Best Free Registry Cleaner Software for Windows PC

11 Best Free Registry Cleaner Software for Windows PC in 2022

Every one of us wants a tidy space to work with. The most crucial component is the System. In the times when we all had to face financial and health-related crises, we only had left with a choice of work from home and yet it is the ongoing process.

By the time, our PCs get slow and they need to be mended and repaired. Similarly, you also might want it to work unremittingly. There are of course many tools or software to this with the best efficiency still one needs to be choosy to choose a wise cleaner for one’s system.

You might not be aware of this thing that every time, whenever you install or uninstall, or remove any of the files from your PC, it keeps storing unnecessary trash in your drives. Those all are supposed to be clean by the course of the time for a smooth interface, and it could be sorted out with a registry cleaner.

Today, in this post we will be talking about the free registry cleaners of our systems. Let us understand the meaning of registry cleaner.

What is a Registry Cleaner Software?

It is a junk cleaner that comes as a third-party windows OS utility software. Its major work is to keep your system clutterless by uninstalling some of the malware files and by making space in your device.

Here, the biggest question is, is there some free registry cleaner available on google to keep your Windows errorless? Indeed, some best registry cleaners can clear the junk files from your PC at no expense.

What are the benefits of Registry Cleaners?

  • A clean registry makes it easier for Windows to browse across, which can improve Windows speed significantly.
  • They will eliminate any outdated files as well as any strange errors you are getting.
  • They remove unnecessary clutter from your system like Malware.
  • Provides clean and frees space of your device.

List of Top Leading 11 Best Free Registry Cleaner Software for Windows PC in 2022.

1. Clean My PC

This is the best pc registry cleaner and optimizer software for windows. The software maintains the cleanness of your computer and functioning such as before. It analyses your computer system to increase its speed, clear up trash files, and improve its overall efficiency. This is one of the best free registry cleaner software with some of the absolute features:

download button windows

  • It protects your online privacy.
  • The software cleans up the junk to run your system steadily.
  • The cleaner removes the leftovers of the uninstalled applications.
  • A user can clear the registry on the system with the help of this free registry cleaner.
  • One can get rid of the lethargy files with the help of this software.
  • After just a little effort you can remove the unwanted files from the PC.

clean my pc

Clean My PC is a powerful all-around the best registry cleaner that’s packed full of industry-leading features. Clean My PC could be your best option if you’re looking for an easy-to-use, high-quality cleaning program.

Clean My PC
Clean My PC
Clean My PC
  • Effective and easy to use software
  • Provides fast and accurate results
  • User support services round the clock
  • Guards privacy of users
Free Trial: Available
Price: $39.95


2. Ccleaner

ccleaner leading windows cleaner software

If you’re looking for a registry cleaner for Windows 10, look no further. Ccleaner is a free registry cleaner that not only safeguards your online privacy but also provides you with an error-free system. It helps free up the driver space of your PC. The primary traits of this registry are:

  • This utility allows for a quicker startup and enhanced efficiency.
  • It offers typical privacy safeguards.
  • Ensure security while being safe.
  • The program improves your Internet speed as well as your PC.

Ccleaner is also used to delete unnecessary web history and erase records of online activity when a user uses a shared connection.

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  • Completely free of cost software solution
  • Repairs registry entries on the PC
  • Detects and cleans all the junk files
  • Creates backup for registry files
Free Trial: Available
Price: $29.95


3. Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

The software is considered the best free pc registry cleaner. Auslogics Registry Cleaner helps your system to work smoothly and perform in a better way. This software comes with many features as:

  • Excellent for cleaning certain registries.
  • Windows cleaner that works.
  • Automatic backup Displays the registry error’s colored severity rating.

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Auslogics Registry Cleaner
Auslogics Registry Cleaner
Auslogics Registry Cleaner
  • Backup and restore option for registry
  • One tap cleaning functionality
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows
  • Scans and displays all problematic registry
Free Trial: Available
Price: $25.46


4. Glarysoft Registry Repair

It is also the best pc cleaner and optimizer software for windows. It offers several compact features like; every time you fix the registry, the program also makes a backup copy.

This registry cleaning examines many distinct parts of your registry with the capability of detecting many types of system and registry problems. Some astonishing elements are:

  • It enhances the system’s performance of the system.
  • Make a backup of any registry changes you make.
  • When an erroneous registry entry is discovered with a super-intelligent engine.
  • Scanning speed is fast, and the findings are comprehensive.

5. Registry Life

Registry Life
Registry Life
Registry Life

Scans all registry files on PC
Optimizes overall performance of the device
Searches and removes problematic registry files
Improves startup manager on the PC

Free Trial: Available
Price: $29.95


A compact, simple, and the best registry cleaner as well. Like any other registry cleaner, Registry life also promises you to repair and restore windows PC.

  • Registry Life provides a useful tool for cleaning and repairing the registry.
  • You may use this program to conduct registry checks to detect more than 10 different types of issues.
  • Simultaneously, this program removes unnecessary data from the registry.

6. Wise registry cleaner

Wise registry cleaner
Wise registry cleaner
Wise registry cleaner
  • Effortless scanning for the device
  • Fix all registry problems on PC
  • Boost the performance of PC
  • Automatic registry cleaning solution
Free Trial: Available
Price: $29.95


It has a variety of customized choices for cleaning up files that are no longer required. The Wise registry cleaner is an incredibly simple system management application that safely cleans out useless files and speeds up your computer’s performance. It accompanies the below elements:
  • It is designed for automated disc cleaning.
  • Defragmenting and reorganizing data on the hard drive of your computer can be improved computer speed.
  • Update firmware automatically.
  • Tidies the Internet History and Other Traces of your computer
  • Protecting your privacy.

7. AVG PC TuneUp:

AVG PC TuneUp:
AVG PC TuneUp:
AVG PC TuneUp:
  • Speeds up the Windows PC
  • Clears all the junk files
  • Cleans the registry effectively
  • 24/7 automatic maintenance services
Free Trial: Available
Price: $29.95


The software comes with such boosted elements to keep your PC fast, helps it to perform best, and to makes it faultless. The software also repairs and restores windows pc.

AVG is very popular among free registry cleaners. As the name roars its claims such characteristics:

  • It detects and eliminates unwanted applications and bloatware.
  • This disc cleanup tool removes problems, crashes, and maintains your pc constantly.
  • It enables you to help resolve nearly 200 applications.
  • Browser Cleaner makes surfing faster and smoother.
  • AVG PC Disk Cleaner can thoroughly clean your hard disc.

8. Registry Distiller

Registry Distiller
Registry Distiller
Registry Distiller
  • Finds and fixes errors with registry
  • Very easy to use software
  • Completes whole process in three easy steps
  • Single click to apply the modifications
Free Trial: Available
Price: $29.95


A fast scan identifies problems immediately. The software modifies the changes features. Also, it automatically backs up the registry. Some other prominent qualities of Registry Distiller are:
  • This is another best free pc registry cleaner that assures the best Pc cleaning services like quick scan and clunky interface.
  • This speedy cleaner will detect and correct any problems, giving in a smoother PC with minimal disruptions.
  • It removes orphaned references from uninstalling, removing applications, or adding them, and many more.

9. SS Registry Fixer

SS Registry Fixer
SS Registry Fixer
SS Registry Fixer
  • Easy to use interface
  • Resolves all registry files errors
  • Detects and deletes invalid system programs
  • Trusted PC optimizer software
Free Trial: Available
Price: $29.95


Registry Fixer is a freeware registry cleanup from Ss-Tools that is easily among the freest registry cleaners, with a set of free options; accessible, clean application interface. Also, it’s simple to launch a diagnostic in milliseconds.
  • It can detect useless configuration files which are listed in your Windows registry but are no longer in use by any programs.
  • Through Registry Fixer, you can scan your Windows registry for lacking common DLL files, which may cause some services to fail to function correctly – and then use Registry Fixer to fix these problems.
  • By eliminating clutter from your computer, you make it safer.

10. Eazy PC Optimizer

Eazy PC Optimizer
Eazy PC Optimizer
Eazy PC Optimizer
  • Powerful PC cleaning software
  • Completely free software solution
  • Speeds up Windows in one click
  • Automatic backup for system files
Free Trial: Available
Price: $29.95


Eazy Optimizer is popular one of the oldest and best registry cleaners. Though the process of cleaning and scanning the files is too long still it offers remarkable refines to your PC. Let us know more about it.
  • Before making any changes to the registry, the program creates a backup.
  • It removes trash files and accelerates startup.
  • You can control hidden Windows settings using Easy PC Optimizer.
  • This software accelerates even the worst PC in a couple of moments.
  • It resolves the issues of computers.

11. Power tools lite

Power tools lite
Power tools lite
Power tools lite
  • System cleaner and software uninstaller
  • Powerful internet optimizer tool
  • Supported on all Windows versions
  • Removes all the duplicates from PC
Free Trial: Available
Price: $29.95


Power Tools Lite is a free registry cleaner for windows 11 developed by Macecraft, the developers of numerous well-known Windows tools.

There were no attempts to install toolbars or other programs, as with some other free registry cleaners. It is known for some of the features;

  • Extremely adaptable.
  • It shortens the bootup time for a computer.
  • Automatically creates registry backups.
  • The interface is not perplexing.
  • the program is used to uninstall any software and clean up any remains.


Do you find any of these free registry cleaners useful for your system? If yes, and you think that any of the best registry cleaners are suitable for the junk files of your PC, you should not miss dropping a comment. if you want a program with an appealing user interface and offers a variety of utilities that will clean your computer and make it faster and more secure.

Best Registry Cleaner Software – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Fix Broken Registry Items in Windows?

The Windows Registry is a critical system, if it is not updated, it can get clogged with broken and deprived registry doorways.

When a user updates Windows or uninstall outdated applications, missing or broken registry elements might accumulate that brings an effect on system efficiency, particularly if the PC searches for a critical system entry that it can’t locate or that is damaged. To restore your broken Registry Items in Windows, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Click on Settings,
  • Go to Update & Security,
  • Select recovery,
  • Tap on Restart Now,
  • Select Advanced Startup,
  • Once you see the three options out of them choose to troubleshoot,
  • Then, Advanced Options,
  • Tap on startup repair,
  • Enter the password, click on Continue,
  • You will see the system restarting.

2. Are registry cleaners safe?

Yes! Almost all of the registry cleaners are safe to use for Windows. The software re intended to keep your device safe and clean. Over the period, the quality of the free registry cleaners has been upgraded and rendered.

When every software is sailing the same boat, other software must make its existence approachable in the online market. Only the thing you might miss is that some of them may have great features to use and some of them may not be so useful.

3. What is the best registry cleaner?

Ccleaner is one of the best free pc registry cleaners. This is very prevailing software in the free registry cleaners business. With some sequences of time, it keeps removing the data that is not required on your PC.

The application can search the Windows registry for any expired or redundant files and report them in its interface. Users can check the exact route of the entry and the reason for removing it.

4. How do I manually clean my registry?

To clear your registry, you can go with the below steps:

  • Go to the Start button,
  • Click on settings,
  • Tap on Apps,
  • Choose the software you want to remove,

However, cleaning any registry, depends on the particular software and it might not bring you to the same descriptive instructions yet the basics of cleaning any registry might be known by the individual application’s inputs.

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