How to Inspect Elements in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox Browsers on Mac

How to Inspect Elements in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox Browsers on Mac

Get a great insight on ‘How to Inspect Elements in Safari, Chrome and Firefox Browsers on Mac.’

The Inspect Element tool is a powerful feature that displays the HTML and CSS for any web page you visit. This includes comments, meta tags, and scripts, which makes it particularly useful for debugging various issues related to web pages. This blog will see how to inspect elements using Safari, Chrome, and Firefox browsers on Mac OSX.

Do you often think about how to inspect a MacBook?’ Inspecting an element is used to view the HTML and CSS of a website’s web page. Inspecting an Element makes debugging sites easier, including editing and debugging CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Learning how to inspect a MacBook is essential to frontend web development. Knowing how to inspect a MacBook is easier to master when shortcuts are provided. We’ll be taking a look at a handful of methods that you can use right now to help you quickly find and debug select elements on a website.

Why is it not Possible to Inspect the Elements of Safari, Chrome, and Firefox?

It’s not impossible to inspect elements on a web browser, and it simply requires you to use an extension that allows you to do so. With Web Development Toolbar, you can even do it without installing additional extensions or applications. But there are some reasons that you do not inspect elements on Mac.

The steps to enable developing a menu to implement how to examine items on a Mac are as follows:

  • Launch Safari.
  • Select Preferences from the drop-down menu.
    Select Preferences from the Drop-Down Menu of Safari
  • In the browser’s interface, look for the Preferences area.
  • Go to the Advanced section.
  • Click on the Advanced label.
  • Turn on the Develop menu.
  • Go to the bottom of the window.
  • “Show Develop Menu In Menu Bar” should be checked.
    Show Develop Menu In Menu Bar in Safari Browser
  • Select the Develop option.
  • Select Show Web Inspector from the drop-down menu.
    Show Web Inspector in Safari Browser

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How to Inspect Elements on the Mac on Chrome browser?

You open up the developer tools and select inspect elements on Chrome (or Elements). But what happens once that button is pressed? How to inspect elements on Mac? How to inspect a MacBook? Here is the way to inspect elements on Chrome.

  • Do it with a Right Click.
  • Launch Chrome.
  • On your Mac device, open Chrome.
  • Go to any page.
  • Navigate to any page where you want to look at the element.
  • Now, right-click on the page.
  • Select the option to inspect.
    Inspect Element In Chrome Browser
  • When you right-click an element on the page, the inspector view for that element will open.
    Inspector View In Chrome Browser

i. Use the Setting option

  • By clicking the three dots icon on the top right corner of the browser, go to More Tools.
  • Choose Developer Tools.
    Developer Tool In Chrome Browser

ii. Choose the menu bar option

  • Head to Menu.
  • Choose the View menu bar.
  • Choose Developer Menu.
  • Select the Developer Tools.
    Developer Tool In Chrome From Menu Bar
  • Start the Customize and Control option.

iii. Keyboard method

  • On Mac, press CMD + OPTION + C.
  • The other option is to hover your mouse over the three-dot symbol. Choose the docking position you desire. You can, for example, select Dock To Right.
    Dock To Right Inspector View On Chrome

When you use one of these four techniques to view an element on a Mac, you’ll see a choice of tabs. Sources, Elements, Console, and other tabs are among them, and everything you’ll need is usually on the Elements tab.

You may view the source code of an element by selecting it. You can change the text, delete elements, hide elements, and edit them as HTML, among other things, in addition to examining the code.

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How to Inspect Elements on the Mac on Firefox browser?

Let’s look at the process of inspecting elements on Mozilla Firefox. We all know that Mozilla has released Firefox 62, but we haven’t discussed how to use Inspect Element in this browser. To be clear, we have some of the best tips to inspect elements on the Firefox browser.

i. Do it with the Tool menu

  • Go to the Tools option on the browser.
  • Click on Browser Tools option.
  • Click the option for Web Developer.
    Web Developer Tool by Menu in Firefox
  • Tap on the option for Inspect.

ii. Use the shortcut key to inspect elements on Firefox

  • On Windows, press CTRL + Shift + C; on Mac.
  • On Mac devices, Press Command + Option + C.

iii. Inspect element with Right-click

  • Visit the browser page.
  • Right-click on it.
  • Select the option Inspect.
  • An optional thing to do is right-click a specific element within the page and then inspect it.
    Inspect Element In Firefox Browser

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How to Inspect Elements on the Mac on Safari browsers?

Do not you know ‘How to inspect elements on the Mac?’ Inspecting elements can be tricky on Safari. If you don’t know how it works, you might miss some very important details about your webpage. So what is the process of Inspect Element on Safari? First, we need to enable development tools in the Safari browser. Here is how to do it:

  • Open the Safari browser.
  • Choose the option for Preferences.
    Select Preferences from the drop-down menu of Safari Browser
  • Visit Advanced.
  • Check The Right Option.
  • Select the checkbox “Show Develop Menu In Menu Bar.”
    Show Develop Menu In Menu Bar in Safari
  • Another option is, Double-check if the menu has a new option called Develop.

Now the methods to inspect elements on Safari are like below:

i. Do it with the develop menu

  • Go to Menu.
  • Visit the Develop menu.
  • Show Inspector.
  • Click the option for Show Web Inspector.

ii. Use the Right-Click Method

  • Go to the page where you’d want to examine the elements.
  • Right-click on any portion of that page.
  • Choose Inspect.

iii. Use keyboard keys

  • click the option for CMD + Option + I.

Thus you can inspect elements on the safari browser.

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Conclusion: We hope you know How to Inspect Elements in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox Browsers on Mac. If you have followed the tutorial and troubleshooting steps but still can’t inspect elements in Safari, Chrome, or Firefox, then the issue is likely caused by your Mac.

In this case, we recommend running a Mac computer repair tool to fix all problems. A qualified technician can also help you with this if you’re not comfortable following tutorials yourself.

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