Best Free Email Accounts, Email Service Providers

10 Best Free Email Accounts, Email Service Providers [Latest 2022]

Read on to know the best email service providers for free accounts to fulfill your emailing needs in the best possible way.

Despite the emergence of a wide variety of communication mediums, emails continue to be the first choice to reach a large group of people. You still need email accounts for a number of reasons, such as recruitments, registration on various websites, getting the necessary resources, file transfers, and a lot more. However, finding an appropriate email service provider to get free accounts is not an easy task.

There are a lot of different email providers on the web. But many of them are not entirely free. Moreover, some free services lack essential features.

Therefore, we dived into the pool of free email providers that are feature-rich, truly no-cost, and offer high user satisfaction. Without taking much of your extremely precious time, let’s move straight to them.

Top Free Email Account Service Providers

Following are the best service providers for free email accounts you can use this year.

1. Gmail


Overall the best free email services provider 

Gmail does not need much of what we call an introduction. It is among the most popular email providers in the world.

Well-known for its excellent file collaboration feature, Gmail bags the top spot on our list of the best free email accounts providers for a variety of reasons, such as 15 GB of free storage.

Apart from this, below is what we find mentionable about Gmail.

Features of Gmail

  • A lot of communication options, like Google Hangouts.
  • Easy-to-use calendar to set reminders for meetings.
  • Access to your YouTube account and Google Drive via your Gmail address.
  • You can un-send accidentally sent emails.
  • Gmail offers suggestions for the text to compose emails faster.
  • You can access Gmail from all devices connected to the internet.
  • Gmail protects you from malicious and spam emails.
  • Close integration with other services from Google.
  • Gmail allows you to customize the interface with various themes.

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One of the best free email service providers known for communication app integration 

Let’s now talk about Outlook. Also remembered for the domain name, Outlook is among the best free email services for its ability to integrate with multiple communication apps, such as Skype, Facebook, etc.

Moreover, Outlook lets you use other applications, like PayPal and Trello to work from your inbox.

In addition to the ones shared above, the following features also contribute to making Outlook one of the top providers for free email accounts.

Features of Outlook

  • Clean and user-friendly interface.
  • Free 15 GB storage.
  • Outlook supports add-ins.
  • Automatic email organization.
  • Excellent search functionality.
  • With Outlook, you get aliases to hide your email.
  • There is a calendar to schedule meetings/events and manage them.

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3. AOL


Best for free emails without any storage restrictions 

If you are looking for the best free email service providers that do not have any storage limitations, AOL can be perfect for you. In addition to unlimited storage, AOL (America Online) also boasts some of the most unique features, such as list view customization of emails.

Let’s take a look at all features of AOL that justify its spot among the list of email providers.

Features of AOL

  • Robust spam and virus protection.
  • A homepage with top stories from around the world.
  • Message filtering into various categories, like read, unread, unflagged, or flagged.
  • There is a blocker for offensive mail senders.
  • Availability of a to-do list and calendar to plan your days well.
  • AOL also has a chat room (you need a Gold subscription to use it).
  • Spellchecker to minimize spelling-related issues.
  • Email contact import through TXT, LDIF, or a CSV file.

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4. Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail

Best email accounts service having an in-built translator 

The best thing about Yandex Mail that makes it one of the best free emails to use is its in-built translation capabilities. You don’t have to use any third-party applications to get an email translated.

In addition to this, Yandex Mail also offers several useful features, such as 10 GB storage space, and reminders if the recipient has not responded within a set number of days.

Below we share all the highlights of Yandex’s free email account to give you a better understanding.

Features of Yandex Mail

  • You can sign up with your Twitter, Facebook, or Gmail account.
  • Access to all Yandex services like calendar and a useful search engine.
  • There is an option to customize your mailbox with a variety of filters.
  • It allows you to import and export contacts and tasks.
  • Yandex Mail allows the use of hotkeys to make your work easier.
  • You get a read receipt after the recipient receives your email.
  • Yandex has the ability to identify keywords in messages and their subjects.
  • It supports delayed messaging.
  • With Yandex, you can forward more than one message easily.
  • There is an in-built antivirus to keep you safe from viruses and suspicious messages.

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5. Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail

Best email service for personal use 

Other than Gmail, we can call Yahoo Mail one of the perfect free email service providers to use for personal purposes. Features like an in-built collection of GIFs to send in the emails are what makes us think so.

Along with this, Yahoo Mail also comes with a variety of useful features, like massive storage space (1 TB), availability of aliases that you can use to hide the email address, and more. Let’s go through all the highlights of this free email address.

Features of Yahoo Mail

  • You can switch between image and regular file attachments easily.
  • There are themes and color schemes to customize the website’s look.
  • Easy contact import from your PC and other accounts, like Outlook, Facebook, etc.
  • Yahoo Mail offers a built-in notepad.
  • There is an option to attach files via Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • The security system of Yahoo Mail keeps your account secure.
  • You get access to an online calendar application.
  • Yahoo Mail lets you link your external accounts.

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6. ProtonMail


Best free emails to use for sensitive information 

If you are someone who makes a lot of private communications via emails, ProtonMail is among the best free email accounts you can use. It offers end-to-end encryption to ensure your emails remain secure and invisible to others.

Moreover, this open-source free email service provider lets you choose an expiration time for your message. After the specified time, the message gets destroyed and becomes unreadable.

Apart from this, privacy features like link confirmation (which protects you from phishing attacks) make ProtonMail one of the best free email service providers.

Below is a quick snapshot of the other important features for kind information.

Features of ProtonMail

  • You get 500 MB of storage space for free.
  • Beginner-friendly interface.
  • Color codes for better organization of your mailbox.
  • No personal information is needed to open free email accounts with ProtonMail.
  • ProtonMail boasts compatibility with other best free email service providers.

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7. Zoho


A minimalistic free email account for businesses 

Next, we have Zoho on the list of email providers offering free accounts. What we liked the most about this service is its minimal design that does not have any clutter.

In addition to this, cloud-based file management via Google Drive and other such platforms, e-Discover to find emails snappily, and the below features also make Zoho one of the top free email services.

Features of Zoho

  • It lets you customize the domain for over 25 emails.
  • With Zoho Lite, you can use your business’s name in the email address.
  • Zoho does not go through your inbox for any advertisement-related purposes.
  • It encrypts the messages to keep them secure.
  • You get notified about undelivered messages.
  • It allows you to whitelist or block custom domains.
  • You can apply keyboard shortcuts and filters for easy email management.
  • Easy integration with Zoho CRM.

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8. GMX Mail

GMX Mail

Best free email service for alias addresses 

Do you often need to use an alias email address? If yes, then GMX Mail can be the best free email account for you, as it provides 10 alias addresses.

Furthermore, the availability of 65 GB of storage space, an option to send files as large as 50 MB, and the below-mentioned features make GMX Mail one of the top-rated email service providers.

Features of GMX Mail

  • You can install a MailCheck browser extension on your browser to ensure you don’t miss any emails.
  • Drag and drop feature for schedule management.
  • There is an online address book for managing contacts easily.
  • Robust filters to make sure that you always have a clean mailbox.

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9. Trustifi


One of the most secure free email accounts 

If security is among your top priorities, you can trust Trustifi. Its best-in-class security features make it an ideal choice for the list of top email service providers.

Trustifi boasts powerful detection and protection from ransomware, fraud, and other threats. Moreover, it also has the following features to justify its title as one of the most recommended free email services.

Features of Trustifi

  • You can add a Trustifi add-on for extra protection.
  • Compliance with PII, GDPR, FSA, FINRA, HIPAA/HITECH, LGPD, CCPA, and other standards.
  • There is an option to set an expiration date for sent emails.
  • It lets you integrate other email accounts or service providers easily.
  • Trustifi offers end-to-end encryption for emails so that they remain secure.

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10. Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird

Highly customizable free email services 

Mozilla Thunderbird can be the best choice for people who prioritize customization. You can change the theme settings or application extensions to personalize your email’s look and feel.

Moreover, it is also a good choice for people who use multiple accounts. With Mozilla Thunderbird, you can open more than one mails in tabs. In addition to this, you should also go through the following features of this one of the highly-rated free email service providers.

Features of Mozilla Thunderbird

  • It offers a huge library of extensions.
  • Easy-to-understand interface.
  • Seamless integration with Google Calendar.
  • Smart and clutter-free organization of emails.

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After learning the best free email accounts and service providers, let’s answer a few connected questions to clear any persisting doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is an answer to almost every question that you may have regarding the top free email account addresses and provider services.

Q1. What is meant by an email client?

Simply put, an email client is an application through which you perform the management of sent and received emails. Email clients communicate with remote servers to let you access your emails. Some examples of email clients include Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, etc.

Q2. What are webmails?

Webmail is an email you can view through the internet. They exist on a cloud, and you do not need to install any applications to access them. A few examples of webmail are Gmail, AOL,, etc. As you may have noted, an email service can be both webmail and email client if it has an installable application.

Q3. What is the best free email account?

In this article, we shared many feature-rich email accounts you can use for free. You may choose any of them according to your preferences. However, below are our top favorites.

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo!Mail
  • ProtonMail

Concluding the Best Email Service Providers

So, these were our top picks for the providers of the best free email accounts. You can compare their features with your requirements and then select the one that fits your needs perfectly.

If you know other email service providers that deserve to be on this list, kindly use the comments section below to notify us about the same. We will review and add them as soon as possible.

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