Best Prototyping Tools For UIUX Designers

10 Best Prototyping Tools For UI/UX Designers

Prototypes pave the way for successful products. Hence, read on to learn about the best accurate, reliable, and rapid prototype tools to create prototypes with ease. 

Before actually implementing the ideas, UI/UX designers can make a prototype to test its viability. Well, that’s not something new, but what is new and exciting is that you can now create prototypes much more easily with the best prototyping tools.

The market has a wide range of prototyping software tools with the right mix of features to fit all your design needs. However, with so many options available before the designers, selecting the best software is like finding the North Star, i.e., very challenging!

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Hence, to make the selection easier for you, we dived into the ocean of UI/UX prototyping tools, analyzed them, and compared them with each other to find the truly best ones.

Now, a question that arises here is, “what makes a prototyping software the”best “ ?” Well, let’s quench your curiosity before moving further. All top UX/UI prototyping tools must have a perfect blend of the qualities shared in the next section.

Qualities of the Best UI/UX Prototyping Tools

Following are the core elements that the best prototyping tools must possess.

  • User-friendliness (ease of use)
  • Production of both high-fidelity and low-fidelity prototypes
  • Easy collaboration with others
  • Integrates with your design process perfectly
  • Availability of all key features that may be important to you

Above, we shared the characteristics of the best app prototyping tools. Now, let’s get started with the well-researched list of the software tools you need.

Best UX/UI Prototyping Tools in 2022

Below we have listed all the User Experience and User Interface prototype tools we handpicked for our readers after deep research and analysis.

1. Adobe XD

Let’s begin with Adobe, a name that almost everyone knows. We found Adobe XD a suitable candidate for our list of the best prototyping tools for features, such as easy integration with apps like Illustrator and effortless creation of prototypes useful for demonstration purposes.

In addition to this, Adobe XD is also a wonderful tool for creating low and high-fidelity prototypes and the inclusion of animations using Adobe After Effects.

Adobe XD

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2. InVision

Next, we would like to introduce to you InVision. The software’s straightforward interface is what we loved the most. Moreover, its fascinating features, such as hassle-free sharing of work with other collaborators, induced us to include InVision in our article dedicated to the best UI and UX prototyping tools.

Talking a bit more about the collaboration feature, it lets collaborators view prototypes and give their valuable feedback on particular design elements easily. In addition to this, the software functions smoothly with other design programs.


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3. Figma

Figma is yet another top-rated and the best app prototyping tool. The key highlight that makes Figma a part of this list is its exceptional team collaboration. Various designing professionals can collaborate in real-time, and developers can review designs via shared prototypes.

Another highly-attractive thing about Figma is its user-friendly interface. Even beginners with zero coding experience can use this tool with ease.

Figma also boasts the feature to let you change the design and view the change in your prototype simultaneously.


4. Framer

If you wish to create high-fidelity prototypes, nothing can be better than Framer. The biggest strength of this application is its animation values that ensure the prototype work does not vanish anywhere when the developers write a code for the end product.

In addition to this, Framer has quite impressive collaboration tools that let collaborators perform editing, add inline comments, and enable prototype sharing with just a click.


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5. Sketch

Let’s now take a look at Sketch. Available exclusively for Mac users, Sketch is one of the best UI/UX prototyping tools with a variety of plugins and templates. These templates and plugins help you create prototypes with minimal effort.

With this vector-based design software, you can perform a variety of tasks, such as layer addition to artboards, adding interaction effects and transitions, and integrating with apps (like Maze, Droplr, etc.).

Moreover, Sketch allows you to drag and drop files, preview prototypes, and export SVG and CSS codes.


6. UXPin

Here is one more best UI mockup tool that lets you make high-fidelity prototypes. This software reduces the gap between designing and actual products by helping you build production-ready prototypes.

The most likable thing about UXPin is its not-so-steep learning curve despite having equipped codes. Moreover, it boasts the much-needed drag and drop feature to simplify the design process.

As far as collaboration is concerned, UXPin lets you collaborate effectively to come up with great final products.


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7. Flinto

Flinto, the next name on our list, is also among the best app prototyping tools. Exclusively available for Mac users, it is quite an easy application to learn and use. You don’t even need much coding experience and knowledge to get used to Flinto.

With Flinto, you can use gestures, animations, and transitions to create high-fidelity prototypes. And for collaboration, collaborators can download an iOS previewing app to get a link to view your prototype.


8. Webflow

If you are looking for no-code prototyping tools, Webflow can be the best choice. It boasts a combination of tools, such as an in-built CMS, SEO management tool, and a hosting provider to help you create both prototypes and real websites.

Moreover, Webflow offers drag and drop features, high-grade animations, transitions, and interactions to create prototypes. You also get access to CSS, HTML, and similar assets from the prototype itself.

Talking about website building and collaboration, Webflow offers integration with Zapier, Slack, and other tools. It also provides an in-built tool and CMS to build websites.


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9. Origami

When the discussion is about the best prototyping tools, we cannot skip Origami. It is the same tool that helped the development of Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

With Origami, you can create detailed high-fidelity prototypes with interactions for devices, such as mobile devices, tablets, etc.

For collaboration, the software supports prototype sharing and viewing through the installed application. Along with this, it also lets you import design layers from other applications like Figma.


10. Axure

It is impossible to talk about the best UX prototyping tools without mentioning Axure. This easy-to-use and intuitive tool lets you create rich prototypes for all devices, such as mobile phones, desktops, and tablets.

Axure boasts some of the most high-class features, such as vector-based screens with a drag and drop editor, and an option to increase the prototype’s functionality through triggers, interactions, and animations.

Moreover, Axure automatically adds prototype specifications and design assets. You also get co-editing support to collaborate with your team simultaneously on a prototype and hassle-free integration with other apps to quickly import/export assets.


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Concluding the Best Prototyping Tools

This article shared our top choices for the best UI/UX prototyping tools in 2022. You may pick the one you like the most from the above list.

However, if our list misses out on some highly-rated prototyping software, let us know through the comments section below. We will try our best to review the tool and make it a part of this article as soon as possible.

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