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Rooftop is much more than Email Management Software, it indeed is a platform built to serve collective purposes such as Customer support, Task/project management along with Email Management. Rooftop, in no time manages the tedious task of classifying, processing and retrieving emails for you. So now you can manage your inbox without having to open it every third minute. But nothing comes free of cost and everything comes with a price tag. Prices are mentioned below. The software as the name suggests helps you reach at the rooftop of success house and experience the satisfaction of getting the work done on time. The software enables your business to grow rapidly.

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Core Features

  • Shared Inbox
  • Collaboration
  • Automation
  • Reporting
  • Pros

    • Rooftop is the best email management software with features like batch communications and bug tracking.
    • Proper documentation and live webinars are provided to the users to know about all the features of the software.
    • The software aids the business organizations in their after-sales services with the shared inbox tool inbuild and the platform for collaboration with other firms.


    • Users have complained about the processing speed of this particular email management software, the software takes a bit longer to respond to the commands of the user.
    • Also some users faced an issue that some of the data gets lost after installing the latest version of the software.