10 Best Free 2d Animation Software in 2022

These days, there is a huge demand for animation software because of its numerous uses. It makes the point you’re trying to create clearer, keeps viewers’ attention longer than other forms of material, and both informs and amuses. Popular 2D animation programs have become very popular and are utilized in various tasks.

For instance, you may use this to create amusing cartoons, tutorial videos, graphics, or brief educational and ai movies. 2D Animation has a long history in films, which is currently a crazy thing. However, making drawings for mobile applications and video games can also be done with the help of popular 2D animation programs. hence, there is a great future for the animation industry.

Professionals, including game development companies, cartoonists, artists, and architects, frequently use this best free and popular 2D and 3D animation software to create intricate animations. Therefore, a 2D animator should have a variety of qualities, including Animation and motion, appropriate output and input system, production environment, character design, stage, and special effects. With the help of these best 2D animation programs, you can let your creativity run wild and create entertaining characters, among other things.

After that, you can either post your works to your website or use them in presentations and commercials. So, if you are searching for the best 2D animation software for beginners, you are landed at the correct spot. You can use the information in this article to choose the finest open-source 2D animation software for your needs.

10 Best Free 2D Animation Software

The best 2D animation software for beginners will rely on your goals and objectives. Therefore, it can occasionally turn into a matter of preference. However, there are other simple 2D animation software available to perform various tasks. So let’s find out.

1. Adobe Animate CC

Adobe Animate CC, formerly known as Macromedia Flash and earlier as Adobe Flash, has existed for about 20 years. You now have access to a fantastic selection of learning tools, including online courses, online videos, DVDs, books, and full websites devoted to Flash animation.

Adobe Animate CC

The best part is that using this professional 2D animation software is pretty simple. There are several designs for all screen resolutions and monitor configurations. In addition, it is simple to make the run and walk and integrate them into videos to enable refillable animated sequences, thanks to the timeline and the stage’s intuitive navigation. Adding to it, this free 2D animation software for Windows 10 uses pressure sensitivity while using a graphical tablet to draw, with the capability to skip around in the dialogue when syncing.

Animate is the ideal after-effects 2D animation tool if you want to generate Animation and vector graphics. Adobe Animate CC has Outstanding vector brushes for creating a wide range of characters in various styles. In addition, you can add bones to your figures using the bone animation tool, which makes more natural effects. This simple 2D animation software could make cartoons and banner commercials come to life thanks to its excellent feature. The layout is intuitive, so the average user can quickly get acquainted with it. In addition, this is one of the market’s least expensive and most economical 2D animation software for PC.

Download – Adobe Animate CC

2. Toon Boom Harmony

You may rely on Toon Boom Harmony, which is regarded as the industry standard for 2D Animation when it comes to digital production. This end-to-end free 2D animation software for beginners enables the creation of art and emotion in a number of styles. No matter if you like paperless animations or cutouts, This popular 2D animation program can be the greatest option for setting the trends for the best and high-quality animations.

Toon Boom Harmony

It is intended for 2D Animation, but it incorporates 3D stage control, enabling you to view and move objects on many layers in a 3D setting. Additionally, other free software for 2D Animation does not include camera control, just this one does. Consequently, it offers the best of both worlds in terms of hybrid animation tools.

With this open-source 2D animation software, your stories and characters will come to life with the newest lighting, special effects, and shading. In addition, Toon Boom Harmony offers painting possibilities, conventional paperless Animation, cutout animation tools, and advanced color palettes. It works best when conveying a message to your audience, making artwork, or telling a tale using 2D visuals.

Download – Toon Boom Harmony

3. TVPaint

If you want to get your hands on Animation, The only 2D animation program you’ll ever require is TVPaint. It mimics traditional Animation using paper and Pencil, and many animated movies have been made with its help.


The foundation of this free 2D animation software for beginners is bitmap technology. And there is no need to misunderstand keyframes versus ordinary frames, tweening, or vector art. Instead, use TvPaint if you wish to animate conventionally and draw each frame from scratch. With the aid of this technology, realistic representations (traditionally created with gouache, oil painting, watercolor, crayon, and pen) can be animated. However, TVPaint doesn’t enforce a graphical aesthetic or a method of operation.

So use alternative applications, combine digital and paper-based Animation, or complete your project using TVPaint. You may change live camera characteristics like tint, brightness, color, and more with TvPaint. Furthermore, you may organize the layers and photos using this 2D animation program. Additionally, storyboards can be created and instantly viewed as animatics. You can also combine a variety of FXs (effects) inside the FX stack. This is one of the best 2D animation software for beginners, in which a graphics tablet can be used to control the jitter, angle of brushes, size, and opacity in real time.

Download – Tvpaint

4. Synfig Studio

It is a free, 2D vector graphics, timeline-based, open-source 2D animation software. With the help of Synfig Studio, which is a true front-end and back-end application, you can Animate your creation in the front-end and extract it in the back-end later, even on a different computer, without a connection to the graphic display.


Through Synfig Studio, users can make effective animations without sketching and graphing each frame individually. Synfig Studio allows you to create animations using bitmap and vector graphics easily. If you have ever used Adobe Flash, you will soon become accustomed to the Synfig desk because it was created to appear and function like Adobe Animate. This is one of the best 2D animation apps for Android, with numerous sophisticated animation techniques included, such as layers & filters, vector tweening, and bones.

So, you will have much power with Synfig, and it’s totally free. It is a useful tool for people with minimal prior expertise using 2D animation programs. In addition, this free 2D animation software for beginners has the best online communities, with thousands of online videos and tutorials for learning.

Download – Synfig Studio

 5. OpenToonz

If you want to learn REAL 2D (frames by frame) animation, Opentoonz is the best free 2D animation software package. It won’t hold your hands like other pricey 2D animation programs, and you won’t find it easy to make stick people jump over buildings or ridiculous potato heads that can communicate. Instead, people who can paint, animate, and create are the target audience for it.


One amusing aspect of OpenToonz is its customizable capability. The program features an incredible selection of animation effects, including lighting effects and picture styles, and a wide choice of keyboard shortcuts for quick access when rendering and animating your creations.

In addition, some features of this free 2D animation software for Windows 10 save you from having to redo your work at each frame, such as frame-by-frame and onion skinning Animation. Drawing tools in OpenToonz are incredibly strong and may be used to model and scale animation aspects. Frame-to-frame Animation and characteristics like tweening and tracks are pretty effective; the merging of the frames is practically seamless. Another of its new features, particle systems, aids in minute and complex animation adjustments.

Download – OpenToonz

6. Pencil 2D

If you like the look of hand-drawn traditional Animation, Pencil 2D can be a good place to start. With the help of this free 2D animation software, you can quickly switch between vector and raster graphics. A straightforward “pencil test” gave way to animation software.


Cross-platform Pencil 2D allows you to concentrate on Animation while you’re on the move. Users can access the source code in addition to adding features because this 2D animation program is open source and free. The elements included in this simple 2D animation software can assist you in every endeavor, whether you utilize them for personal or professional purposes. You can use the pen, brush tools, and Pencil to build your color compositions on the user interface’s straightforward and easy canvas.

Even complete beginners who have never used animation software before will be capable of knowing what they can achieve with it. Pencil 2D is among the best 2D animation software for PC, which includes onion skinning, layers, workspace toolbars, a basic keyframe manipulation structure, colors, panels, and pressure sensitivity that can configure to suit your workspace and animation requirements.

As its name implies, Pencil 2D only supports 2D Animation. Therefore, Pencil can be a perfect option if you wish to master the fundamentals of cartoon animation. This best free 2D animation software makes creating high-quality drawings and animations simple.

Download – Pencil 2d

7. Digicel FlipBook

One of the simplest 2D animation programs is Digicel FlipBook. It comes in a Free edition, Lite edition, Studio edition, ProHD, and Professional version for various grades. Similar to Toon Boom Harmony and TVPaint, it was developed to mimic the conventional animation process.


FlipBook does not allow skeletal Animation because it prefers to maintain the traditional element and toolbox of Animation. Because of this, each frame must be made and submerged individually, and in-between is accomplished using onion skinning. FlipBook is simple for experts and novices to enhance their editing process.

FlipBook is an efficient video editing software that allows you to create Animation through a variety of features like sound synchronization with Animation, cell scanning, and more. You must drag an audio file on the sheet if you want to add sound. This free 2D animation software for beginners will work well if you love painting and always want to make your own cartoon.

Download – Digicel FlipBook

8. TupiTube

It is among the best 2D animation software for PC, developed by Maefloresta. It works with mobile devices, PCs, and tablets and is open-source and free. Two animators developed it to support the Latin American animation market. You can download this 2D Animation software for free to see whether you love it or not because it is open-source.


It is a fan favorite among instructors, students, and young people. For Tupitube, schools and universities are a marketplace. Due to its UI and design, beginners will find it incredibly simple to use. A virtual assistance tool is also included to aid in the Animation procedure. A variety of animation attributes can be produced with Turpitude. The most popular feature is a hand-drawn feature, followed by cutout animations.

In addition, Tupitube, despite its amateurish appearance, offers cutting-edge features like Stop-Motion and Rotoscoping Animation. Basic vector graphics capabilities, colors and tweening locations support, a library section to manage files, and a variety of export formats are just a few of the things it provides.

Download – TupiTube

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9. Powtoon

It is an intriguing 2D animation program created for commercial use. This tool will assist you in making your business or website stand out from the competition. Using pre-made objects, imported photographs, user-generated voice-overs, and music, users of PowToon’s web-based animation program can make animated presentations. Additionally, you can make your characters move, props, and environment around.


Because of its simple user interface, you won’t need to watch specific tutorials to figure out how to utilize the program. As a result, you may use it to make online animation videos without spending much time learning innovative skills or on video tools. With a variety of professional templates to select from, containing explainer animated videos, infographic-style video files, and templates made expressly for product marketing, it’s the best 2D animation software for beginners. So download this free 2D Animation Software to experience the simple yet amazing animations.

Download – Powtoon

10. Animaker

A free 2D animation software for Windows 10 called Animaker makes it easy for anyone to create professional-quality animated videos without special expertise or outside assistance. Instead, all operations begin with a straightforward drag & drop.


Similar to PowToon, Animaker allows you to draw a screenplay and then animate the figures or set pieces in that scenario. Over 5M individuals used Animakers to make amazing videos on their own, and It is regarded with trust by various top global brands. Businesses like Verizon, Google, and Pepsi utilize it. Several animated icons, characters, BGs, properties, charts, and maps are available in Animaker.

It is among the top 2D animation programs which aid you in producing the best imaginable video designed for your company, freelance tasks, presentation, and individual endeavors. The cloud-based 2D animation program was introduced in 2014. You can build infographic animated videos, whiteboard animation videos, handmade videos, 2D & 2.5D videos, and more with Animaker. It adds the ideal balance of user interface experience, ease of generating videos, and a well-created film to be delighted with.

Download – Animaker


The best 2D animation software for PC, free and paid, actually relies on your degree of expertise, your gear, and the kinds of animated videos you would like to produce. There are many 2D animation programs available, so picking the best one may be difficult. However, suppose you wish to boost a company’s sales or make some money with hilarious animated films.

In that case, you need graphics to connect with your target audience and successfully deliver your message. Whatever the case, we are all extremely lucky to have such a fantastic selection of 2D animation software available to us today. You can choose the best free 2D animation software that suits your needs as a novice animator, no matter your preferences.

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