How to Find and Fix Problems with Wireless Mouse on Windows PC

How to Find and Fix Problems with Wireless Mouse on Windows PC

Fix wireless mouse not working issue on Windows PC through the best solution explained in this article below.

A computer system mouse is a pointing device operated from the user’s hand. The device allows users to move the cursor to the desired position and select the options on the computer screen. Most of the time while using a wireless mouse users face quite a few problems like mouse double click problems, mouse stuttering issues and some other problems.

All these problems lead to the wireless mouse not working properly on users’ PCs. If you are also facing the same problem, this article is a guide on how to find and fix problems with a wireless mouse. Complete reading this article till the end to know about solutions to fix mouse stuttering issues and to fix wireless mouse not working issues on Windows operating system PCs.

List of Solutions To Find and Fix Problems with Wireless Mouse on Windows PC

Here is a list of solutions for troubleshooting mouse problems on Windows 10 PC. The solutions that are mentioned below are very effective in finding and fixing problems with a wireless mouse. All these solutions are very simple and can be easily used by all users.

Most Recommended Method To Find and Fix Problems with Wireless Mouse

The method that is highly recommended by the experts in order to solve the problems with a wireless mouse is to download and update the mouse drivers on the PC. The Bit Driver Updater software is the best for this purpose, the instructions to use Bit Driver Updater on your Windows PC are given in the article. Download the software by clicking on the link below.


1. Try using a different mouse pad or change the surface for the wireless mouse

The first solution that you can try is by using a different mouse pad for the wireless mouse. An uneven surface might be the main reason behind the problem faced by you. It is always advised to use the mouse on a smooth and plain surface.

Mouse on Mouse Pad

Many users have given feedback that changing the surface for their wireless mouse has helped them in fixing this problem. This is a very simple solution and if the problem is not resolved by this try other solutions in the list.

2. Examine the USB port used for connecting the wireless mouse

The wireless mouse uses a USB port on the PC to build a communication link between the computer and the mouse. Any disruption with the USB port leads to this problem. To find and fix problems with wireless mouse try using another USB port or get repaired the damaged USB port on which the wireless mouse is connected.


Users are required to make sure that while connecting the USB dongle into the USB port, the computer system recognizes the connected device. This solution mainly focuses on the hardware of the device, to solve the problem related to the software the solutions are provided below.

3. Check the battery installed in the wireless mouse

Check the battery that is installed in the wireless mouse, if the battery is misplaced then adjust it to the correct position. Continuous use of the wireless mouse leads to misplacement of the battery connected to it.

Mouse with Battery

To adjust the misplaced battery in the wireless mouse, gently open the lid of the wireless mouse or if needed unscrew the screws in the mouse. Now put the battery at its correct position, and at the end put the lid again on the mouse.

4. Try changing the battery of the wireless mouse

Most of the time when the mouse is being used for a long period of time the battery loses its power capacity and creates problems for the users. To fix it, change the battery of your wireless mouse. The new battery will boost up the performance of your wireless mouse.

Along with changing the battery, users are also advised to clean the wireless mouse. Dust or any other particle inside the wireless mouse hampers the performance and creates some serious problems for the users.

5. Use the wireless mouse on some other PC

When you are done with all the above and still can’t find and fix problems with wireless mouse, then try using it on some other PC. There might be some internal issues with your computer system which leads to the problem of the wireless mouse not working properly on Windows PC.

6. Run Windows troubleshooting program to find and fix problems with wireless mouse

The task of troubleshooting mouse problems on Windows 10 can be easily done by running a Windows hardware troubleshooting program. Follow these steps to find and fix problems with wireless mouse:-

  1. First of all, go to the Windows settings by pressing the windows button and the I key.
    Troubleshoot Settings In Windows
  2. Now in the search box type troubleshoot settings and press the enter key.
  3. Search for the option that states additional troubleshooters and click on it.
    Click On Additional Troubleshooters
  4. Locate the USB option or mouse option and click on the button which says Run the troubleshooter.
    Run The Troubleshooter
  5. The operating system will automatically find all the problems with the particular device and fix them properly.

This is an effective way to find and fix problems with wireless mouse, as the operating system itself fixes the issue and provides users with the best results.

7. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the mouse driver

Drivers play a key role in making a connection between the connected wireless mouse and the computer system. Users are advised to reinstall mouse driver on their PCs. Follow the steps below to uninstall and reinstall the mouse driver on your Windows PC:

  1. Right-click on the start button and select the option of device manager.
  2. In the device manager double-click on the Mice and other pointing devices option.
    Uninstall Mouse Drivers
  3. Now right click on the device and select the option of uninstall device.
  4. Confirm your action by again clicking on the Uninstall button from the box.
    Confirm To Uninstall Mouse Drivers
  5. Lastly, restart your computer device.

Once the device is started again, it will automatically detect the missing driver file and install it on the user’s PC.

8. Update the mouse driver

If uninstalling and reinstalling the mouse driver does not work on your device. Then you are advised to download and update mouse driver to the latest version. To update drivers on Windows 10 PC, users are provided with two methods. Both of them are clearly explained below:-

  • Manual Method 

The first method is the manual method through the device manager inbuilt in the Windows PC. The steps to update the mouse driver from the device manager are as follows:-

  1. Visit the device manager and expand the mouse section, same as the starting two steps that are given above.
    Update Mouse Driver Manually
  2. Right-click on the connected device and select the option of Update driver.
  3. Now select the option of Search automatically for drivers.
  4. The operating system will search automatically for the latest version of the mouse driver for your PC and install it.

After the installation process users are advised to switch off and on the computer system once for the proper functioning of the device.

  • Automatic Method

The second method to download and update mouse driver is the automatic method by using Bit Driver Updater , the best software for this purpose. The steps for this method are as follows:-

  1. Download the software on your computer device by clicking the button button windows
  2. After downloading the software install it as per the instructions.
  3. Open the Bit Driver Updater software and click on the Scan Drivers button.
    Bit Driver Updater will scan your PC
  4. The software will search for all the outdated and faulty device drivers on your PC and present a list of those in front of you.
  5. Click on the Update Now button to update a particular device driver or click on the Update all button for updating all the faulty device drivers on your PC.

Bit Driver Updater -Update All

As the automatic method does not consume more time and effort of the users, most of the users prefer this method over the manual method. As the software updates all the device drivers with just a few clicks.

How to Find and Fix Problems with Wireless Mouse on Windows PC: DONE

Wireless mouse not working is a common problem faced by many users. The best solutions to find and fix problems with wireless mouse are clearly explained in the article above. All the solutions that are mentioned above are fully effective and efficient in troubleshooting mouse problems on Windows 10 PC.

The list includes all the possible software and hardware solutions for this problem. Users are advised to try all the solutions and find the best one for themselves. Any questions regarding the solutions that are given above can be asked in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the different ways to fix issues with the mouse on Windows 10 PC?

Almost all the issues related to mouse on a Windows 10 PC can be easily solved through these two methods mentioned below:-

  • The first solution is by running a troubleshooting program on Windows 10 PC. From the settings of a Windows PC itself, one can run the troubleshooter for the mouse device and fix the issues.
  • The second and the most effective way of fixing the mouse related issues on Windows 10 is by updating the mouse drivers. All the faulty and outdated mouse drivers can be accurately updated using a free driver updater software.

These are the two most effective ways of resolving most of the mouse issues on a Windows 10 computer device.

How can you know whether your mouse is discoverable?

A simple trick to know whether the wireless mouse is discoverable or not is here. Press the pairing button of your mouse for a while, look whether the light blinks. If the mouse light which is generally of red or green colour blinks, that means your mouse is discoverable. The pairing button is mostly at the bottom of the mouse.

How to get my wireless mouse to point at objects?

Move your mouse cursor around the screen and point to the desired object on the screen. Press and hold the object on your screen through the mouse keys or buttons.

This allows you to drag and drop desired objects on any location over the screen very easily.

How to fix a wireless mouse that is not connecting to a computer?

The problem of the wireless mouse not connecting with a computer may arise because of several reasons. First, you need to find out whether the problem is with the hardware or software of the device.

If the problem is with the hardware try finding and fixing it by repairing or replacing the particular hardware.

How to connect a wireless mouse to a laptop?

A wireless mouse can be connected to a laptop in two different ways:-

  • Through a Bluetooth connection.
  • Through a mouse key or a dongle.

If your wireless mouse supports Bluetooth connectivity, then you can easily connect it via Bluetooth connection. And if your wireless mouse comes with a key or a dongle, just insert it into the USB port of your PC to make a connection.

How to troubleshoot problems with your Microsoft Mouse or keyboard?

When using a Windows operating system PC, the troubleshooting settings or feature is inbuilt in it. Users are required to visit the Windows settings in order to find the troubleshooting settings.

Once you enter into the troubleshooting setting search for additional troubleshooting settings where you can easily troubleshoot problems with your Microsoft mouse or keyboard.

What should I do if my mouse is not moving?

The best way to solve the problem of the mouse not moving is to update the mouse driver files on your computer system. The driver files play an important role in the proper functioning of the mouse.

One can easily update the mouse driver through the device manager or by using a free driver updater tool. Or else users can update the whole version of the Windows operating system to solve the problem.

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