Best Free Driver Updater Software for Windows

Best Free Driver Updater Software for Windows 10, 8, 7

Does your system lag frequently? If so, then it is surely happening because of outdated or broken device drivers. Device drivers are a core program that supports your Windows operating system and PC’s hardware to interact smoothly in an accurate way. Device drivers also keep up the good performance pace of an overall PC and other peripherals. But, this all will only be possible when the respective device drivers are associated with the most recent version.

And, there you need to rely on the driver updater software that renews your PC drivers and ensures that your PC is running just like a new system. Driver updater utilities verify the driver version and automatically updates the driver in the background without hampering the other work. Through the use of such beneficial driver updater tools, users can save a lot of time and the troubles associated with updating and installing the device drivers manually. In choosing the best driver updater tool we are here to help you out in every way possible.

Editor’s Choice – Best Driver Updater Software for Windows PC

  • Driver Easy

    1. Multi-layer and automatic device drivers updating program.

    2. Offers a feature of updating the driver on offline mode.

    3. Allows the users to restore the data and create an auto-backup for the same.

    Most Recommended

  • Auslogics Driver Updater

    1. Easy to up driver updater software with user-friendly interface.

    2. Allows the users to update device drivers freely and in real-time.

    3. The scan time can be easily scheduled as per the convenience of the user.


  • Driver Reviver

    1. Enhance the performance of a PC by accurately installing the latest version of the device drivers.

    2. Automatically downloads and installs the device driver with just one click.

    3. Replaces all the faulty and outdated device drivers with the latest ones.


17 Best Free Driver Updater Software for Windows 10, 8, 7

After reading this entire article, you will know which reliable driver updater tool you can opt for. In this write-up, we have mentioned numerous free driver updater for Windows 10. So, without further ado, let’s get directly into it!

1. Driver Easy – Best Driver Updater Software (Most Recommended)

Driver Easy - Best Driver Updater Software

Driver Easy got the second position on this rundown of free driver updater. It is an award-winning driver update tool that boasts a classic and easy-to-use interface. Driver Easy helps you in finding outdated or faulty drivers and lets you also update them with much ease. The Driver Easy is available in two versions i.e., free or pro. The free version also updates the drivers but one-by-one. Whereas, the pro version updates all the corrupted or outdated drivers with just a single click of the mouse.


Key Features of Driver Easy: 

  • It has a search feature that helps you find any specific driver.
  • Along with updating the drivers, you can also even back up and restore the drivers.
  • With Driver Easy, you may also match the installed drivers with their latest driver updates.
  • Enormous database of drivers that the user can browse.


  • Larger database of more than 8 million drivers.
  • Supports driver scan scheduling.
  • Can scan for the outdated drivers offline.
  • Complete money-back guarantee for a limited period.
  • There is a feature to hide driver updates.


  • The free version updates drivers slowly.
  • The free version doesn’t offer the required features.
  • Doesn’t provide a lifetime license.

Final Verdict:

We have concluded that the pro version of Driver Easy is more worthwhile than the free one. Because the pro version gives access to much-needed advanced features. You can use the tool on 3 PCs with a license of one year. The pro version of Driver Easy is available for $59.90. You can choose Driver Easy for downloading and installing the most up-to-date driver on Windows PC without much hassle.


2. Auslogics Driver Updater – Scan and Update Outdated Drivers

Auslogics Driver Updater - Update Drivers in Single Click

Auslogics Driver Updater is one of the best known free driver updater software for windows as it scans deep and finds out all the faulty drivers that should be updated for the optimization of your PC. This software helps you to make your PC fast, light, stable and reliable like your PC may never have been. With Auslogics Driver Updater, the user doesn’t have to update the drivers manually.

Key Features of Auslogics Driver Updater:

  • Auslogics Driver Updater provides real-time updates to get the most out of your hardware and also they are an important feature in driver updater programs.
  • It scans deep in your PC for the search of outdated and faulty drivers then it will find out the best possible driver updates for your PC.
  • As a new and updated driver may come out as a bad decision for your PC, Auslogics Driver Updater provides a backup & restore feature to retrieve past driver versions.


  • Simple Yet Powerful Driver.
  • Easy and Quick Installation.


  • Can’t find the best drivers out of all.

Final Verdict:

Auslogics Driver Updater is an easy to use yet powerful and one of the best driver updater that automatically updates the required driver in turn saving the time and effort of the user. This software excels in installing drivers quicker than other free driver updaters. So, the users can be rescued from extensive installation periods. This driver does all these tasks for you and hence proves itself the best driver updater.


3. Driver Reviver – Update Windows Driver

Driver Reviver - Best Free Driver Updater Software

As the name goes by, the driver reviver is the perfect free driver updater that helps you to get the most out of your installed hardware by keeping the drivers up-to-date. It is also renowned to scan deeply in your PC and look for missing and outdated drivers. Driver software has proven to be one of the best driver updater software for windows and it comes with a free trial and it also has a huge driver database.

Key Features of Driver Reviver:

  • It detects the drivers before installing to confirm that it’s the best possible driver.
  • It is easy to use as the software has an user-friendly UI.
  • The backup is made of the drivers before updating and can be restored when possible.
  • Fast speed as the software is backed up by high speed servers.


  • Easy to understand UI.
  • Restore and backup available.
  • Download tested drivers only.


  • No scheduling of downloads and scans.

Final Verdict:

Driver Reviver can be a suitable option for a user who is looking for free driver updater for windows. It has some really cool features like downloading drivers and deep scans which makes it stand out in the list of free driver updater. The free version of Driver Reviver may have some advanced and necessary features like scheduler and others. Those who want such features would have to resort to the paid version.


4. AVG Driver Updater – Highly Rated Driver Update Software

AVG Driver Updater - Free Scan and Update Drivers

Many PC users consider AVG Driver Updater is the best free driver updater for Windows 10. It can potentially scan more than 5 million device drivers and recommends genuine drivers. However, it doesn’t store the scan results. But, still, this utility is accessed by millions of users across the globe. The program helps you in diagnosing the dropping Wi-Fi connections, slow network connection issues, and adds new enhancements to improve overall performance. Along with it, this driver update software also boosts up the browsing, downloading, and streaming experience.

Key Features of AVG Driver Updater: 

  • Scans the drivers in real-time and provides all the recent driver updates.
  • The program has a classic and smooth user interface.
  • Capable of back up the drivers and then restore them when required.
  • It has a default scan scheduler.
  • You can fix all the common PC issues like crashes, bugs, computer freezing, connectivity issues, and many more.


  • Completely automatic driver updater.
  • Backup & restore functionality.
  • User friendly.
  • Scan scheduling.


  • Doesn’t save the scan results.
  • Not furnished with premium features.
  • Provides only limited trials.

Final Verdict:

After reading about the product, we came to the conclusion that beginner users can consider AVG Driver Updater. But, it is not an ideal choice for professionals. As it doesn’t have any premium features like others.


5. Bit Driver Updater – Free Driver Updater Software

Bit Driver Updater ToolAny list of completely best free driver updater software would be incomplete if it hasn’t included Bit Driver Updater within it. It is the best globally renowned driver updater tool you can consider. The tool does not only act as a driver updater tool but it is equipped with the in-built system optimizer that is capable of accelerating the overall PC’s performance by up to 50%.

Apart from this, with this tool, you may resolve numerous issues like BSOD error, frequent crashes, low-security patches, and many more. Moreover, within a single tap, you can be able to fix all the faulty drivers. This driver updater utility offers an ample array of features that can make your PC faster, stable, and effective. Tap on the download button below to get Bit Driver Updater for free.

Key Features of Bit Driver Updater:

  • It saves you a lot of time by updating the outdated, broken, faulty, or missing drivers automatically.
  • Has an in-built facility to backup the older version of the driver file so that in case of any mishappening occurs you can restore the older drivers.
  • Provides single-click driver update functionality.
  • It has a comprehensive driver database, therefore provides only genuine drivers from the verified manufacturers.


  • Maximizes Windows’ overall performance.
  • Single click driver update.
  • Displays a complete report of outdated drivers.
  • Schedule scans.
  • Sleek and easy-to-use user interface.
  • Automatic Updates.


  • Not supported by the Windows XP, and Windows Vista editions.

Final Verdict:

Bit Driver Updater is more than just the best driver updater tool. You can easily be dealt with other Windows-related issues through this tool along with updating the drivers. Its free version would be better for the novices, but those who want to access the advanced features and undergo the deep driver scanning then will need to rely on the pro version.

6. Avast Driver Updater and Scanner

Avast Driver Updater and Free Scanner

Avast Driver Updater is one of the best updater software as it can suffice every need of a free driver updater and also provides safety from all kinds of malware and bloatware. Along with all these, the software provides a bouquet of features and these features have given their contributions towards making the Avast Driver Updater one of the best driver updaters available online.

Key Features of Avast Driver Updater:

  • Avast Driver Updater provides a complete scan of the PC and detection of faulty drivers, in just one click.
  • It allows the backup and restore function that allows you to backup and restore the drivers before updating them.
  • It also helps you to fix PC freezes, glitches, and connectivity issues to relieve you off your tension.
  • Avast Driver Updater also scans for graphic driver issues in real time to provide you with amazing gaming and streaming experience.


  • Can run on a low end PC.
  • Backup & Restore driver.
  • Increase the sound quality subsequently.


  • Less free trial than most softwares.
  • No scheduler for scans.

Final Verdict:

Avast Driver Updater is one of the most authentic and best driver updaters that provide various useful features and settings. But the free trial of the software is low in comparison to other software. So, if your work doesn’t complete in that free trial then you should purchase the paid version.

7. Driver Hub – Download Drivers for Windows 10 , 8 , 7

Driver Hub

Looking for a free driver updater to satisfy your need for the best driver updater for windows 10 or other OS, then Driver Hub may be the best choice for you as it is a free driver updater and management tool that helps you to keep all your PC’s driver up-to-date. Driver Hub offers the facility of one click update. Just one click and kaboom! Driver Hub will scan all the drivers of your PC and update the ones which need an update. It also provides the power of backup and restore to its users. So, the users can restore old drivers if necessary because newer drivers don’t mean best drivers.

Key Features of Driver Hub:

  • Driver Hub is a free driver updater and provides a quick install facility to save time.
  • It also shows the new and updated drivers separately.
  • Driver Hub automatically creates a restorable point before updating the driver for future use.
  • Driver Hub downloads the drivers from within the software and not from the browser hence increasing security.


  • Support downloads of batch drivers.
  • Automatic scan for new drivers.
  • Can ignore devices if no update is needed.
  • Enhances security.


  • Inability to download genuine drivers.

Final Verdict:

Driver Hub is made with an easy to understand and accessible UI. You can download and update drivers in just a few clicks of your mouse which makes this free driver updater software really user-friendly and accessible to a wide range of users.

8. Driver Genius – Backup, Restore and Update Windows Driver

Driver Genius - Keep Your Drivers up to Date

Driver Genius is a driver updater and system management software that offers its users a bouquet of features. This software can also be used to access hardware information, remove trash files, and also helps to boost the system.

Driver Genius can be considered a good option for individuals and workstation administrators who want to update drivers and monitor their systems.

Key Features of Driver Genius:

  • Optimize Systems.
  • Automated Downloads.
  • Boosts System.


  • Give features in the free version to suffice for individuals.
  • The paid version is available for desired users.


  • The price of the paid version is high.
  • No Availability of lifetime license.

Final Verdict:

Driver Genius is more of a PC management tool rather than a driver updater. The free version will be enough for the regular users who just want to update drivers. Professional users who want advanced features should go for the paid version.

9. Driver Talent

Driver Talent

Driver Talent is one of the best software which is suitable for finding faulty and corrupt drivers and it is also able to fix them. It is best for downloading and updating drivers for windows. This software can also download drivers first-hand so you just have to install them later.

Key Features of Driver Talent:

  • Multilingual support.
  • Fix corrupt and faulty drivers.
  • Find and Fix drivers in one click.
  • Pre-download drivers.


  • Offline downloads of drivers.
  • Give alert about missing, incompatible, and outdated drivers.


  • No support for multi-drivers updates.


Final Verdict:

The free version of Driver Talent is able to suffice the needs of most of the users but those who want to get advanced features should purchase the pro version.

10. Driver Max

Driver Max - Award Winning Driver Updater Program

Driver Max is an elegant driver updater tool that allows automated downloads of the latest drivers. This software is also capable of updating windows components such as DirectX, Java, Oracle, OpenGL, and so on. Driver Max can be considered a suitable choice for updating and downloading drivers and windows components.

Key Features of DriverMax: 

  • Automated Downloads and Updates.
  • Multi-Drivers Download.
  • Regular Checks.


  • Downloads Window components.
  • Hassle free updates.


  • Expensive for commercial purposes.

Final Verdict:

Driver Max has gained its fame for its easy-to-use software and less hectic updates. This can also be considered the best driver updater tool if you can suffice in two updates in a day. This software is good for individuals and workstation Administrators who want to ensure that their drivers stay up-to-date.

11. TweakBit Driver Updater

Tweakbit Driver Updater

TweakBit Driver Updater is a driver updater that enhances the overall performance of your Computer along with fixing and updating your drivers. TweakBit Driver Updater can be considered one of the best driver updater software for Windows because it boasts some of the most essential features of your PC. It creates and restores the driver backups. TweakBit always downloads and updates the most stable version of the driver whether it is old or new.

Key Features of TweakBit Driver Updater:

  • Ignore drivers that should not be updated.
  • Creates driver backups before updating them.
  • Schedule your scans and updates as per your convenience.
  • Software doesn’t download unknown drivers.


  • Driver backup and restore.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Large database.


  • No scan and update for free.
  • Lack of features in the free version.

Final Verdict:

If you want to get the most stable driver updates then you should go for the TweakBit driver updater. It may lack features in the free version but still can be used by non-professionals. For more features and functionality users may have to turn towards the paid version as it is one of the best driver updaters.

12. DriverPack Solution

Driver pack solution

DriverPack Solution is another name in the list of some of the best driver updater software for windows and it has a huge driver database that is supported by high-speed servers and other tools to make driver updates as easy as possible.

Key Features of DriverPack Solution:

  • Online version for low storage PC.
  • Provide high-speed downloads.
  • By using an offline network you can download or update drivers offline.


  • Portable/Movable program.
  • Works offline, if wanted.
  • Huge database of drivers.


  • Not so user-friendly interface.
  • Mega storage required for the offline version.

Final Verdict:

DriverPack Solution is the perfect example of free driver software and includes cool features despite the advanced ones and that should be more than enough for most regular users. The software provides a lot for free and also works offline if you are ready to download a clearly heavy offline version.

13. DriverIdentifier – Simple and Easy Driver Updating Tool

Driver Identifier

DriverIdentifier is one of the best free driver updaters for Windows 10 along with other versions. It is one of the most simple yet powerful free driver updaters that scans for drivers even when you don’t have an internet connection and it also proves itself when your network card isn’t working. This driver updater software comes with a portable version of itself.

Key Features of DriverIdentifier:

  • Scans without internet.
  • Can be used as a portable program.
  • User-friendly UI.


  • Has information about drivers.
  • Easy to understand and proceed.
  • Work without the network card.


  • Doesn’t check for outdated drivers on a schedule.
  • Drivers have to be downloaded manually.

Final Verdict:

DriverIdentifier is a good driver updater for windows and gives a bouquet of features in offline and also has a user-friendly interface but if you expect more from it then we recommend you to use the paid version.

14. DriverFinder

Driver Finder

DriverFinder is a tool that is designed and developed to detect and update drivers for your PC which is based on brand, model, and operating system. DriverFinder revolves around issues for previously installed drivers that have stopped working due to incompatibility and other issues.

Key Features of DriverFinder:

  • Inform the user about the recent updates.
  • Can run on a low-end PC.
  • Helps to find drivers for removable devices.
  • Check drivers through 3 levels.


  • Custom selection of driver updates.
  • Quick driver scanning process.
  • Create backups.


  • Manual activation for driver scans.
  • No one-click updates for drivers.

Final Verdict:

DriverFinder is one of the most trusted free driver updater that enhances the life of your PC by providing you with regular updates for drivers and other helpful features. For more advanced features the user has to resort to the paid version.

15. WinZip Driver Updater

Winzip Driver Updater

WinZip Driver Updater is able to identify and automatically update your system’s outdated drivers. This free driver updater also allows its users to schedule scans and backup their drivers before updating. WinZip driver updater gives the liberty of updating drivers with just one click.

Key Features of WinZip Driver Updater:

  • Make sure the peak performance of installed hardware.
  • Easy to use user interface.
  • Supports 32 and 64 bit OS.
  • Automated scans downloads of recent drivers.


  • Trial version got some cool features.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Backup and restore.


  • No data for driver database.

Final Verdict:

WinZip driver updater is clearly an OK free driver updater as its free version includes almost all basic features of a driver updater that may be able to satisfy an ordinary user. The professionals who want to have advanced features should go for the paid version.

16. Ashampoo Driver Updater

Ashampoo Driver Updater

Here comes another superlative driver updater for Windows 10 and that is Ashampoo Driver Updater. This driver updater tool doesn’t only fix the faulty or missing drivers but also empowers the security of the system by adding new security patches frequently. Apart from this, the tool is a perfect combination of the driver updater and system optimizer. Below are few amazing features of it that make it different from other free driver updaters for Windows 10.

Key Features of Ashampoo Driver Updater:

  • Downloads and installs verified drivers to keep up the good functioning of your PC.
  • Highly compatible with all the recent versions of Windows.
  • Provides full support for over 150,000 hardware devices.
  • Shows complete driver information including driver version number, publisher and other numerous helpful details.


  • In-built scan scheduler.
  • Enhance system consistency.
  • Quick backup and restore.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Runs on 3 PCs with a single license key.


  • Doesn’t provide free technical assistance.
  • Neither offers efficient trial versions nor supported by older versions of Windows.

Final Verdict:

The product is not as good as other products which are mentioned on this list of completely best free driver updater software. However, if you want to give it a try then you can do so.

17. DriverSupport

Driver Support

Last but not least, DriverSupport is another completely best free driver updater tool that keeps your drivers always in a good state of condition. Along with this, you can also get assistance from DriverSupport to fix the other annoying system issues. The DriverSupport has an in-built program to eliminate unnecessary system files. Here are some of the awesome features that make DriverSupport the best driver update software free in 2021.

Key Features of DriverSupport:

  • The DriverSupport has the much-needed backup and restores features.
  • It has an option to exclude the drivers from the scanning process.
  • DriverSupport lets you schedule the scans and gets the drivers installed automatically too.
  • The driver updater software has a feature to uninstall the drivers too.
  • It provides real-time monitoring during the scanning process.


  • Simple and smooth user interface.
  • Huge driver database.
  • Great technical assistance 24/7.
  • Real-time driver monitoring service.


  • Locates fewer drivers as compared to other driver updater tools.
  • Not shows driver details.
  • The free version allows you to access only basic features.

Final Verdict:

DriverSupport provides the rarest features to eradicate the useless drivers and system files from your Windows PC. Along with this, you also receive the basic driver updating tools by default. There are some of the notable reasons why it deserves to be one of the best driver updater for Windows 10. So, if you are searching for a driver updater program that provides all such things, then you should definitely give DriverSupport a try.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Free Driver Updaters

Some of you may face trouble while selecting the best driver updater for Windows 10. But, don’t worry, here are the few questions you should need to consider while opting for the superlative driver updater tool.

What is a Device Driver?

A device driver is a core computer program that lets your Windows operating system interact with numerous computer hardware devices. All computer hardware devices required a compatible and accurate driver to understand every task because they don’t understand the standard commands.

Why is it important to update the device driver?

Device Drivers play a vital role in the impeccable functioning of your hardware devices. They offer a software interface to hardware devices and enable the operating system to execute hardware functions properly. But, when these drivers goes missing and out-of-date, then they fail to execute the commands as well as make your overall PC’s performance slower than usual. Hence, it is extremely crucial to keep the device drivers up-to-date always to ensure effective PC functioning.

What are the qualities of the best driver updater software?

To be called the world-class driver updater utility, the tool must have these much-needed qualities.

  • Back up and Restore functionality.
  • Built-in scan scheduler.
  • Resolves all the faulty drivers in a single click.
  • Clean and easy to use user interface.
  • Best driver updater utility must have support for multiple languages.
  • A reliable driver updater tool must have the automatic driver scanning functionality in the background, that scans and updates the drivers, without hindering the user’s ongoing work.
  • Must be highly compatible with all the latest versions of the operating system.
  • Larger driver database.
  • Provides only tested and verified device drivers.
  • Offer round of the clock assistance to its users.

Which is the best free driver updater software for Windows 10?

The best free device driver updater software for Windows operating system computer devices is the Driver Easy software. The reason behind categorizing Driver Easy as the best software for updating the device drivers is that the software simplifies the tough task of downloading and installing the latest versions of device drivers very easily.

Driver Easy gives its users the facility of updating all the faulty and obsolete Windows device drivers within a few clicks. The users of this particular software are provided with two options that are updating an individual device driver or updating all device drivers at a time.

It is a well-known fact that device drivers are a very crucial set of program files, responsible for transferring commands from operating system to hardware and visa-versa. The Driver Easy software optimizes the overall performance of the computer device and raises the level of productivity for the users.

Which is the best driver updater software and why?

Every tool counted in this list is among the best free driver updater tools. Still, every tool has some shortcomings, but as you must have seen there is one tool that has no demerits i.e, Bit Driver Updater. Therefore, in our opinion, Driver Easy is one of the best free driver updater software thereby you should consider. Now, many users must be wondering, why only Driver Easy. Well, it has everything that a user expects from any driver updater tool, right from automatic functionality to one-click driver update to back up and restore and what not.

What exactly is DriversCloud?

DriversCloud is a small size web-based free driver updater software. The software scans the whole computer device and provides users with the link to download and update all the faulty and outdated driver software on the PC. The DriversCloud software simplifies the tough and complex task of updating the device drivers.

Automatically Update Drivers with the Best Driver Updater Software – Final Verdict

So, now when you know which is the best free driver updater for Windows 10, it is the moment to replace the old device drivers with the most up-to-date drivers. All the programs involved in this list not only reduce the risk of installing an infected or wrong driver but also speed up the overall performance of your system.

We selected all of the aforementioned programs through in-depth research and feedback from the users who are currently utilizing these driver updater programs. All the above-mentioned tools ensure a well-functioning of your system by keeping its correspondence drivers up-to-date.

So, what are you waiting for? Download and install the best driver updater for your Windows PC to troubleshoot all the faulty drivers in one click and get the best from your PC.

By Joshua Hansen

Joshua Hansen is a technical writer at Firms Explorer. He has covered some of the major topics like driver issues, overclocking, and performance boost. With his experience in the field, he aims to offers relevant information that is easy to understand language.

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