Organize and Optimize Your Mac

Organize and Optimize Your Mac with these 7 Genius Tips

Everything in this world is temporary. The only way we can make the best out of things around us is by taking care of the same in the best possible way. The more we care the more things sustain with us. Similarly, Mac is a powerful tool with powerful and efficient systems in it. But if not taken care of it may start to slow down. It takes some time to complete the tasks while you work on Mac, but if not optimized on time, its current level of performance will surely go down. You can do twice or thrice the work you are performing right now after properly organizing and optimizing your Mac. 

In this article, we will put light on some best 7 ways how to optimize and organize your Mac:

1. Customize Dock by uBar

Get what you need faster- Dock came into effect in the year 2001. But with the flow of time, many more apps have replaced Dock. One such app is uBar. It comes with multiple window support. It has instant visual access to everything from the status and activity levels usage of every app in your more powerful Dock. So with the help of uBar, you can easily optimize your Mac and can take full advantage of more than one screen.

2. Organize your Menu Bar apps

There are millions of apps in the market and many more are ready to come. Unlike our phones where we can download and store as many tools and apps as we desire, desktop, Docks, menu bars just get full, very full. Bartender i.e. available from Setapp is one best ways to organize your menu bar apps.  You can rearrange them, hide them or move them into the bartender. 

3. Customize input devices: work how you want

Take any input device you need and customize it with the keyboard shortcuts. Now just record the key sequences you want to trigger actions that the input device needs to take. You can do it all with the help of the Better touch tool. You can even create series of actions so that to avoid taking repeated actions and this will save much of your time.

4. Use Keyboard Assistants

Keyboard assistants enables you to achieve what you want to with your Mac and what you think Mac can do. You do not have to juggle into multiple tabs, apps, devices, etc. instead you can achieve your tasks in a  much shorter time period. Lacona is one such way to get things done in a much powerful and effortless manner. 

Let’s talk about emails, that absorb hours of our productive days.  Rocket typist is again one of the most effective email assistants in the market designed in order to make our lives easier. You can disable Siri, in order to increase the productivity of your Mac. Just follow these steps to disable Siri: 

  • Open system preferences and select Disable Siri icon.
  • Uncheck the ‘Enable Siri’ tickbox.
  • To remove the Siri Dock icon simply drag it to the desktop and watch it disappear.

5. Improve how you work: Use workspaces

When we work on projects take it for a business or a school, we just juggle into data from various sources like word documents, spreadsheets, files, and folders, etc. We need too much data at the same time.   You can use workspaces from Setapp, it provides you with a virtual workplace to organize everything you need. This is one of the best ways and an actual time saver for sure.

These are the five genius ways to optimize and organize your Mac. But you can also go through some more ways to do the same. See for example: 

6. Clean Your Desktop

Always keep your desktop clean and tidy. RAM helps in displaying each and every item on your desktop. So the more organized and clean your desktop is, the fewer resources your MacOS will have to use on other tasks. Keep your files and documents clean and organized. Move them or clean them every week or every month. Remove the files and documents that are no more the contributors in the current tasks. Spotless is the best files and documents managing tool. It helps in keeping the items organized as well as clean on your desktop. So remember to take the help of this tool for sure.

7. Store your High-Resolution Photos in the Cloud

An iPhone automatically uploads photos on the Mac. This may be good for photos back up but not good for Mac’s memory capacity. We can then go for the other option. Follow these steps: 

  • Select the Photos option from the Menu.
  • Select Preferences.
  • Select the iCloud option from the box.
  • Then finally select ‘Optimize Mac Storage. 

Now you can store photos of standard resolution easily. Also, you can download the photos of high resolution from iCloud anytime you need.

Before ending the Article one point is really important to be mentioned and paid heed upon. One of the very common problems which every Mac user faces is the ‘duplicate files along with duplicate photos’. This occupies most of the precious space in your Mac. There can be so many tools to cope up with this issue. One such tool that can be called the duplicate photo cleaner for Mac is Gemini 2. It helps in removing out all the duplicate photos or files from your Mac. So don’t forget to make use of any of these tools in case of need.

This small point of discussion will surely help many of the Mac users to come out with this most common problem they face.

Hope after looking at the above-mentioned ways you would have come to know that why there is a need to optimize and organize your MacBook. You can go through any of such ways to do so. If one follows all the 7 best ways then it is excellent you will never face such an issue after that. 

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