Common Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your New Website

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Web Design

Your website is your business card. If you want your business (regardless of its size) to grow and prosper, you don’t want your card to scare away new customers. Learn the most common mistakes to avoid when building a website and create a site that helps your brand.

Have you ever clicked off a website because it loaded too slowly, was confusing, or was just plain ugly to look at? We have. If you want your website to encourage customers to use your services, you need to plan it the right way.

Most common mistakes when building a website

1. Not having a purpose and a clear CTA

If you want to build a website for your business or personal brand, you need to answer a simple question – what will it be used for? Do you want to sell products directly? Or do you want the site to showcase your contact information so customers can reach you?

If you want the building of a website to do everything at once, it will become confusing and, consequently, scare away your potential clients. This goes hand in hand with having a clear CTA (Call To Action).

A CTA is an invitation to take action. The ones you can commonly see are:

  • buy now,
  • learn more,
  • sign up now (for a newsletter),
  • contact me, etc.

They work because – if used properly – they lead the visitor to do something that accomplishes your business goal.

CTAs should be visible, explicit, and not overdone. For example, some sites have multiple, long CTAs in different places. This is not a good practice – it makes the visitor confused, and they simply don’t know what they should do on the page.

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2. Not optimizing websites for mobile viewers

In 2022, more than 58% of internet traffic will come from mobile devices. People browse the web while commuting, waiting in lines, etc. Although desktops are still in use, you should optimize your site for mobile viewers.

This means that your site should be fully responsive and scale well to smaller screens. Remember that your customers are not patient – they will simply close the page if they cannot use it comfortably. If this happens, you could potentially lose more than half of your traffic!

3. Not securing the websites

The most important part of website security is the HTTPS certificate. It means that your site is secured with SSL encryption. If you don’t have an HTTPS certificate – people will simply not visit your website because it is not trustworthy. It will also show lower on the search results page. Choose a good hosting provider to make sure your site is secure.

Don’t also forget to secure your connection. Pick the best VPN, so you can safely access your site. Why? Because it creates strong encryption that protects your data from theft or leakage. This is critical if you access your site through a public Wi-Fi network.

4. Not caring about SEO and marketing

You have a website. Great! But now what? You are mistaken if you think your customers will appear out of thin air. Even if your site is the greatest of all, people won’t visit it if they are unaware of its existence.

That’s why you should learn SEO – or hire someone who already knows it. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) makes your website appear higher on Google’s search results page. People using Google tend to click on the first few links from the top, so you want your site to show up as high as possible.

What else can you do to get your website more traffic? Advertise it. There are many ways to boost your site’s popularity, such as using Google Ads or social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.).

5. Poorly designing the websites

Have you ever heard of the terms UX and UI design? They are acronyms for user experience and user interface design. They mean the process of designing products and interfaces so that they are useful, pleasing to the eye, and easy to interact with.

Why are they important to you? Websites that have poor design do not attract visitors. If your site is confusing, loads slowly, have too many elements, or isn’t visually attractive – your customers will not stay on it. This is why you should keep UX and UI in mind when creating a web design. The best web design company is one that allows your customers to go through your site easily and doesn’t scare them away with over-the-top graphic elements, walls of text, and the like.

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