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Netpeak Spider

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Netpeak software package is an app that develops tools for SEO specialists and web creators and further ensures smooth functioning to solve day-to-day SEO tasks in straightforward, effective and efficient manner. The main product area units are netpeak spider and Netpeak checker. It is a desktop tool used for large amount analysis and comparison of internet sites, supporting 1300+ Parameters of URLs. On the other hand, is a powerful desktop tool used for fast and comprehensively technical audit of the entire website. It is specialized in SEO software package development, online promoting software package, Digital promoting Solutions, programmed improvement tools, SEO tools, competitors analysis tools, website audit tools, and web site Analysis tools.

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Core Features

  • Netpeak Spider is an all-purpose content and SEO software that is capable of performing all the digital activities for the users. The software helps the users in analysing all the incoming and outgoing links on a website.
  • The software allows users to crawl multiple domains in a single tab, it analysis all the websites simultaneously and presents the final result in front of the user. These results guide the users in taking further action on a website.
  • Netpeak Spider is an automated SEO audit software that automatically generates a site audit report in the form of a PDF file which is easy to use and understand for the users. The report contains proper chat and graphs for a better understanding of the reports.
  • The software comes with a unique feature named Internal PageRank calculator that allows the user to spot all the internal link errors and also in finding out the link weight distribution on a website.
  • Pros

    • The software comes with a free version of itself and a free trial as well for the paid version that can be accessed by all users without paying any charges.
    • Users of this particular software are offered proper training so that they can use all the features in the right manner.
    • One can easily set a limit to crawl any website using this SEO software.


    • The users of Netpeak Spider are only provided with a chat support system, no other support services are available to the users.
    • The software is only available for Windows and Linux operating system devices, users with any other device are unable to access this software.