How to Get Bitcoins for Free: Earn Free Bitcoins

How to Get Bitcoins for Free: Earn Free Bitcoins [2022]

It is possible to earn bitcoins without any mining or investment in heavy pieces of equipment. Read on to learn more about free bitcoin earning.

Bitcoins, though not new, have become quite popular with the world on the verge of the metaverse. It is regarded as one of the safest forms of transaction mode without needing the help of any third party, such as banks.

All you need is a decentralized network of computers, known as Nodes to form bitcoins. Another factor that contributes to the huge popularity of this cryptocurrency is there are many easy ways to earn free bitcoin.

Yes, you read it correctly. It is possible to earn free crypto (bitcoin) through tasks like gaming, ad-watching, etc.

The next section elucidates all these legitimate methods to earn free bitcoin instantly without mining.

How to Earn Bitcoin for Free

Below are some tried and tested ways through which you can earn free bitcoin with ease.

1. Tipping Bots

Tipping Bots

Various platforms such as Twitter and Telegram allow tipping bots to send cryptocurrency payments to the accounts you enjoy. With these bots, you can tip or get tipped for interesting/informative/entertaining social media content or activities.

Some of the most reliable tipping bots to earn free bitcoin include SpiceBot on Telegram (used to earn SPICES tokens for conversion into bitcoin), Tippr Bot on Twitter and Reddit, and TipJar on Reddit (for Ethereum crypto). Below are the links to these popular tipping bots.


Tippr Bot

2. Online and Offline Gaming

If you are an avid gamer, playing some games can earn you free crypto. Gaming is among the easiest and most fascinating ways to get bitcoins. And, with the emergence of the metaverse, earning bitcoin through games is becoming increasingly popular. Many games offer their own in-game currency that you can convert into bitcoins easily.

Following are some examples of online and offline games to earn bitcoin for free.

Online poker or casino games 

If you are wondering “can I earn bitcoin by playing games”, you will be delighted to know that many online casinos and poker games are available for earning bitcoin. Some of these games even let you earn bitcoins every hour. However, you must play them very cautiously, otherwise, you may end up losing a lot of money (these games are quite risky).

If you believe in the philosophy of no risk no gain and are willing to try your luck, below are some of the enormously popular games to earn free bitcoins.

  • Real Poker 

Real Poker offers a welcome bonus of 0.0015 Bitcoin without any registration formalities. You can play Bitcoin poker or refer your friends to the game to earn an additional 25% points for conversion into bitcoin. The only drawback of this game is that you need to reach level 20 to withdraw your free bitcoin.

  • FortuneJack


Another great gaming platform to earn free bitcoin is FortuneJack. It offers a whopping 5 BTC as a sign-on bonus. In addition to this, there are free spins to give you more bitcoins. Here, you can play over 300 games, such as blackjack, classic roulette, etc.

Games based on Blockchain 

If you are uninitiated, Blockchain is a digital ledger that records and stores information. No one can hack, tamper with, or alter the Blockchain. The world has witnessed a significant boom in Blockchain-based games over the past few years. The major advantage of these games is that they give players real ownership and control over in-game assets, represented by NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens. Another great thing about these games is that they are metaverse ready, along with offering an easy way to earn free bitcoins.

A few examples of blockchain games include Alien Run, Bitcoin Aliens, and Abundance.

Games based on Blockchain 

Non-blockchain strategy games

Non-blockchain strategy games

Many games involving strategy reward you for application of mind to clear various game levels. Spells of Genesis is an example of such games you can play to win bitcoin for free.



If you are a person who knows all about the world, you can use your knowledge to earn free bitcoins. You can answer questions in different categories to win bitcoins as a reward. Satoshi Quiz is an example of quizzes that lets you increase your bitcoin income.

3. Bounties


If you are a programmer/coder looking for how to get bitcoins for free, bounties may be the answer you need. For programmers or coders with excellent bug-finding skills, there are several projects that offer bounties in bitcoin or crypto coins. You may go to the Bounty0x bounty hunting platform to expand your knowledge about cryptocurrency and earn bitcoins.

4. Mining Software and Browsers

Mining Software and Browsers

There is a plethora of free bitcoin mining software that uses your computer’s power to help you earn bitcoins. Some of these programs include CGMiner, Cudo Miner, and Awesome Miner.

Moreover, browsers like Brave lets you earn bitcoins as well. All you have to do is connect your wallet and perform activities like watching ads.

5. Crypto Airdrops

Crypto Airdrops

Marketers often use various strategies to lure people into using their platform or service. Crypto airdrops are one such marketing trick where you get crypto (bitcoins) airdropped into your wallet as a reward for using the platform or promoting it.

However, do not expect to earn big this way unless you are ready to perform various small activities, like sharing the platform content on social media to promote it.

6. Expand Your Crypto Knowledge

Expand Your Crypto Knowledge

Various cryptocurrency platforms like Coinbase work with other participants for the promotion of their products or services. Moreover, you can use these platforms to learn about crypto and earn bitcoin in return. Some of them don’t offer bitcoin directly. But, you can convert the earned cryptocurrency tokens to bitcoins.

7. Referrals and Affiliates

If you are a blogger or someone who has enormous website traffic, you can earn free bitcoins by sharing affiliate links to refer visitors to crypto platforms like Coinbase.

8. Watch ads

Watch ads

Certain sites like lets you earn free bitcoin by watching ads. You can also play contests on these sites and refer your friends to win points that can be converted later into bitcoins.

9. Doing Microtasks

Doing Microtasks

Various platforms, like Cointiply, offer microtasks such as surveys that you can complete to earn bitcoin for free. Moreover, you may also get bitcoin for downloading free applications, watching videos, and shopping online. It is among the best ways to earn free bitcoins.

10. Take Part in Hard Forks

Take Part in Hard Forks

Participating in hard forks, i.e., the process of making radical changes in the blockchain protocols is also a way to earn free bitcoins. To make things more clear, hard forks split a single cryptocurrency into two and render the previously validated blocks and transactions invalid.

You do not have to do anything technical. Simply, purchase as many coins as possible before a hard fork to win new coins after the fork. You can go to FindMyCoins and Forkdrop to earn bitcoins through hard forks.

11. Stay Fit to Earn Bitcoin

Stay Fit to Earn Bitcoin

Have you ever thought about earning free bitcoin through walking and other forms of physical exercise? Well, it is really possible to earn bitcoins and stay fit at the same time.

Several applications like Sweatcoin and other exercise games track your footsteps and reward you with bitcoins for walking or moving in real life.

12. Captcha Completion

Captcha Completion

With Bitcoin faucets, you can earn free bitcoin for performing simple tasks such as solving captcha and viewing ads online. A lot of faucet sites like Bitcoinker are available for the purpose of earning bitcoins this way.

13. Test Applications and Services

Test Applications and Services

Certain apps like Storm Play reward you for trying and testing their games, services, and products. It is a great way to earn free bitcoin if you have spare time and an eye for detail to spot bugs that need the attention of the developers.

14. Make Crypto Predictions

Make Crypto Predictions

Some applications, like Spark Profit and Bitcoin Flip, reward you with bitcoins for predicting the price of cryptocurrency on exchanges correctly. Once the points reach the minimum limit, you can withdraw them as bitcoins. Moreover, it sharpens your knowledge of crypto trading.

Above, we looked at various ways to earn free bitcoin. If you have any doubts left, you may go through the next section of commonly asked questions to get all the needed answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are answers to the most common questions about earning free bitcoin. You may read them to clear your doubts if any.

Q1. How to earn bitcoin for free?

In this article, we discussed multiple methods to earn free bitcoins without any heavy pieces of equipment and mining. You can choose any of them depending on your skills and convenience.

Q2. Is free bitcoin cash real?

Whether the free bitcoin cash is real or not depends on the type of account you are using. If you have a demo trading account, you may only get dummy bitcoins.

Q3. How to start bitcoin?

You can earn free bitcoin from the methods shared in this article. However, to buy bitcoin, you need to use a bitcoin wallet. Following are the steps to do it.

  • Open your bitcoin wallet.
  • Use a PIN or other security mechanism to secure your wallet.
  • Purchase bitcoin or try to get it for free.

Free Bitcoin Earned

Through this article, we explained various ways to earn free bitcoins. You may choose the method that suits your needs to get bitcoins without any investment.

If you have something to share or any doubts regarding this article, kindly use the comments section to interact with us.

We will see you after a while with another useful tech article. In the meantime, you can read other articles on FirmsExplorer to expand your knowledge about the tech world.

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