How to Block Websites on Google Chrome

How to Block Websites on Google Chrome {2022 Guide}

Are you looking for a solution of how to block websites on Google Chrome? Or you are the one who does not know how to block a website on chrome? In this piece of writing, you will learn two different ways to block a website on chrome. This section is for all users that want to block a specific website from their internet experience.

Blocking websites on Google Chrome has never been easier. And, it could save you from browsing the web for that one juicy article that can ruin your productivity. With our guide, you’ll be blocking websites within minutes!

Here we have the 5 best solutions to block websites on google chrome without difficulty.

Solution 1: Allow Safe Search Option to Block Websites on Google Chrome

The very first step is so easy that you should know being a chrome user. The safe search option will keep you away from the content that is not required at all and for this, you just have to enable the safe search option given in chrome settings. Follow the steps below to know how to Block Websites on Google Chrome.

  • Login to your Google account.
  • Browse to
  • Select the Enable SafeSearch checkbox.
    Turn on SafeSearch

Solution 2: Use Chrome Extension to Block Websites on Google Chrome

Google extension is the best feature that gives you the best assistance on How to Block Websites on Google Chrome. You might be getting back-to-back notifications from the sites you had browsed previously or unknowingly, now google is bothering you by sending random push-up messages now and then.

Do not worry anymore about that and with the extension you can block those irritating websites for some time. Want to know how?

Follow the bottom step:

  • Look for “site blocker” on the Chrome Web Store.
  • Choose a free extension that you like and click Add to Chrome.
    BlockSite Chrome Extension - Add to Chrome
  • Open the extension’s settings by clicking the icon in the upper right corner of your browser.
  • Save the modifications after adding unfavorable websites to the blacklist.
    Input Website Address for Block in Chrome

See, it works!

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Solution 3: Use Google’s Parental Controls to Block Websites on Google Chrome

Many gadgets have built-in parental controls that may be used to block websites. It’s a fantastic function, particularly if you want to control what information your children have access to. Excited to know how to block a website on chrome? Take these steps:

  • To create a child account, navigate to Settings
  • Go to Accounts in the Windows menu.
    Accounts in Windows Settings
  • Select Family & other users
  • Add a family member.
    Add a family member from family and other people menu
  • Create one for a child.
    Create one account for a child
  • Navigate to your Microsoft account page.
  • Navigate to your child’s profile and select Overview
  • Content filtering.
  • Enter the URL or domain name of the site you wish to ban in the Blocked sites bar.
  • To add it to your block list, click the + symbol.
  • Repeat the process to add more locations.
  • Check the outcome by logging into your child’s account and seeing if the site is prohibited.

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Solution 4: How to Block a Website on Chrome Screen Time

If you are a Mac user, Screen time is another solution that saves you from unwelcomed websites. You just need to make a few changes in the settings to block a website on chrome. Let’s go to apply this:

  • Open System Preferences from the Apple menu.
    System Preferences from the Apple menu
  • Select Screen Time and press the Continue button.
  • Select Content & Privacy from the sidebar and turn it on.
  • Select Limit Adult Websites in the Web Content box.
  • Click Customize.
    Limit Adult Websites in Mac
  • Click the Add symbol in the Restricted area and enter a website URL.
  • Restart the browser by clicking OK.

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Solution 5: How to Block a Website on Chrome with Chrome Enterprise

Chrome Enterprise can be a very useful tool to keep you safe from unwanted websites notifications and not only this if you think that How to Block Websites on Google Chrome this is worth reading the steps underneath. Follow the points down to understand How to Block Websites on Google Chrome.

  • Go to the Chrome.plist file.
  • Add the URLs to be blocked
  • Apply the changes to all Chrome Enterprise users.
  • To make the policy take effect, restart the browser.

To ban a URL in Chrome Enterprise, follow these steps:

  • KEY/URL Block List/ KEY
  • DICT
  • String/
  • DICT

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Wrapping up: How to block a website on Google Chrome Internet browser? There are some tricks to do it. You can block websites using the inbuilt feature. To block a website, you need to follow the steps told in the above blog. Using Chrome’s new built-in tools, you can block websites for a set period or indefinitely. You can even block individual elements of a site so that only the most important information remains.

We hope you have got the best troubleshoot to block websites on google chrome in this detailed write-up. Still, if you have any suggestions, you are welcome to let us know by commenting below. We love to listen to you a lot!

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