Best programming languages for beginners to learn

8 Best Programming Languages for Beginners to Learn in 2022

The best coding languages for beginners are the founding stone of a successful programming career. Learning them makes it easier for you to further upskill as a programmer. Hence, you may read on to know about them. 

Statistics reveal that programming is among the highest-paid professions in the world. Now, before you start dreaming about becoming an expert millionaire programmer, it is crucial to learn the basic programming languages for beginners.

If you have an in-depth knowledge of the computer programming languages for beginners, you can build upon the foundation to further enhance your skills.

So, if that leaves you wondering, “what is the easiest and best programming language to learn for beginners,” continue exploring this article.

Through this write-up, we walk you through the most in-demand and easiest coding languages to learn first as a newbie.

Let us not waste your precious learning time and walk you through the coding languages you can master as a beginner.

8 Best Programming Languages for Beginners to Start With

After thorough research about the current programming industry and our personal experience, we believe that the following coding languages for beginners are the easiest and best to learn first.

1. JavaScript 

Do you know many of your favorite websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and Instagram, use JavaScript? Yes, JavaScript is not only the best programming language to learn for beginners but also the most widely used one.

Talking about JavaScript, it is well known for frameworks like Node.js that make even server-side scripting easier.

Moreover, gaming enthusiasts particularly like JavaScript for its ability to create full-fledged games in a browser or external game engines. In the programming world, you find JavaScript’s use in the back-end and front-end development of various applications.

Java script

2. Golang 

Golang, abbreviated as Go, is yet another best programming language for beginners. Developed by the tech giant Google in 2007, Go serves as a Java, C++, and C alternative.

The features of Golang, such as high speed, dynamic nature, huge popularity, and easy learning curve, make it the easiest language to learn.

Moreover, you can use this lightweight language to create network applications, graphics, mobile application development, machine learning, and network and system programming.


3. Python 

Next, we have Python on our list of the best coding languages for beginners. It is a highly-popular language with bright career prospects in the field of web and mobile application development, server-side development, data science, and machine learning. 

In addition to this, it boasts an enormous collection of frameworks, libraries, and other tools to help you code perfectly. And if you are skeptical about learning those syntaxes found in almost all coding languages, you may keep your worries aside. Python reads like simple English, making it the easiest coding language to learn first.


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4. Java 

When it comes to object-oriented programming languages, Java is among the oldest ones that you can learn. A lot of web applications, mobile applications, and software programs use Java.

Moreover, Java is the top choice of developers as it is highly scalable, secure, boasts adequate memory allocation, and has many libraries. Furthermore, the easy handling of enormous amounts of data and other useful features makes Java one of the best computer programming languages for beginners.


5. PHP

If you are looking for the best coding language for beginners with easy-to-understand and learn syntax, PHP may be a perfect choice. Trusted by Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, and many other tech giants, PHP encourages you to code more with Laravel and other powerful frameworks.

Other factors that make PHP the best programming language to start with include wide database compatibility and automation tools for app deployment and testing. If you learn PHP, you will find its application mostly in server-side scripting and backend web development.


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6. Kotlin

Kotlin is also one of the most used and easiest computer programming languages for beginners. Google has even announced Kotlin as the primary Android development language. It is a cross-platform language that you can use with Java.

The increasing popularity of Kotlin is found in fields like cloud development, server-side development, web development, data science, and the development of mobile applications.


7. C#

Created by Microsoft, C# (popularly known as C Sharp) is also among the best programming languages to learn to get a job in 2022. It is the advanced version of the immensely-popular C programming language. Moreover, its seamless integration with the .NET framework makes it one of the top choices of programmers worldwide.

As a C# programmer, you can work in 2D and 3D game development, and create mobile and web applications.


8. Ruby 

If you are a budding programmer with absolutely no experience, you may choose Ruby. Just like Python, Ruby involves no complicated commands or vocabulary, making it one of the best and easiest coding languages for beginners.

Moreover, there are a multitude of libraries and tools available to help you code swiftly. Furthermore, an impeccable full-stack framework is another reason we got attracted to Ruby.


Summing Up the Best Programming Languages for Beginners

This article brought to light different computer programming languages for beginners that are the easiest to learn first. You may choose any language from the above list to take the initial steps towards a successful career as a programmer.

If there is some other coding language you find interesting and suits the needs of a novice programmer, you may share it through the comments section.

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