Best Parental Control Software and Apps

15+ Best Parental Control Software and Apps in 2021

Provided current safety measures and digital exposure of kids to the world outside, having parental control software is the need of the hour. It is true that parents cannot stay with their child 24×7 but they surely can keep their digital eye on their kids all the time.

Yes, with the help of the best parental control apps and software, this is now possible. In fact, such apps or software are easily available for almost all platforms including Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac. Smart parents have already started using a parental control app or software. If you haven’t done it yet, you should think about safeguarding your child soon. All you need to do for this is to get one parental control app or software and let the all-round protection of your child begin.

What Is Parental Control Software?

Software that imposes digital restrictions or keeps a digital eye on your child through web filtering, screen time limitations, app blocking, GPS location tracking, or by following other steps that notify you about the activities(mostly online activities) of your children are Parental Control Software. Generally, there are android parental control apps or iOS parental control software but these can effectively work on a PC or tablet as well.

Benefits Of Parental Control App And Software

The benefits of using a parental control app or software are unfathomable. What matters the most to a parent in this digital age is overall well being and safety of their children. These days, most parents are working and so, it becomes absolutely futile to have an eye on their kids all the time. Furthermore, parents cannot peek into their child’s device every now and then. This will irritate their child and will create rifts in the parent-child bond. For this reason, you should think about using child security software.

Some of the parental control for iPhone or Android comes with features that can notify you about the geographical position of your child. To know some of the basic benefits of using parental control software or app, check out the points given below.

  • You can closely monitor their social media activities.
  • You can set limits on their daily smartphone usage.
  • You can keep a track of their digital activities and stop them from visiting sites that contain unauthorized or inappropriate content.
  • Some of these apps can help you know the physical location of your child.
  • You can ensure your child is safe from cyber threats and cybercriminals.
  • You can keep a close eye on the messages your child is sending and receiving on his/her smartphone.
  • Most importantly, parents can stay satisfied that their children are safe.

Features Of Parental Control Software

There are many parental control apps and software and all of them may have different features. It is on the developer to decide which features are they offering. But on a broad scale, some of the features are common among all the parental control software and apps. Some of the primary features are as follows.

  • App blocking.
  • Setting time limits.
  • Monitoring social media accounts, texts, or calls.
  • Content filtering and setting digital boundaries on inappropriate websites or apps.
  • Call/SMS blocking or monitoring.

List of Best Parental Control Apps and Software

1. Norton Family

Norton Family Parental Control

Norton is a name that cannot be missed when we are talking about digital safety. Its parental control is something that you can think about trying. Its interface is clean and easy to understand.

Norton Family lets you set time limits and can even turn off the device during specific hours. However, there are certain issues that you may encounter in this app but overall, for this price, it is a fine app to use.

Core Features

  • Can be used on multiple devices.
  • It provides a detailed report.
  • Easy to set up, configure, and use.
  • Gives an in-depth insight on the apps your child is downloading or using.

Availability- Windows/Android/iOS

Annual Price- $49.99/ Free trial version for 30 days

2. Qustodio


Qustodio is a name that cannot be obliterated from the list of best parental control apps. The best part about using this parental control software is that you can set individual limits for individual apps and devices.

However, the downside of Qustodio is that its social media monitoring is limited only to Facebook. If you are looking forward to a windows 10 parental control software that can be configured easily, then this can be your choice.

Core Features

  • Comes with a panic button to alert parents if their child is in danger.
  • Customizable time limits through multiple devices.
  • Fetches a frequently contacted list of your child.
  • Very well designed interface and easy functioning.

Availability- Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

Annual Price- $54.95/ FREE trial version available

3. Kaspersky Safe Kids


Kaspersky is not a new name when it comes to offering digital protection. It is now offering digital protection for your kids through its parental control software. The free version includes some of the helpful features and if you go for a paid version, you will get more features that can actually help you safeguard your child.

It runs smoothly on Android and iOS but parental control software for windows 10 takes a bit longer to run on it. You get a variety of handy services including web content filtering, application blocking, GPS tracking, and a lot more. It is absolutely a fantastic pick in this price.

Core Features

  • You can create as many children profiles as you want and there is no limit on the number of devices utilized.
  • Supports geofencing feature.
  • Vigorous web filtering.
  • Excellent screen and app time management.

Availability- Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

Annual Price- $15/ Free trial version for 7 days

4. OurPact

our pact parental control app

If you wish to get an amazing user-experience with powerful parental control features then OurPact can be the ideal parental control software or app for you. You can manage all the apps on your child’s device using its intuitive features.

However, when it comes to using the app, it can be a bit complex. Furthermore, it does not offer geofencing features. It is one of the best parental control apps when it comes to web filtering or viewing your child’s digital activities.

Core Features

  • Prompt notification on app downloading.
  • It offers to block apps, text messages, and other services.
  • The Family Locator feature helps to keep an eye on your child’s geographical location.
  • It provides features with which you can keep a close eye on your child’s online activities.

Availability- Android/iOS

Annual Price- $83.88/ Free trial version available

5. Kidslox

Kidslox app for android and iPhone

If you wish to block specific apps or websites that you think can be inappropriate for your children, then Kidslox can be your choice. It filters web content and offers to set screen time limits.

It is easy to use and navigate and mostly works with a single tap. However, while setting it up, it is possible that you may have to go through some issues but when it is in a working state, this parental control app is something that will help you keep your child safe.

Core Features

  • Supports app blocking and content filtering.
  • It keeps a track of the geographical locations your child has been through.
  • You can set daily limits on your child’s smartphone usage.
  • It comes with childproofing tools that restrict children from removing parental controls.

Availability- Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

Annual Price- $59.99/ Free trial version for 3 days

6. Bit Guardian Parental Control


If you are looking for a powerful and interactive app that can protect your child from digital threats then this android parental control fits in your requirement.  It comes with a wide range of features that help you keep a close eye on your child.

However, this app is available only for Android devices at this moment. If your child crosses speed limits set by you, you will get a notification. Furthermore, it offers single tap features that can help your child combat a danger situation by notifying you at the same instant.

Core Features

  • Kiosk Mode to customize and limit apps on the child’s home screen.
  • Panic and SOS button to provide extra safety in the real world.
  • Call blocker, anti-theft, and more such intuitive features.
  • Parents can set speed limits and geofencing on the child’s device.

Availability- Android

Annual Price- $44.99/ Free trial version for 3 days

7. Net Nanny Parental Control

Net Nanny Parental Control Tool

Net Nanny is one of the best parental control apps that offer strict web filtering and cones with an intuitive interface. This makes it easy and effective to use. It is really handy to set up and support custom web filtering.

However, if we talk about its geofencing feature, it is not that strong but still will do a fair task. If you are using it for a smartphone, this parental control for iPhone or Android will require you to download separate apps for the parent and the child.

Core Features 

  • It prompts instant notification if your child accesses any sort of inappropriate content.
  • It offers educational insights to children.
  • It is an amazing web and app blocker.
  • The Family Locator feature helps track the recently visited places of your child.

Availability- Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

Annual Price- $39.99/ No trial version

8. Mobicip


If you are looking forward to some good parental control features then you can definitely try out Mobicip parental control software and app. You can fix weekly or daily time limits for screenshots or block specific gaming or social media apps.

However, if we talk about advanced features like geofencing or total time limits, Mobicip can do better. It is good for basic features but still, its competitors are offering more. This parental control is easy to set up and is easy to navigate.

Core Features

  • It offers features that can track the location of your child.
  • Well designed app and web interface that makes it easy to use.
  • It offers to review 4 weeks of browsing history.
  • It allows you to monitor and block your child’s web and app activities.

Availability- Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

Annual Price- $49.99/ Free trial version for 7 days

9. Secure Teen

Secure Teen Parental Control - Secure Your Child

This is one of those parental control apps that focuses on managing online or digital activities of children ranging from age group of 7-17. If you are using this parental control software, then you will be able to properly manage screen time of your child.

It has been developed in such a manner that it keeps a robust check on your child’s social media logging and other activities. It keeps a close check on the majority of the social media handles including Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, and Skype.

Core Features

  • Remotely monitor the activities of your child.
  • Internet content filtering and app control.
  • Call and SMS logging.
  • Location tracking features.

Availability- Windows/Android/iOS

Annual Price- $39.99/ Free trial version available

10. Google Family Link

Family Link - Parental control app for android and iOS

Something that is basic but still fulfills its motive is Google Family Link. It is pretty simple and offers features with which you can keep a close watch on your kid’s digital activities and well-being.

However, this parental control software lacks in offering more protective features like filtering inappropriate content on the internet but it still is a good option if you wish to monitor your child’s digital activities.

Core Features

  • Allows or blocks the downloading of the apps that are available on the Google Play Store.
  • Gives a detailed report on the weekly or monthly usage of the apps.
  • Robust screen limits on child’s device.
  • Parents can restrict in-app purchases.

Availability- Android/iOS

Annual Price- FREE

11. FamilyTime

Family Time - Parental Control app for Android and iPhone

If you are looking forward to offering an all round protection to your child then FamilyTime is something you should not miss out on. One of the reasons why this is one of the best parental control apps is that it takes privacy very seriously.

Data that is sensitive and personal is not misused in any manner.

Core Features

  • Offers robust monitoring of your child’s device.
  • It comes with a strong app blocker.
  • SOS and panic button.
  • Teen Safe Drive feature to keep track of your child’s driving speed.

Availability- Android/iOS

Annual Price- $27/ Free trial version for 3 days

12. McAfee Safe Family

McAfee Parental Control app and software

McAfee is another name that we can trust when it comes to digital protection. Its parental control is something you can think of trying if you are looking forward to monitoring your child’s digital activities.

This child security software is very interactive and allows you to block apps of the specific categories. Also, you can track your child on the map which aims at offering the live location. This parental control software also has some features that incite mental health benefits for the kids.

Core Features

  • Offers geofencing features.
  • Supports multiple or unlimited devices.
  • Robust app blocking features.
  • Offers one click digital timeout and halts internet access of the child.

Availability- Windows/Android/iOS

Annual Price- $99.99/ Free trial version for 30 days

13. Kidlogger

Kidslogger- Monitor your child digital activities

If you wish to monitor more than one device or multiple devices then you should definitely check out Kidlogger. Its basic version comes with limited functionalities and you can use it just by registering yourself over there. However, it does not have blocking features, it can only monitor.

It offers multiple monitoring options that you can select by selecting the checkboxes. Some of the monitoring features include monitoring USB usage, clipboard content, audio recordings, skype chats, keystrokes, and a lot more. Kidlogger is unequivocally one of the best parental control software.

Core Features

  • Extensive and fantastic monitoring features including keystroke monitoring, skype chats and more.
  • Can be utilized on multiple devices hence there is no limitation and you can check on your kid from any device.
  • In its Android version, it keeps a track of what locations your child has visited.
  • It can record audio and take screenshots when your child is logging in any account using its device.

Availability- Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

Annual Price- $29/ Absolutely FREE to use in Basic version

14. ESET Parental Control

Eset Parental Control

ESET Parental Control is just a fine parental control and it does not work that well if we compare it to the other ones in the category. However, if you want something decent and simple for less price, then you can think about buying this one.

This parental control software is just available for Android at this moment. One great feature of this parental control app is that if your child is in a dangerous or unpleasant state,  he/she can send SOS messages to your devices in a single tap.

Core Features

  • App management and time management features.
  • Web Guard and Safe Search features will allow only the access of specific and appropriate websites.
  • It gives real-time location of your child and offers geofencing.
  • Allows kids to send SOS messages in a single tap.

Availability- Android

Annual Price- $29.99/ Free trial version for 30 days

15. Bark for ChromeBooks

Bark Parental Control Software

If you are looking for an android parental control that works in a simple way but offers strong protection then Bark is your choice. It is developed in such a manner that it can easily sense digital dangers through social media posts, text messages, images, or emails.

Furthermore, if there is a complex situation to handle, this parental control app has professional child psychologists that can help you and your child by offering adequate advice. Its monitoring features are extensive and hence your child will stay safe from most of the digital threats.

Core Features

  • It can identify or decode risky behavior on your child’s device.
  • Monitor a wide range of apps and other platforms.
  • Manages screen time and filters website visits and content.
  • Simple and protective.

Availability- Android/iOS

Annual Price- $99/ Free trial version for 7 days

16. Sentry Parental Control

Sentry Parental control app for Android Phone

Sentry is one of the best parental control tools that can keep a strict eye on your child’s activities. At this moment this app is available only on Android but it is soon going to be made available for iOS users as well.

If there is something suspicious in text or image on your child’s social media account or text messages, then the app will promptly notify the parent about the same.

Core Features

  • It provides phone call monitoring.
  • It includes features that can decode suspicious text or image on your child’s device.
  • Location tracking features.
  • Web monitoring.

Availability- Android 

Annual Price- FREE to download. Offers in-app purchases

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are the best parental control options for iOS phones and tablets?

Best parental control options for iOS devices are as follows

  • Net Nanny
  • Qustodio
  • Kaspersky

What are the best parental control options for Android devices?

Best parental control options for Android devices are as follows

  • Bit Guardian Parental Control
  • Qustodio
  • Sentry

How parental control works?

The best parental control software is focused on protecting your child by implementing certain algorithms. They are developed in such a manner that the functionalities on the device of your child are limited or restricted. Your child can then access its smartphone or PC in the case of windows 10 parental control software, within the boundaries set by you(parent).

How to Set up Parental Controls in Windows 10?

To set up parental control software for Windows 10, go to settings and click on “Family Options”. If you are unable to find settings, just type “Family Options” in the Windows search bar. Create an account for your child by filling in the details. Now, enable parental controls. You will notice two options being enabled by default.

Why do you need a Parental control app or software?

Keeping children safe in the digital world is not an easy task. A parental control app or software will help you keep your child safe on digital platforms and devices. The vulnerabilities attached to digital devices are endless and their consequences can disturb the serenity and safety of your family life. Turning ON the best parental control software for your child will keep you safe from these consequences.

Can I set parental controls on Google Chrome?

Luckily, Google Chrome offers these parental controls in its browser settings. For setting parental controls on chrome, you can either set up Google Family Link that will limit the screen time and monitor activities or you can utilize SafeSearch. Furthermore, a browser extension can also be deployed to block inappropriate content.

How to restrict a child’s Internet access?

Depending upon the parental control software or app you are using, you can restrict your child’s internet. On a general note, you will find this in the settings menu under the name of Family management or parental controls.

Can parental controls See deleted history?

No! Only the browser you are using for surfing the internet or your ISP will know about your deleted search history. However, your parents can eventually get to know that you have deleted your browsing history if they find any traces of you visiting the history window.

Can you set parental controls on WiFi?

Yes, it is absolutely possible. Some of the routers allow parental control configurations but some do not have direct parental control features. Hence you need to use OpenDNS for the same.

Can I set parental controls in specific apps, such as Snapchat and TikTok?

Generally, some of the apps like TikTok offer in-app features through which you can restrict your child’s access to it. But even if some of the apps do not offer that, you can seep-in the functionalities of a parental control app or software so that your child spends less time on these apps.

Do I need to worry about my kid disabling parental controls?

Yes, a downside of parental control apps and software is that they can always be disabled and steps of disabling such apps are readily available on the internet. If you notice a drop in notifications or a fluctuation in internet usage, then it can be a sign that your child has disabled its parental control functionalities.

Will my kid know that I’m using parental controls?

The answer to this question depends on you. If you have imposed minor or light restrictions, then your child may not be able to know that you have deployed a parental control app or software on their digital devices. However, if our restrictions are tough, your child may get to know that you are using parental control for their Android or iPhone.

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