Best Free Html Editor Software Tools For Your Website

7 Best Free HTML Editor Software Tools for Your Website

HTML editor is a specialized software that aids in creating HTML codes. The HTML editor software is capable of performing advanced tasks that are not possible in simple text editors.

There are many free HTML editors available on the internet. In this article, you will come to know about some of the best free online HTML editors. You can create your own website using these free HTML software.

Why Do You Need an HTML Editor?

HTML editor is a set computer program that helps the user in many ways, a HTML editor is required because of the following reasons:-

  • It gives the user full control over the HTML codes and creates the website easily.
  • These editors help beginners to learn new skills with the help of in-built learning tools.
  • Errors in the codes get rectified automatically and save so much time for the user.
  • Codes written in one language can easily be translated into other languages with help of these editors.

List of Best Free Online HTML Editor Software Tools in 2021

Here one can find the best tools to make modifications or corrections in the HTML codes written for his/her website. All these HTML editor software are capable of handling complex codes and fixing mistakes but they can’t write codes on their own.

1. Notepad++

First on our list of free HTML editor tools is Notepad++. This HTML editor software is one of the most popular software not only among people who do coding but also who use it for general purposes.

The user interface of this software can be completely customized by the user, how to syntax the highlighted and folded is totally in the hands of the user. This free HTML editor is written in the C++ programming language.

The small size of this software makes it popular among web developers, things get loaded faster in this and also some words and functions get automatically completed in this.


It is an easy to use editor software with a great user interface. Notepad++ has taken an initiative to go green by creating such programs that use less CPU power which will help in reducing the carbon emissions from the PCs.


Although Notepad++ comes with great features, there are also some drawbacks of this software. Firstly it is available only for the Windows operating system and also the customer support services are below average as said by most of its users.

2. Codepen

CodePen is one of the best online HTML editors available to you. It is an online community used by most website developers to test and showcase their work. There are many things that can be done on this platform, you can build and deploy websites here; show off the work you have done, and most important you find a lot of inspiration when you meet other developers of your background.

Codepen is mainly used to test and get advice from the experts on the work which you have done. This simple step improves your overall efficiency and makes you an expert in your field. When you meet a large community you come to know about many hidden things.


The main benefit of using Codepen is the environment you get here when you meet people of the same IT background you learn more and grow more. This tool is best for beginners and in-built learning tools in this free HTML editor software helps in gaining knowledge about new things.


The disadvantage of using this tool is that it starts working slow when you work on huge data or when you input codes more than 5000 lines.

3. CoffeeCup HTML editor

Next on our list of free online HTML editor tools is this CoffeeCup HTML editor. This software is available in both free and paid versions. If you are a beginner the free version of this software is best for you. As it is easy to use and understand, it is good for editing HTML and CSS codes online.

CoffeeCup also allows you to use advanced features such as WYSIWYG editor and many others once you buy the upgraded version (paid version).


This software is best for beginners also the website server management can be done easily using this free HTML editor. Also, the customer support services of this software are better than others.


The limitations of this software are that only the basic tasks or the beginner level things are possible on this software, to use the advanced features one needs to purchase the upgrade version.

4. Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit is the software that is preferred by experts, a high level of knowledge is required to use this free HTML editor. It is not recommended at the beginner level as the advanced features can only be understood by experts.

Komodo Edit is available for most common operating systems such as Windows; Mac; and Linux. It works effectively on all the operating systems and gives users the best experience.


This software has a customizable appearance that allows the user to set the appearance of the software according to the needs. Secondly, it is available for all the major operating systems which make it easy to use.


The main disadvantage of this software is there is no WYSIWYG editor tool on this software and also it is not recommended for beginners.

5. Apache NetBeans

Apache NetBeans is an integrated development environment available for free to users. This software is best for coding in HTML5; PHP; JavaScript; C++; and many other coding languages. It is helpful in the development of large projects.

DUE to the IDE, Apache NetBeans has become popular among web developers. This is a great tool for Java and web pages


The best feature about this free online HTML software is that it auto-completes some of the codes which are used most by the user. Also, it is beneficial for coding in different languages. Free WYSIWYG HTML editor tool can be found in this software.


There are some limitations as well of this software, the response time of the software is long. It takes much more time to respond to the user commands as compared to other free HTML editors software.

6. Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Microsoft Visual Studio Code is another free online HTML editor software used by many web and app developers. It is an integrated development environment that operates virtually. It helps web developers and IT experts to create applications for websites, mobile phones and desktops.

This software has two versions, free and paid. The free version of this software comes with the basic features but it is good for starting and learning the software. Once you have understood the free version you can then go for the paid version of the software which comes with more advanced features.

This software is used for the development of different applications of a wide variety. Applications for all the major operating systems such as Android and iOS in the mobile phones; and Windows, Mac and Linux in the computers. All different types of work can be done on this amazing software which is developed by Microsoft.


The benefit of using the software is that it supports a range of different programming languages, so the users do not need to search for different software for different programming languages. All the work is done in a single place. The design of the software is very user friendly and it helps in understanding the software better.


As the software comes with many advantages there are also some disadvantages of this software, if you want to use the advanced or the premium features of this software you need to pay a high price. Also, the heavy programs of the software consume a huge amount of memory and the processing power of the CPU.

7. BlueGriffon

Next on our list of free online HTML editor tools is BlueGriffon, it is an open web editor used in designing websites. It is the best free WYSIWYG HTML editor which means that you can see the results of your code on the same screen on which you are working.

BlueGriffon supports multiple operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux, it becomes easy for the user to code when the editor software supports all the major operating systems.

This software is best for beginners as it is easy to understand and has a user-friendly interface. The software can be used in both dark and light themes.


The key advantage of this software is that it supports all the major operating systems of the computers. Secondly, it is an easy to use software that helps many beginners to learn new skills.


The limitation of this software is that it suffers a lag during its use. Also, some of the best features are only available in the paid version.

A Quick Side-by-side Comparison of the Top HTML Editor Programs

Below is a table that explains all about these software in short.

Notepad++ Small Size Uses less power of the CPU Not good for an advanced or complex project
Codepen In-built learning tool Provides a great community Works slowly when codes are more than 5000 lines.
CoffeeCup HTML editor Good for HTML and CSS coding Great customer services Advanced features are in the paid version
Komodo Edit Supports all the major operating systems Preferred by most web developer experts No WYSIWYG editor tool
Apache NetBeans Best for all coding languages Auto completes some codes Takes time in responding
Microsoft Visual Studio Code Used for both mobile phones and desktop applications User-friendly design. Uses high power of CPU
BlueGriffon Free WYSIWYG editor tool Easy to use and good for beginners Lag while using

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about HTML Editors

Q1. What to Look for in an HTML Editor?

Some of the common features which you should look at in an HTML editor are:-

  • It should integrate seamlessly into your website without any issue.
  • The user interface of the editor should be easily customizable
  • The editor should have an advanced paste option in it to make your work easier.
  • It should contain real-time collaboration tools that show the progress of the user.

Q2. WYSIWYG Editor vs HTML Text Editor?

WYSIWYG Editor helps the developer to see the final result of the website as he/she is writing the codes. Every change in the website can be seen on the same screen where coding is being done.

HTML Text Editor is a simple text editor which only shows the text codes written on it. To see the changes in the website, the user needs to change the screen. This is the main difference between both of these editors.

Q3. How to choose a WYSIWYG HTML Editor?

The first and foremost thing you should look at while choosing a WYSIWYG HTML editor is that does the editor has a real-time collaborative editing tool. The main thing about this editor is that it shows results in real-time. If these collaborative tools are not available there is no sense in selecting that editor.

Secondly, choose an editor which is easy to use a complex editor always creates confusion in the minds of users.

Conclusion on Best HTML Editor Software and Tools

These were some of the best free HTML editor software tools. There are many other free HTML editor software available in the market, but the ones which are mentioned in this article are the most popular and best.

You can choose any of them, all of them are very useful and effective in editing your HTML codes.

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