Top Best Bluetooth Software for Windows 10 PC

Top 10+ Best Bluetooth Software for Windows 10 PC in 2021

Everyone is excited about this year’s arrival of Windows 10. The new operating system seeks to unify your PC, tablet, and phone to simplify everything. If you’re interested in getting your computer up to speed on firmware, there are a few pieces of software you have to have installed. Read on for some of the more recent best Bluetooth software for windows on the market today.

We decided to find the newest and coolest Bluetooth software for Windows 10 PC in 2021 and we did our research for this purpose. There are several best Bluetooth software we decided to feature in this list of top 10+ Bluetooth software for PC of the future 2020-2021.

Keep Your Bluetooth Software Up to Date Using Bit Driver Updater (Recommended Method)

The best method to fix Bluetooth connectivity issues on a Windows OS computer device is by updating the Bluetooth drivers using the Bit Driver Updater software. Among all other different ways to update the Bluetooth drivers the most recommended is through the Bit Driver Updater. The software helps in improving the performance of the user’s PC by keeping all the outdated and corrupted device drivers up to date. Download the software by clicking on the link below.

download button windows

What are the Benefits of Updating and Installing the Most Up-to-Date Windows Drivers?

There are many benefits of Updating and Installing some of the advantages of keeping your Windows 10 drivers up to date.

  • Optimize your Windows computer’s performance, security, and processing power.
  • When playing video games with high-end graphics, avoid overheating and shuttering issues.
  • Bluetooth not detecting devices on Windows 10′ and ‘USB devices not recognized’ issues are no longer an issue.
  • Avoid problems with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection and efficiency.
  • Fix the most common problems include crashes and breakdowns, no audio or sound, BSOD errors, and other driving difficulties.

By understanding the role of Bluetooth it is easy for you to know that Bluetooth should be up to date on your PC.

List of Best Bluetooth software for Windows 10

1. Bluetooth Driver Installer:

Bluetooth Driver Installer is a free Bluetooth application for Windows 10 that assists with the installation of generic Microsoft drivers. It specifically replaces any faulty driver with a functional one. Because it operates by patching drivers and files and producing errors, it works well on most built-in adapters and USB.

The user interface is functional, and you should have no trouble navigating it. You’ll need to delete the previous driver before installing a new one. The best aspect is that such Bluetooth software for PCs makes a restore point automatically, which can come in handy in a crisis.

Pros Cons
The user interface is user-friendly. Not all adapters are supported in this software.
A restore point is created.

2. Intel Wireless Bluetooth:

The other finest Bluetooth software for windows 10 is Intel Wireless Bluetooth, which is suitable for a wide range of devices. If you have any problems connecting to Bluetooth devices, it can address all of your problems. When installing Intel Wireless Bluetooth on your PC, make sure to verify your OS version to see if it is 32-bit or 64-bit, as it is accessible in both.

Pros Cons
Works with nearly all types of hardware. It may be tough to install for inexperienced users.
Multiple languages are supported. There are no help files included.
It does not take up a lot of space on your computer.

3. WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software

This is a freeware Bluetooth software for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit desktop and laptop computers. Broadcom’s WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software is available for Windows and provides capabilities for OEM devices.

It aids in the resolution of Bluetooth connectivity issues and the connection of several devices nearby. is a free download for PCs running Windows 10 and earlier Windows versions. This finest Bluetooth Software for Windows version allows for wireless connectivity between mobile phones and other devices.

Pros Cons
It enables you to use the PC’s audio as a smartphone speakerphone. Some devices have a very limited range.
Allows a wide range of devices to interact with one another. If devices are positioned too close together, they may not work correctly.

4. BlueSoleil

You can use this Bluetooth software for PC if you have Bluetooth devices connected to your computer. IVT Group Inc. created Bluesoleil, a piece of software. After you install this application, your computer will detect and connect to any Bluetooth devices that are within its range.

The connection will take no more than a few seconds to establish. Transferring files to and from the mobile phone is a breeze with the help of this Bluetooth for windows 10. It can be used to make Skype calls. Even while you’re on the move, you may connect to the internet via wireless. This is the finest Bluetooth for Windows 10 that I’ve found. Use a Bluetooth wireless headphones to listen to music.

Pros Cons
you may make Skype calls, send and receive SMS from your PC. The user interface is outdated.
Personal data can be simply synchronized. There haven’t been any updates in a long time.
You may utilize a wireless mouse and Bluetooth keyboard with BlueSoleil.

5. Bluetooth View

Bluetooth View is another amazing Bluetooth Software for Windows 10 that you can try if you’re having problems connecting with other Bluetooth devices.  Bluetooth View is designed by Nirsoft, which is available for free.

It continues to scan and monitor the activity of Bluetooth devices in your vicinity.

It shows all of the information about the identified device, such as its name, last identification time, major device time, first latency, and so on.

Pros Cons
It makes it easy to connect to Bluetooth devices. Features are limited.
Customization of the user interface is possible It doesn’t always work.
Beginners will find this to be a good option.

6. Bluetooth File Transfer (BlueFTP)

BlueFTP is yet another useful Bluetooth application for Windows 10. On any Bluetooth-enabled device, the app allows you to browse, explore, and manage files. It may also be used as a sophisticated file manager to easily organize your stuff on a PC or smartphone.

Medieval Software created this Bluetooth program for Windows 10, and it stands out for its clean and intuitive layout. You may effortlessly access and organize your files and folders on any Bluetooth-enabled device with the aid of this application.

Pros Cons
Image, audio, video, and APK file thumbnails are not stored, hence you get more space to store your data. Older versions of Windows aren’t supported.
The Bluetooth device selection screen has been improved.
Regularly receives updates.

7. Bluetooth Driver

This is unquestionably one of the greatest Bluetooth applications for Windows 10. It has a smooth installation, speedy file transmission, working to implement, and many other advantages that make it the most popular Bluetooth for Windows.

Bluetooth Driver has a user interface that is both interactive and simple to use. Bluetooth Driver is unquestionably one of the best Bluetooth Software for Windows, with all of the capabilities listed above and more.

Pros Cons
Other Bluetooth dongles are compatible. Some machines may not be able to handle it.
Installation is simple and quick. The Bluetooth Driver cannot be used as a WiFi adaptor.
File transfer speeds are faster and more constant.

8. Medieval Bluetooth Network Scanner

Medieval Bluetooth Network Scanner is noted for providing comprehensive information on all surrounding Bluetooth devices. It searches for all nearby Bluetooth devices and displays as much information as possible about them.

It includes a network scan termination feature that allows you to see all of your phone’s details. Besides that, here are some of the features that make this software one of the top Bluetooth programs for Windows.

Pros Cons
The ease with which it can be used. It doesn’t operate properly with Windows 10.
Device authentication is available.
Supports Microsoft.NET 2.0 is a version.

9. Bluetooth

It’s one of the quickest Bluetooth software options available. This software does not require any configuration, so you may start using it right away. The app is simple to use and works with all Windows devices.

It also includes a number of handy features, such as broad tile support. Not only that, but it’s also one of the most basic and user-friendly Bluetooth utilities we’ve come across. Here’s some more information regarding Windows 10’s top Bluetooth software.

Pros Cons
It does not require any settings to use.
Bluetooth may be turned on or off with a simple toggle. It lags sometimes while working.
Improves the battery’s life.
Bluetooth devices are detected quickly.

10. Bluetooth Phone Transfer Software

The program helps to transfer data from your PC to any Bluetooth device, including laptops, cell phones, iPods, and iPads, notebooks. It also allows you to interoperate your phone data and access VCF files without any problems.

It may be downloaded on both desktops and smartphones because it supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Pros Cons
It does not consume a lot of system resources. Receives updates regularly.
The best way to transfer files from a computer to a mobile device.
The UI is simple to use and convenient.


The most powerful Bluetooth device will provide you with the most useful functions. The latest Bluetooth version protects your system from crashes and maintains it up to date for a long period.

Hopefully, you have discovered the finest Bluetooth software for Windows 10. Your search for a Bluetooth app for PC must have come to an end with this post. Let us know which of these Bluetooth devices you prefer. Also, what distinguishes it from the rest.

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