, developed it in 2005.


How do Trade Ideas Work?

Every day, millions of data points are scanned by the Trade Ideas algorithm to look for new trading opportunities. Once it discovers a trading opportunity, the AI will base a rule on it that human traders can use to execute their own trades. Filtering out poor stock picks is one of Trade Ideas’ most significant advantages. The Machine Learning algorithm can achieve this by examining recent performance and the current state of the market. Therefore, if you are looking for the best AI trading platform in terms of the abundance of features and benefits, you can go with Trade Ideas. In addition, it is extremely easy to use. Thus, even if you do not have much knowledge about investments or automated trading, Trade Ideas makes it simple for you to invest with confidence.

Key Features of Trade Ideas-

  • Holly AI can automate the exit and entry signals
  • Comes with real-time data visualization
  • Shows the trendy market news
  • Event-Based backtesting through “OddsMaker Window.”


  • Standard subscription- $84 per month
  • Premium subscription- $167 per month

Visit – Trade Ideas

2- Trend Spider

Another best artificial intelligence (AI) trading platform, TrendSpider, assists traders with technical analysis. Trendspider provides the best buy/sell recommendations by using AI to examine data points for backtesting and pattern detection.


How does Trend Spider Work?

The fact that Trendspider is simple to use and comprehend is one of its most advantageous features. You can get all the information you require on the platform, allowing you to make smarter trading selections. Additionally, Trendspider has a tool called Automated Trendline Detection. This tool creates trendlines to support your own trading strategy using artificial intelligence and applied statistics. With its automatic candlestick pattern identification feature, Trendspider uses AI to identify common candlestick patterns. It can help you not to strive hard towards technical analysis. In addition, Trend Spider has one of the best AI trading apps in terms of functionality.

Key Features-

  • Automated trendline detection
  • User-friendly platform
  • Automated candlestick pattern recognition
  • Mobile application both for Android and iOS
  • Free 7-day trial


  • Advanced- $129/month
  • Elite- $79/month
  • Premium- $39/month

Visit – Trend Spider

3- Tickeron

Another top pick for the best artificial intelligence (AI) trading platform available is Tickeron. It employs artificial intelligence to analyze and identify historical and real-time market data trends. Tickeron includes several tools divided into different monthly memberships, unlike other businesses on our list that offer an all-in-one trading platform, so you can pick the ones that best suit your needs.


How does Tickeron Work?

Entry and exit signals are provided for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, cryptocurrency, and forex via Tickeron’s suite of AI-powered investing apps and tools. The suggestions you need to make trading decisions are provided by each of these Tickeron apps using sophisticated AI-based modeling and analysis.

Key Features-

  • Provides insights and real-time data (RTP)
  • Offers multiple features for beginner and proficient traders
  • It can be utilized for trading the comprehensive scope of investments (stocks, forex market, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies)
  • AI for entry/exit signal prediction
  • AI bullish/bearish trend predictor
  • Two weeks free trial
  • Mobile app both for Android and iOS
  • Customizable pricing schemes


  • Expert trader- $250 per month ($125/month with an annual subscription)
  • Day Trader- $100 per month ($50/month with an annual subscription)
  • Swing Trader- $80 per month ($40/month with an annual subscription)
  • Investor- $60 per month ($30/month with an annual subscription)

Visit – Tickeron

4- Black Box Stocks

Many people who like simple trading methods find Blackboxstocks the best AI trading software as it efficiently aids stock trading decisions. Two former Goldman Sachs workers who were searching for a more straightforward stock trading method developed the application.

Black Box Stocks

How does Black Box Stocks Work?

In order to identify prospective investment opportunities, the Black Box Stocks algorithm scours through millions of data points each day. It then uses this data to generate buy/sell recommendations for human traders. Black Box Stocks’ emphasis on long-term investments rather than short-term trends sets it distinct from other software like Trend Spider or Trade Ideas, making it the ideal choice for conservative investors!

Key Features of Black Box Stocks-

  • Multiple unique functions
  • Outstanding tools for day trading stocks
  • The platform has a strong community
  • Competitive prices
  • Fast and accurate real-time data


  • $79.97/month
  • $959/year

Visit – Black Box Stocks

5- Kavout

Last but not least best AI trading platform on our list is Kavout. It trades equities using machine learning. Two brothers who wanted to make it simpler for people to invest in the stock market came up with the application. kavout

How does Kavout Work?

Kavout uses algorithms that examine historical data to forecast future patterns. For people without any prior trading expertise, it is ideal because it will automatically buy and sell stocks after these forecasts have been made.

Key Features of Kavout-

  • Comes with a K-score rating system for stocks
  • Employs machine learning to find patterns in data
  • Suggests trading strategies
  • Aids in portfolio management
  • Less pricey


  • $7 for the first month
  • $49/month subsequently

Visit – Kavout

Final Words

AI has significantly improved financial trading over time. It can analyze data and reach thoughtful, impartial conclusions free from prejudice and emotion. You can consider the above-given list of the best AI-based trading platforms if you wish to achieve automated results from financial trading. You will benefit from the improved speed, accuracy, and sentiment-based predictive trading in this way. Furthermore, AI software will help you save a lot of money. We hope this article enables you to find the necessary help you need to upscale your trading game! Don’t forget to let us know your favorite artificial intelligence (AI) trading platform in the comments below!

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