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Topic facilitates embedded software system development in very hi-tech surroundings at customers, on internal outcomes and on advanced products. So to rank high in search you will have to ascertain your domain as an associate degree authority. This involves writing millions of comprehensive professional level content. Sadly, this will be implausibly time intensive. Topic makes it easier for writers to form comprehensive content. At Topic, you’ll estimate varied surroundings within which personal ambitions and technical challenges are unit central. Topic is specialised in content writing, SEO software system, online promoting tools, social media tools, spy on competitors, digital promoting.

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Core Features

  • Topic is one of the best content management and editor tools available to the users. The software optimizes all the content on a website and provides the users with the best results that help in improving the performance of the website.
  • The software aids the users in creating quality SEO content for the website very easily and quickly. Not just the content, the software also optimizes the layout of the content in such a way that the overall readability of the content improves.
  • Topic SEO software builds an outline for the website rapidly and saves a lot of time for the user. Also, the software presents some alternatives to the same content in front of the user to make a comparison and select the best one.
  • The software analyzes the competitorsu2019 websites thoroughly and based on that, it helps the users in building the best strategies for the website. The software manages each and every action related to the written content on a website and provides the users with the best results.
  • Pros

    • The users of Topic are provided with proper user-based support services and knowledge-based support services, to understand the features more effectively.
    • Users with any device can use this particular software as it is available on the cloud and users with any web browser can access it.
    • The software optimizes and rephrases the written content on a website in such a way that the overall performance of the website increases.


    • The software takes a long time to create reports for the websiteu2019s content, which leads to delay in work for the users.
    • Topic SEO content software does not offer any free trial and free version of itself to the users, as offered by other software of similar nature.