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In the era of DIY, you can now DIY an app using this app creation platform. AppMakr is popular among various individuals and organizations ranging from small businesses to some of the renowned brands. It is supported on a number of operating systems. 

The think tank at this app development software organization wishes to deliver affordable solutions that can help business owners make their mark in the market. It is used widely across the globe and makes easy native iOS and Android apps.  

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Core Features

  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Development
  • Pros

    • AppMakr is a DIY app creation tool, this allows users to create all types of mobile applications very quickly and easily.
    • This particular application development tool comes with a free version and also if users want to use the advanced features, it just costs 1$ per month.
    • AppMakr comes with a 24 by 7 chat support service, all the issues of users can be solved over chat.


    • AppMakr does not support any computer operating system like Windows, Mac and Linux, which creates a problem for these users.
    • Some of the features of this particular app development tool does not work as desired, users face a lot of problems with some features.