Best Duplicate Photo Finder for Mac

Best Duplicate Photo Finder for Mac (Free and Paid)

Are you searching for the best Duplicate Photo Finder apps? Firms Explorer will help you to out to find the best app to remove duplicate photos, as it has prepared a list of the best Duplicate Photo Finder and Remover Apps for Mac. The apps are super easy-to-use and readily available in the market.

These amazing duplicate photo Remover apps for Mac will make your work effortless. These Duplicate Photo Finder Apps for Mac can clean similar and duplicate photos, thereby ensuring your storage system’s health and efficiency.

These apps will help you to declutter your photo library and recover space on your Mac in a very short period of time. These duplicate Photo Finder Apps are easy to download and hardly take a minute to show their magic.

Duplicate Photo Finder and Cleaner Apps not only identify similar images from all over different formats including JPEG, tiff, BMP, etc. but also deletes them from your device and make room for new pictures in your device.

These amazing Duplicate Photo Finder and Cleaners make it convenient for you to use them and possess a friendly interface which enables the users to operate their devices smoothly. These apps have a safe execution process too.

Some free Duplicate Photo Finder apps are also available in the market that will awestruck enhance the performance of your Mac and also recover your valuable storage space and enable effective downloading without much hassle.

These duplicate file Finder and Cleaner apps have a highly customizable scan and are also time sensitive.

Given below is the list of leading Duplicate Photo Finder and Remover Apps for Mac that will provide a smart way to keep your photo collections organised and aid you in eradicating unwanted hidden photos from your Mac device.

List of the Best Duplicate Photo Finder and Cleaner/ Remover Apps for Mac

1. Gemini 2 – Best Duplicate Photo and File Finder

Gemini 2 is one of the best duplicate image finders and cleaner that helps you to find every duplicate or doubled image concealed in your picture gallery. With this tool at your clearance, you can fleetly remove the space-hogging dupes in different ways and can enjoy plenty of free space.

Its space-themed program is quite straight-forward to use for the non-techie users. This app additionally enables you to restore the incorrectly deleted duplicates within a few simple clicks. Hence, this is the reason why so many people contemplate this app.

It is because of this best duplicate photo cleaner for Mac that it has been easily possible for the users to delete duplicate files. It helps the users to find hidden duplicate photos and alternative duplicates and delete them. It also is capable of finding photos that look like each other.

It offers a takeaway feature to directly delete all duplicates directly. It also allows you to preview duplicates before deleting. It allows you to simply preview pictures, videos and additional files in order to double-check that the images that you’re deleting are not important.

2. Duplicate File Finder Remover

Duplicate File Finder Remover is one of the most intelligently programmed apps to clean dupes from Mac. It offers a smart algorithm that glances over multiple folders, all at the same time. Hence, there is no doubt why so many Mac users call it the best duplicate photo finder and remove for Mac in 2021. Besides this, you also get several other features in this dupe cleaner.

You can use this Apple photos cleaner app to seek out duplicates supported with their name, size, date, and type. It conjointly permits you to customize the auto-select rules. You can make amendments too with the help of Duplicate Photo Finder and Remover app.

It offers quite numerous options in which you can observe and take out duplicate photos from your gallery. It has lightning-fast speed which makes this app one of the best available options in the market.

3. PhotoSweeper X

As the name suggests, PhotoSweeper X sweeps away every trace of duplicate images from your Mac within a flash of light.

This software not only removes similar pictures from your gallery, but also finds and deletes photo duplicates. You also get many other features in this best duplicate photo cleaner which makes your gallery decluttering process smoother.

It helps you to compare the detected duplicates side-by-side so that you’ll be able to get rid of them with no confusion. Not only this, the tool also comes with 3 ways to review the scan results, which are face to face, One by One, and everyone in One.

This app additionally permits you to rename the detected duplicates in bulk, if you would like to move them to a brand-new folder. It removes dupes from auxiliary storage devices. It is a multi-platform utility. It gives further info regarding the image, which makes it the best duplicate image finder and remover for Mac in 2021.

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4. Duplicate Photos Finder

You might have got an idea about the functionality of this software with its name. Duplicate Photos Finder (DPF) helps you to find and remove similar and identical pictures on your Mac device with its robust algorithm. Here are some of its other highlights that make DPF one of the best duplicate apple photos cleaners.

You can compare and evaluate similar pictures from an image library with a lightning-fast speed. This app additionally helps you to get rid of duplicates from auxiliary storage device. Another nice function of this duplicate photos finder for Mac is its automotive vehicle mark feature that mechanically marks the dupes.

Duplicate photos finder has quite strong algorithms. It has easy and engaging interface. It has highly economical scanning results. It has Dark Mode for low light-weight ambience. It has fast technical support, thereby making it the best duplicate cleaner app for mac.

5. Easy Photos Cleaner

It’s not an easy task to find and remove similar images from your Mac device unless you have the best duplicate photo cleaner for Mac. As the name suggests, this tool makes cleaning of dupes quite effortless. Below are some notable features of Easy Photos Cleaner that makes it one of the best duplicate photo finders for Mac.

It works on a haul and drop practicality. Therefore, you merely have to be influenced to drag and drop a folder to the straightforward Photos Cleaner App to get rid of dupes from your device. This program amazingly marks the detected duplicate photos mechanically. This tool conjointly includes a free trial version permitting you to declutter fifteen photos. It helps to achieve further free disc space. It can cleanse your device from the duplicates and ensure healthy storage space.

It has highly optimal algorithm, with the help of which you can delete multiple photos from many folders at one go. Isn’t this amazing?

6) Cisdem Duplicate Finder

It hardly takes a few seconds with good internet connection to install Cisdem Duplicate Finder. Cisdem is a duplicate file cleaner app especially designed for mac devices that detects duplicates based on their content and shows the real time scan results.

This app is so powerful that it takes only a couple of minutes with Cisdem Duplicate Finder to scan folders. It scans and removes all your duplicates images in no less than a few clicks. This app is one of the most widely used apps and the best duplicate photo remover for Mac that even detects the dupes which are deeply hidden.

It also has a unique quality that it frees up space on external storage devices. It’s so simple to install Cisdem duplicate finder. The app simply makes it easier for you to get access to all your files that are hidden and contain dupes.

7) Easy Duplicate Finder

Installation time of easy duplicate finder is 2x faster as compared to other similar genre apps and therefore, it is the easiest to install dupe remover in the market.

This app provides various offers like multiple scanning modes and deleting duplicate photos in iPhone. With the help of easy duplicate finder, you can even set filters for image size and extensions.

This makes it more specific and extensive. As compared to others, Easy Duplicate Finder is pretty effective than other alternatives present in the market. It makes it easier to scan and remove dupes with in a few clicks and make your life convenient.

8) DupeGuru

As per its name, DupeGuru is an expert in detecting and removing duplicates photos from your Mac device. The app is easy to install, the setup which is comparatively lesser than others.

It is supportive of all image formats such as JPEG, GIF, BMP etc. We can also set filters for image size and extensions to make it easier to segregate files based on their sizes and other parameters.

This tool is, however, a bit expensive as compared to others, but the features and functionalities completely justify the pricing. DupeGuru is helpful in detecting duplicate videos, songs etc. too.

There are three different duplicate scanning modes also available, which makes the scanning process more defined and specific for the users. This is a worth having app when it comes to decluttering your device.

9) Tidy Up

Tidy Up is another mind-blowing duplicate photo cleaner tool which is highly customizable, efficient, and modern. Such qualities make this app the best duplicate photo finder & remover for Mac. Tidy Up provides an allowance to use different criteria to search multiple items and get some extra space in your device.

Tidy Up doesn’t offer much in the free trial version, and this is not for novice users. This could be one of the disadvantages, but there are some amazing features too that compensate these drawbacks effectively.

It allows the users to restore previously deleted dupes. It has one special feature which is, its advanced search mode that you’ll be getting experience of while most of the duplicate scanning procedures.

The app is a keeper if you are one of those who like to keep their galleries dupes free.

10) Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro

One of the amazing thing about Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro is that it provide results-in groups. Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro is helpful in renaming, ignoring and moving duplicate files from your Mac devices.

It’s quite easy to start /stop and pause the scanning engine anytime. Although scanning is a time-consuming process but in Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro it is easy hence it’s by far one of the best apps for removing duplicate files.

The app has multiple advantages, one being that Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro comes up with a clean interface and doesn’t overcomplicate things much.

It has one unique ability of finding similar looking pics which are hidden all over your Mac device with different names, orientation and sizes. If you want accurate results, you can choose between strict, basic and loose modes.

11) WipeDupliacte Photos

Wipe Duplicate Photos is one best tool to find and remove duplicate photos for Mac. Wipe Duplicate Photos is helpful in scanning your entire Mac to locate & remove identical portraits pictures, selfies and other images with similarities.

The app is super accessible and ensures optimum results. For newbies, this is the best duplicate finder and optimization tool as the app is user- friendly  easily available online. The scanning engine is a bit time-consuming, and the free versions are not beneficial as they offer limited functionalities.

The reason to get Wipe Dupliacte Photos is that it cleans junk aside from duplicates from your device, thereby updating its performance. The results so far show the duplicates in various groups/categories, and you can mark them manually and erase them.

12) Duplicate Photos Sweeper

This is the most magnificent duplicate photo finder and an excellent tool to find and remove same pics. Duplicate Photos Sweeper is available for Mac devices and can be installed very easily online. This app ensures that your photo gallery is clean and up to date.

It has a limited features setup, and this duplicate cleaner app doesn’t have an automatic deleting option. The reason behind getting Duplicate Photos Sweeper is that it’s free and a lightweight tool, without any ads, to clean duplicate photos from your Mac.

It has a good feature as compared to others, which is that it shows similarity percentage between original & duplicate file. There is no need to put deleted files into recycle bin, the files will directly vanish.

13) Dodo-Remove Duplicate Photos

This is one of the best apps to remove duplicate photos with the latest versions of iOS and is also available for Mac devices. There are many issues which are coming forward in many devices, one of the main issues nowadays is due to excessive files that clog the storage space.

They has simply become a complete mess which slows down and reduces the disk space to overcome with such issues download Dodo- Remove Duplicate Photos and enjoy the free space in your devices.

Some novice users may face difficulty in using such product. The scanning process can be managed by start and pause. It can remove hundreds of pictures within a few clicks and provides space.

14) Duplicatus- Storage Cleaner

Duplicatus- Storage Cleaner is one of the best photo cleaner app available for Mac devices. This app is free of cost. This can be one of the reasons why you should consider getting this app to quickly find and remove duplicate apps from your device.

This app is considered as one of the most uncomplicated duplicate photos cleaner app in the market. Duplicatus- Storage Cleaner is helpful in detecting duplicate photos, songs, videos etc. and finds dupes based on size, date, content etc.

It also finds the files which are space consuming on your Mac, and the interface is quite stuffed. The reason behind buying Duplicatus- Storage Cleaner is comparison modes and search options for finding duplicate files.

15. Clutter fly Photo Gallery

Clutter fly Clean Photo Gallery is the most intelligently designed duplicate photo finder for Mac users and is good for professional users. This app aims to save your time by helping in finding similar and exact duplicate photos on your Mac, hence saves a lot of time.

Clutter fly Photo Gallery gives image preview option and duplicate scan, but it’s very basic but quite so user-friendly. Reason behind Clutter fly Clean Photo Gallery could be that it is easy for professionals to operate with multiple files support.

It is also supporting different file formats like JPG, PNG, GIF etc. Thus, Clutter fly Clean Photo Gallery could be your last but not the least choice to install for your decluttering.



One of the most common question that arises in the mind of Mac users is that – There are so many duplicate photos in every folder, and it is going to take ages to sort them out, how to manage them?

Duplicate Photo Finder apps help you to declutter your photo library and recover space on your Mac in a very short period of time. These tools can scan, find and delete all the similar looking images for easy management and your convenience. These are user-friendly applications that can be used easily and organize your photo library.

Benefits of Duplicate Photo Finder apps is that they:
● Identify images from all over different formats including JPEG, tiff, BMP, and GIF
● Are easy to use (friendly interface) with highly customisable
● Enhance the performance of your Mac
● With Safe execution, recover your valuable storage space
● Are a smart way to save time and keep your photo collection organised
● Identify and remove unwanted hidden photos from Mac

Many people around the world have used Duplicate Photo Cleaner and Deleting Apps and found them beneficial. The perfect applications for organization of photos and are also now not facing the space issue in their Mac devices anymore. Many of them thanked the developers for designing such creative and amazing applications.


Unable to take more photos? Not having enough space on your Mac?

Duplicate Photos can take up gigabytes of your Mac disk space. If you take a lot of pictures, then you should definitely use a Duplicate Photo Finder App to find and quickly remove duplicates from your Photo Library. Finding and removing similar and duplicate photos has never been an easy task. Without the use of Duplicate Photo Cleaner Apps, it takes a lot of patience and time to do it. If you want to quickly remove all the duplicate images from your Mac, you can do it automatically and very conveniently with these apps.

Duplicate Photo Finder Apps are useful as they help in:
● Removing duplicate photos from the Photos app while preserving albums you have made (preserving duplicates from being pulled out of the albums)
● Removing duplicates from custom settings to preserve the highest quality originals
● Comparing and removing duplicates from Finder folders (maybe with subfolders)
● Comparing or merging multiple Photos or photo libraries
● Comparing and merging photos between two or more iCloud accounts (Apple IDs)
● Rounding up photos and cleaning duplicates from external hard drives, USB sticks, memory cards

These are designed to speed up your device, extend your battery life, remove duplicate files and unwanted data. Preview images to have a clear look at them before deletion. Quickly recover enormous amount of free space in your Mac.


YES, Duplicate Photo Finder Apps are safe to install and use. Duplicate Photo Finder apps are easy tools to build up to get rid of duplicates in your Photos library or in any photo folder on your Mac. They safely find and delete all the duplicate photos without harming the original ones. They do not contain any adware or malware virus. Just make sure that the apps are downloaded from a trustworthy and the official website.

Having multiple copies of the same photo in your Mac can clog up your hard drive and can slow down your PC. Therefore, it becomes necessary to delete the copies. There is no other convenient, easy and safe option than using a Duplicate Photo Finder Apps.

Duplicate Photo Finder apps are easy to install and uninstall. They identify images from all over different formats including JPEG, tiff, BMP, and GIF. They are easy to use and have a friendly interface. Furthermore, they have a safe execution process and enhance the performance of your Mac, thereby recover your valuable storage space.

Besides, they have a highly customizable scan and are also time convenient. Moreover, they provide a smart way to keep your photo collection organised. And also identify and remove all the unwanted hidden photos from Mac.

These apps commonly support Adobe Lightroom and Core Paint Shop Pro, which can be especially useful for photographers, Webmasters and various Designers. This interface is very easy to use.


Best duplicate photo finder app for Mac is Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is a user-oriented and simple picture duplicate cleaner. This tool allows you to quickly scan identical photos and delete them in a matter of seconds from any device.

It has an intuitive interface, so I don’t have any complaints related to this aspect. In general, it is an excellent application to remove the junk from your system. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is worth giving a try, especially if you want to save your time and space on your hard disk.

● Find & Remove Duplicate Photos
● 100% curate
● Delete Duplicates Automatically
● Support All File Types
● Easy to Use Interface
● Recover Disk Space on PC
● Compatible with Windows & Mac
● One Click Duplicate Removal

Why to choose Duplicate Photos Fixer?

1) Drag & Drop Photos/Folders
You can drag & drop photos and folders containing duplicate photos in your pc.

2) Perform Quick Scan
Perform quick scanning of photos to find duplicate & similar ones stored on your pc.

3) Preview Scanned Photos,
View all the duplicate photos found in the scan before taking any action.

4) Auto-Mark Photos,
Mark all the unnecessary duplicate photos and keep the originals with you.

5) Delete Duplicate Photos
Delete all duplicate photos on your pc and get an organised photo gallery.

6) Recover Extra Disk Space
Recover extra disk storage space by deleting all duplicate & similar photos.

Final Verdict on Best Duplicate Photo Finder and Cleaner Software for Mac

Duplicate Photo Finder Apps are, undoubtedly, very useful, as they help in removing duplicate photos from the Photo Library of your Mac while preserving the original albums that you have. Best Duplicate Photo Finder and Cleaner apps have the power to remove dupes from custom settings to preserve the highest quality originals.

Above-mentioned Duplicate Photo Finder apps help to compare and then clean similar photos from all the folders (maybe with subfolder). These apps compare and merge photos between two or more iCloud accounts. Duplicate Photo Finder and Cleaner apps are one of the most widely used apps by Mac users.

After due research, Firms Explorer has concluded that the above-mentioned list of the best Duplicate Photo Finder and Remover detects the dupes which are deeply hidden and then swiftly deletes them without much hassle.

These apps also create effective free up space on external storage devices and lets you download data within a few clicks. Duplicate Photo Cleaner and Remover apps provide various features like multiple scanning modes and deleting duplicate photos in iPhone.

Some Duplicate Finder also provides an option in which you can even set filters for image size and extensions. It isn’t a piece of cake to find and delete look-alike images from your Mac device unless you have the best duplicate photo cleaner for Mac.

Firms Explorer after extensive research has created the list of best Duplicate Photo Cleaner Apps and hence all the above-mentioned apps are trustworthy. These apps have been extensively designed for Mac users to ensure smooth functioning of their devices and effortless working.

If you wish to get your app enlisted in the above list of top most duplicate Photo Finder and Cleaner apps for Mac, then you can contact the analytical and research team of Firms Explorer.

They will do a quality check based on several parameters and list your app if it’s worthy. Feel free to contact our experts and query redress team via mail. We would appreciate your efforts and love to resolve your queries.

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