How to Fix Cursor Disappears on Mac

How to Fix Cursor Disappears on Mac? Here’s the Fix to Solve the Issues

How to fix cursor disappears on Mac? This can be frustrating when you’re using your Mac computer. But don’t worry, because we have the solution for you.

When you use a Mac to create documents or work, you will notice that the cursor has disappeared on your screen. The cursor is not where you want to be, and you can easily find it in your document or some other place on the screen. Is there any solution for this frustrating issue?

If you’re in the same boat, plagued with cursor disappearances on a Mac, don’t fear: it is an easy problem to fix and resolve. In this blog, we’ll talk about how to fix the cursor disappears issue when using a Mac.

Why does the Cursor Disappear on Mac?

Having problems with your mouse disappearing on Mac is a common issue to many users, and it can happen for several reasons. On the other hand you can use some of the best mac optimizer apps to fix it. However,  Here, we will go over some reasons.

  • Using many displays.
  • Your Mac is running out of RAM.
  • Third-party apps are causing interference.

How to Fix Cursor Disappears on Mac?

Do you want to know how to fix the cursor disappearing on Mac? I help you fix a very common Mac problem when the cursor disappears on Mac.

1. Restart your Computer if you Find the Mouse Pointing Disappears on Mac

If you find that the mouse pointing disappears on a Mac, and you’re not able to figure out why then the most likely reason is restarting your computer.

  • On your Mac, press and hold command + CTRL + power keys.
  • Your screen will go blank.
  • Your Mac will restart now.

2. Detecting Interfering Apps to Fix Cursor Disappears on Mac Issues

The ‘mouse pointing disappears on mac’ after launching a specific Mac app is annoying and frustrating. You need to check and remove the interfering apps in that scenario:

  • Press Command + Option + Escape on your keyboard.
    Force Quit Applications By Command + Option + Escape Keys
  • Force Quit the app by selecting it and pressing the Force Quit button.

If your cursor appears again, it’s time to uninstall that software since it may have been corrupted; here’s how:

  • Open Finder.
    Finder Menu on Mac
  • Choose the Applications option.
  • Check for the app causing the issue and drag it to Trash.
  • Clean your Trash bin finally.

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3. Try using the App Switcher if the Cursor Disappears on Mac

If you’re a mac user and have tried to work in multiple programs, there’s a good chance that at some point, your cursor disappeared. You can quickly fix this by using the app switcher.

  • Toggle between Command and Tab by pressing and holding Command.
  • Is your cursor returned when the programme window displays and you go to another app?
  • Then repeat the steps to return to the previous app.

4. Remove Malware when the Cursor does not Appear on your Mac

Malware has scared and annoyed users since the dawn of computing. But as technology advances, so do the methods used by Malware. This makes it increasingly difficult to remove Malware. Learn how to remove Malware from your Mac.

  • To check and remove malware issues from your Mac, download the MacKeeper from the button underneath.
  • Once the app is downloaded, launch and run it on your PC.
  • Choose Antivirus and then Scan.
  • When the scan is complete, choose any malware found and either remove it.

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5. Executing the Maintenance Script for the Cursor Disappears on Mac

A bug is happening for all app scripts for this cursor. It does not show up every once in a while and has to be deleted and re-uploaded for the folder. It is a rare bug. You need to run a maintenance script to fix the mouse keeps disappearing on Mac.

How to Execute Maintenance Script in Terminal:

  •  Press Space + Cmd and type in Terminal to launch a spotlight search.
    Type In Terminal In Spotlight Search
  • Paste sudo periodic everyday quarterly biannual into Terminal.
  • Enter your password and hit enter.
  • When the Terminal prompt appears again, you realize the scripts are finished.

6. Reset the SMC in Case the Mouse Keeps Disappearing on Mac

How to reset your SMC (which is the acronym for System Management Controller) depends on the Apple laptop you have. Resetting the SMC (system management controller) will clear all RAM temporary files. It is best used when your mouse keeps disappearing on MAC and freezes. Follow the upcoming steps to reset the SMC:

  • Completely shut down your Mac.
  • Press and hold the Shift + Control + Option + Power buttons simultaneously.
  • Pause until you hear the starting sound before turning on your Mac.
  • When you let go of the keys, the SMC will be reset.

7. Perform a Cursory Test

A cursor is a little arrow that shows the location of your mouse on the screen. Clicking anywhere on the screen will make the cursor disappear. This problem can be solved easily by running a cursor test on your Mac.

8. Examine the Hot Corners of your Mac

If your cursor keeps disappearing and you cannot find where it has gone, you are at the right place because there is a hot corner on Mac, which might have been activated, causing the cursor to disappear.

  • Go to the Apple menu.
  • Head to the System Preferences.
    System Preference on Mac
  • Now choose Desktop & Screensaver.
    Choose Desktop & Screensaver From System Preferences On Mac
  • Press Screensaver.
  • Press Hot Corners.
    Click On Hot Corners From Screensaver Settings On Mac
  • Give items to your corners by clicking on the dropdown.
    Give items to your corners by clicking on the dropdown
  • Press Ok.

9. Make use of the System Preferences

Have you ever used a Mac before and noticed your cursor vanishing or just not moving on the screen? Fortunately, it’s usually a pretty easy fix that can be done with one of the toolbars in System Preferences.

You may not know where to go or what to click on, but starting here can eliminate the problem and get your cursor back on the screen. Here is how to use System preference to appear your cursor back.

  • Go to the Apple Menu.
  • Choose the System Preferences.
    Choose System Preference from Apple Dock
  • Adjust the cursor size In System Preferences.
  • Select Accessibility.
    Select Accessibility From System Preferences
  • Choose Display.
  • Click on Cursor.
    Manage Cursor Size
  • Move your mouse over the scale to check whether your mouse returns.
  • Tick the “Shake mouse cursor to find box” box in the same window.

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10. Remove the PLIST Files

A faulty mouse or trackpad setting on the Mac might also cause your mouse to disappear. Check to see if removing the PLIST (Property List) files linked with your pointing device helps. Here’s where you may look for them:

  • Open the Finder.
    Finder Menu On Mac
  • Choose Go.
  • Choose Go to Folder.
    Go To Folder Menu
  • Put the command ‘~/Library/Preferences.’
    Put Library Preferences In Go To Folder Box
  • Delete the following files by dragging them to the Trash:

Conclusion: How to Fix Cursor Disappears on Mac is the most common question for all mac users. Local tools used to repair Macs are an efficient way to fix your computer. Sometimes, these programs cannot be accessed right away and can be hard to find, but with the proper knowledge and MacKeeper, you can repair your device on your own rather than paying an expensive technician.

Today the post will be helpful for many Mac users who encounter a problem with the cursor disappearing. The first thing we will discuss – is how you can fix the cursor disappears on MacBooks.

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